Specifications - Green Planet Distribution

Specifications - Green Planet Distribution
Do you want to hear better?
Do you find it difficult to understand conversations in noisy situations?
Do people seem to mumble when they speak to you?
Have you looked at other hearing solutions but were shocked by the price?
Do you really think a $20 amplifier will help you hear better?
There is an answer.
So discreet you
can hardly see it!
The Personal Sound Amplifier
from Acoustic Research
A bridge to better hearing without spending thousands of dollars.
Made from hearing aid components, but at a fraction of the cost.
No doctor or audiologist visit required.
Simple and easy to use.
Offers multi-programs and noise reduction.
Multiple volume settings for more options in different environments.
15-hour continuous use rechargeable battery: no need to hassle with replacing.
Fully rechargeable
100% money back
guarantee within
first 45 days
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