Mount #60230 Yamaha Grizzly 700

Mount #60230 Yamaha Grizzly 700
Plow Mount Instructions Kit #60230
Plow Mount Parts
Lock Nut (4x)
Top Bracket
Flat Washer (4x)
Tools: 9/16 wrench (2)
Ft. lbs. torque wrench with 9/16 socket
Protective eyewear
Top Bracket
Mount Pin
Pin Clip
Long bolt, flat
washer, lock nut
Short Bolts (2x)
Long Bolts (2x)
Notch in
rear bracket
Rear of
mount plate
Front Bracket
a) Position rear bracket with rear of mount
plate as shown and assemble with one
long bolt, flat washer and lock nut, turn
finger tight. (NOTE: Notched side of
rear bracket points down facing towards front)
b) From side of machine at front of frame,
orientate front bracket as shown and
insert it across top of frame.
side faces
c) When done, bracket should nestle on
top of machine frame as shown.
Drive shaft
1st bolt in bracket
and mount plate
Rear bracket
2nd bolt in
bracket and
mount plate
a) Under rear of machine, from side as
shown insert rear bracket on mount
plate across top of rear frame tubes
(and under drive shaft) until open hole
in bracket extends on outside of frame
on opposite side.
Rear bracket
over hanging
- typical on
both sides
b) Then insert another long bolt bottom
up through mount plate and into rear
bracket, place flat washer and turn lock
nut finger tight. (Photo taken from left
side of machine)
c) Shows rear bracket nestled on top of
rear frame and under drive shaft with
nuts finger tight on both sides. (Photo
taken from right side of machine)
(continued on back)
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(continued from front)
Lift front of
plate up
a) At front of machine, lift front of mount
plate up and insert short bolt bottom up
through mount plate and into hole on
front bracket. Then use flat washer and
turn lock nut on finger tight. Insert another short bolt, flat washer and finger
tight lock nut on opposite side.
b) Using 9/16 wrenches, tighten both
front bolts snug tight for now.
c) Then tighten both rear bolts snug tight.
(9/16 size wrenches) Now torque
each front bolt to 31 ft. lbs. Then
torque each rear bolt to 31 ft. lbs.
Insert prong
into notch
Hitch pin
Hitch pin clip
a) Insert rear prong on receiver tube into
notch on rear of mount plate.
b) Lift front of receiver up and insert receiver pin through holes of receiver
and mount plate.
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c) Insert hitch pin clip into receiver pin. Installation is now complete. Periodically
check bolts and retorque if needed.
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