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TIME ec and DV Air Handling Units
Service-friendly and easy to operate
TIME ec and DV – service-friendly and easy to operate
Service-friendly and simple maintenance
Systemair’s Air Handling Units, TIME ec and DV, have recently undergone a
service upgrade. Here is a brief presentation of the various improvements
that ensure a more service-friendly and easy operation.
Lift brackets (standard)
New solid lift brackets are now mounted as standard on TIME ec and DV Air
Handling Units selected with a base console. That makes the handling of the
unit on the building site easier and faster regardless of where the AHU is installed. The enclosed user manual is updated with detailed instructions about this.
TIME ec and DV – service-friendly and easy to operate |
Screen enclosure of fan sections and rotary heat exchanger (standard)
Installation, service, and maintenance of the Air Handling Units must be as
risk-free as possible. Therefore, a screen enclosure of the fan sections is
now installed as standard. Screen enclosure of the rotary heat exchanger is
only on DV 50 or sizes above. The screen enclosure can easily be removed
with tools.
Operation of frequency converters via control panel
The frequency converters can now be operated via a control panel placed
on the outside of the inspection door. This option makes it very easy to
change settings of the frequency converters without having to enter inside
the Air Handling Unit.
Sections with lighting
It is now also possible to order
lighting in most of the sections. This
is adequately designed for those sections where service and maintenance
must be performed.
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