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Site Surveys
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Site Survey Services
Why do an inlet filtration system inspection?
The inlet filter house and inlet ducting system are designed to minimize
airborne contaminants that could cause erosion and corrosion of gas
turbine components.
Many factors affect the efficiency of the filter system, including filter media
used, maintenance and installation practices. Improper installation and/or
maintenance of the inlet system could cause bypassing of the filter media,
leading to unwanted contamination of downstream components. Therefore, it is
critical that the inlet system be installed and maintained properly, with no leaks
or bypasses into the clean air section.
CLARCOR Industrial Air site survey services include an inspection of the inlet
system and the filtration media, which can help ensure that the installed inlet
system is maintained and operating efficiently to protect the gas turbine.
Key Benefits
•Customers receive a detailed report of findings
and recommendations.
•Site Surveys help pinpoint problem or weak
areas in the inlet filtration system that may
impact gas turbine efficiency and availability,
and recommended solutions.
•Surveys are done by experienced specialists
who understand both inlet filtration systems
and gas turbine operation.
Site Survey Scope of Work
The survey engineer will typically perform the following tasks, if applicable,
once on site in order to establish the most appropriate recommendation
for a potential retrofit system, and to ensure that any solution will be
dimensionally suitable.
•If access permits, visual inspection of existing air intake equipment
(inspection of filter house for signs of corrosion, integrity, drainage/water
pooling, inspection of the filter product for integrity, degradation and
installation, and inspection down stream of the filtration stage for general
cleanliness, corrosion, erosion, integrity, and signs of water carry over).
•Visual survey of environmental factors/contaminants surrounding the intake.
•Dimensional survey of interface details (support steelwork, combustion and
ventilation inlet flanges), and internal dimensions survey of equipment if an
internal retrofit
is planned.
•Visual/dimensional survey of any potential restrictions
around the intake.
•If appropriate, examination of historical and/or maintenance data of existing
air intake.
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