Owners manual for Health o meter 2210

Owners manual for Health o meter 2210
Model 2210CART
Neo-natal Scale Cart
For 2210KL
Assembly Instructions
The 2210CART cart is designed for use with
tour 2210KL Neo-natal Scale.
1. Locate the bottom shelf. Place upside
down (ribbed surface up) on a level and
firm floor surface. Insert the stems of the
(2) casters with brakes on the left short
side of the shelf. Insert the other (2)
casters on the right short side. Tap
casters into socket with rubber mallet
until fully seated.
Included in this kit are:
(1) Top shelf with handle
(1) Middle shelf with 8 leg posts
(1) Bottom shelf with caster inserts
(4) Fluted legs (16-1/2”) for cabinet
(4) Square legs (8”) for top shelf
(1) Cabinet back panel
(2) Cabinet side panels
(1) Cabinet door panel
(2) Cabinet door keys
(2) 4” swivel casters with brakes
(2) 4” swivel casters
Casters with
You will need a rubber mallet.
(Optional: metal hammer with a block of
wood to cushion impact.)
2. Turn cart right side up. Place the four
fluted legs over the corner posts so that
the channels are facing each other. Use
a rubber mallet to tap legs in place.
Make sure that legs are even and fully
3. Locate back panel and slide into grooves
of two back legs.
Casters with
4. Take the two side panels and slide each
into place.
8. Take the top shelf with the handle to the
left (over the casters with brakes) as
shown and place onto legs so that the
posts are fitting into the holes in the top of
the legs. Push shelf down as far as you
can by hand. Gently tap with mallet if
5. Take front panel and slide into place. The
lock should be positioned on the left as
Casters with
9. Position scale on top shelf so that the
white scale platform is all the way towards
the front and right safety lip. This
provides maximum access to the shelf
handle and assures that the clear cradle
does not touch any wall surface which will
affect accurate weight measurement.
Casters with
6. Take the middle shelf and place ribbed
side down onto legs so that the posts are
fitting into the holes in the top of the legs.
Push shelf down as far as you can by
hand. Gently tap with mallet if necessary.
10. The cabinet may be used with or without
the keys. The door has a positive latching
action when used without the key.
7. Place the four short square legs over the
corner posts on the middle shelf. Tap
gently with mallet until fully seated.
Never use the cart to transport the infant.
Use only on firm and level flooring.
Clean the cart as required using soap and
water or a commercially available
disinfectant. Follow the instructions from the
cleaner or disinfectant manufacturer.
Size: 32”w x 24”d x 34”h
Weight Capacity: 200 pounds
Need Help?
If you have any questions on the assembly or
use of this cart, please contact customer
service at 800-638-3722.
Pelstar LLC .
11800South Austin Avenue Unit B.
Alsip, IL 60803
Phone: 708-377-0600
Toll free: 800-815-6615
Fax: 708-377-0601
Health o meter® is a registered trademark of
Sunbeam Products Inc., Boca Raton, FL 33431
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