SuitCase 12RC Quick Specs

SuitCase 12RC Quick Specs
Issued Jan. 2014 • Index No. M/6.5
SuitCase 12RC
Wire Feeder with
Remote Control
Industrial Applications
Input Power 24 VAC, 10 A
Heavy Manufacturing
Flux-Cored (FCAW)
Pulsed MIG (GMAW-P)
Weight 31 lb. (14.1 kg)
Portable wire feeding
with standard remote
voltage control.
Requires remote control cable —
sold separately.
Built to last in harsh
industrial environments
Ergonomically sound,
lightweight, modular design
is well balanced, and allows
improved mobility and ease of
carrying to remote welding sites.
Plastic case design and
double-filtered gas valve
ensure SuitCase withstands
the harshest industrial
Totally enclosed, impactresistant, flame-retardant case
provides strength and durability,
and protects components and
welding wire from moisture,
dust and other contaminants.
Drive roll accessibility makes
it easy to install wire, adjust
tension and change drive rolls.
Wire feeder is warranted for 3 years, parts and labor.
Miller Electric Mfg. Co.
Equipment Sales US and Canada
An ITW Company
1635 West Spencer Street
P.O. Box 1079
Appleton, WI 54912-1079 USA
Phone: 866-931-9730
FAX: 800-637-2315
International Phone: 920-735-4554
International FAX: 920-735-4125
SuitCase 12RC Features
Trigger hold is located on front panel. Jog
and purge are located on inner control panel.
Digital meters with SunVision™ technology
can display voltage or wire speed, and also
amperage if desired. Meters can be seen
clearly even in direct sunlight.
Ultra-low drag inlet guide pins
make loading the wire easy and
does not deform the wire on the way
into the drive rolls. Simply thread
the wire through the pins and into
drive rolls. There are two ways to
advance the wire through the drive
roll and into the gun. Either open
the pressure arm and thread the
wire into the grooves in the drive
roll and on into the gun inlet or
place the wire between the pins and
use the jog switch to advance the
wire through the drive roll.
Scaled wire pressure knob provides
easy adjustment and consistent
pressure on the drive rolls and wire.
Wire drive and motor assembly is
specifically designed for mobile
welding applications to provide
smooth and consistent wire delivery.
Improved motor torque and drive roll
system are designed to feed smalldiameter solid wire (.023 inch) to
large-diameter cored wire (5/64 inch).
Polypropylene case with built-in slide
rails and the ability to open the door to
change wire with feeder in vertical position.
Gun locking tab works with guns having
corresponding locking grooves to prevent gun
from being pulled out if the feeder is dragged by
the gun.
Gas inlet recessed into back of case is
protected from incidental contact by the weld
cable, ensuring consistent and contaminantfree shielding gas delivery to the gun.
Double-filtered gas valve helps keep dirt
from clogging and affecting gas flow.
Specifications (Subject to change without notice.)
Input Power
24 VAC,
10 A,
50/60 Hz
Welding Power
Source Type
Input Welding
Circuit Rating
Voltage (CV)
425 A at 60%
Duty Cycle
Wire Speed
50–700 IPM
(Use with CV, DC
Power Sources.)
Electrode Wire
Diameter Capacity
Max. Spool
Size Capacity
Solid Wire: .023– .052 in. (0.6–1.4 mm)
Flux Cored: .030– 5/64 in. (0.8–2.0 mm)
12 in. (305 mm),
45 lb. (20 kg)
H: 15.5 in. (394 mm)
W: 9 in. (229 mm)
D: 21 in. (533 mm)
31 lb.
(14.1 kg)
Control Panel
Power Control Switch
Voltage Control
Trigger Hold Switch
Voltage/Wire Feed Speed Switch
Wire Speed Control
Note: Jog and purge switches are located
on inner control panel.
Drive Rolls (Two Required. Order from Miller Service Parts.)
Select drive rolls from chart below according to type and wire size being used. Wire inlet guide comes installed on this wire feeder.
Wire Size
.023/.025 in. (0.6 mm)
.030 in. (0.8 mm)
.035 in. (0.9 mm)
.040 in. (1.0 mm)
.045 in. (1.1/1.2 mm)
.052 in. (1.3/1.4 mm)
1/16 in. (1.6 mm)
.068/.072 in. (1.8 mm)
5/64 in. (2.0 mm)
“V” groove
for hard wire
#087 130
#053 695
#053 700
#053 696
#053 697
#053 698
#053 699
“U” groove for
soft wire or
cored wires
#072 000
#053 701
#053 702
#053 706
#053 704
“V” knurled for
cored wires
#132 958
#132 957
#132 956
#132 955
#132 959
#132 960
“U” cogged
for extremely soft
wire or soft-shelled
cored wires (i.e.,
hard facing types)
#083 489
#083 490
#053 708
#053 710
Ordering Information
Equipment and Options
SuitCase 12RC
Stock No.
#951 580
With Meters and Bernard Q300 Gun
#951 599
With Meters, Trigger Hold, Lift Eye, Flowmeter and Bernard™ Q300 Gun.
Preflow, Postflow and Burnback values are set with DIP switches
Flowmeter Kit
#300 343
Inline Filter
#195 189
Spool Adapter
#047 141
For 14-lb. spools
International Gun Adapter
#164 902
Adapter is required to connect SuitCase® to a Euro-style gun
Remote Extension Cords
(One required.)
#242 208 025
#242 208 050
#242 208 080
25 ft. (7.6 m)
50 ft. (15.2 m)
80 ft. (24.3 m)
Lift Eye
#300 583
Used for suspending feeder over work area
Bernard™ Dura-Flux™ (FCAW)
See Welding Components and Parts Guide
Bernard™ Q300 (GMAW)
See Welding Components and Parts Guide
Ironmate™ 1260 (FCAW)
See Lit. Index No. AY/16.0
Roughneck C-Series (GMAW)
See Lit. Index No. AY/17.0
Power Sources
XMT® Series
See Lit. Index No. DC/18.8 and DC/18.83
Dimension™ Series
See Lit. Index No. DC/19.2
Gold Star® Series
See Lit. Index No. DC/8.1
Big Blue® 400 Pro
See Lit. Index No. ED/5.7
Big Blue® 500 Pro
See Lit. Index No. ED/11.0
Big Blue® 800 Air Pak™
See Lit. Index No. ED/13.0
See Lit. Index No. ED/4.4
See Lit. Index No. ED/4.75 and ED/4.78
Drive Rolls
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