Rollup Sheet Door DS200-DS350 Instruction Add On

Rollup Sheet Door DS200-DS350 Instruction Add On
The following change affects the installation of DS-200 and DS-350 rollup steel
doors with the Steel Mounting Plate Option:
This insert is intended to be used in combination with the
Installation Instructions provided with the door. Reference to
original installation manual must be made to ensure proper
New Steel Mounting Plate Design and Installation
The Mounting Plates provided depend upon the method
of operation. Check door packing list for type of operation.
For manually operated doors, two Non-Operator Side
mounting plates are supplied. For doors with hoist,
electric operator, electric operator kit, or prep for operator, one Non-Operator Side and one
Operator Side mounting plate are supplied.
Mounting plates are used to provide a bracket
mounting location when field conditions do not
have adequate structure to anchor the brackets.
These instructions are intended to aid the installer
with possible installation scenarios. Actual field
conditions will vary and may require modifications
to these instructions and/or to the mounting plates
provided. The figures shown are for a right hand
operated door.
Referencing the Dimension Tables in the door
installation instructions, determine the required
side location (A). Determine the appropriate
mounting orientation of the mounting plate and
fasten the bracket so that dimension A will be
held. For DS-200 doors, avoid the Wrap in Front of
Jambs scenario when possible to prevent
installing mounting plate behind the door guides.
From the Dimension Tables, determine the
required bracket height location (C). Raise the
bracket and mounting plate to hold dimension C
and clamp in place. Fasten the mounting plate to
the jamb as required.
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