DT Systems Bird Launcher Manual

DT Systems Bird Launcher Manual
Bird Launcher Manual Draft
Congratulations and Thank You for choosing a D.T. Systems training product. The D.T.
Systems Bird Launchers represent the absolute latest technological and training
advancements in the dog training world. Your bird dog can reach his or her finest with
our Bird Launcher. Our “Natural Flush Bird Launcher” has been hailed by professional
trainers everywhere as the best launcher ever developed. It features our patent pending
“easy-load” trap door making bird loading or unloading quick, easy and hassle-free.
Gone are the days when you ruined the birds because you had to try to close the Bird
Launcher and Load the bird at the same time. The trap door also allows you to unload an
unused bird instead of having to throw it away with a launch. Designed from the ground
up, it has a quiet release system to prevent “spooking” your dog away from the launcher
and also encourages your dog by providing large scent holes. There are two different
sizes (Standard and Large) along with a manual or remote release system. With a 700
yard range, our transmitter can handle up to 16 self-programmable remote release bird
launcher systems. Each remote released bird launcher comes with a beeper locator so
that you can locate your launcher in thick brush with ease. Our TBL series allows you to
add an electronic remote training collar along with your bird launchers for the trainer who
wants total versatility.
The Launcher is designed to launch a bird several feet in the air and thus releases with
great force. Keep body parts and face clear of the unit at all times. Make sure all persons
are a minimum of 15 feet away from the path of the unit when it is released. Keep out of
reach of children at all times.
Important Note:
Please read this owners manual entirely before attempting to operate this unit. Should
you have any questions about our collars or their operation please contact our Customer
Service department. (See last page for contact information). Keep out of reach of
children at all times. Never point the Bird Launcher at anyone.
D.T. Systems Manual “Natural Flush Bird Launchers” Feature:
-“Easy-Load” trap door allowing bird loading or unloading quick and easy.
-“Quiet-Release” system to prevent “spooking” your dog.
-High Quality Nets and Springs for effective launching.
-Large Scent Holes
D.T. Systems Remote “Natural Flush Bird Launchers” Feature:
-Up to 16 self Programmable Launchers with one remote
-700 yard range
-Beeper Locators on Launcher for ease of use
-“Easy-Load” trap door allowing bird loading or unloading quick and easy.
-“Quiet-Release” system to prevent “spooking” your dog.
-High Quality Nets and Springs for effective launching.
-Large Scent Holes
-Weather Resistant Transmitter and Receiver Unit
-Replaceable 9-volt batteries on Transmitter and Receiver
Package Contents
Standard Sizes (500, 505, 509)- Holds standard sized birds such as quail, pigeons, etc.
Large Sizes (700, 705, 709)- Holds larger birds such as Pheasant, Duck, etc.
BL 500/BL 700- Manual Natural Flush Bird Launchers
-Launcher Packages are completely built and ready to use out of the box. You supply the
pull chord for the Launcher.
BL 505/BL 705- Remote Controlled Natural Flush Bird Launcher without Transmitter
-Package includes a Remote Controlled Bird Launcher without a Transmitter. These Bird
Launchers come in two different Sizes (Standard and Large) and are remote controlled
for adding to a current transmitter. You can add up to 16 self-programmable Bird
Launchers for each Transmitter.
BL 509/ BL 709- Natural Flush Bird Launcher with Remote
-This complete package comes with a Transmitter. You can have up to 16 selfprogrammable Bird-Launchers with the Transmitter included in this package.
Operating the “Natural Flush Bird Launcher”
Turning Bird Launcher ON and OFF
Turning Bird Launcher ON (For Models with Transmitter):
The Power Button is the red button located on the Receiver Box of the Bird Launcher.
Press and hold the Power Button on the Bird Launcher. The Red LED Indicator will light
solidly for two seconds. Continue holding the Button until the Red light goes off. The
unit is now On. The LED Indicator will now flash approximately every Two seconds.
(Note: The Transmitter is in a permanent “sleep” state and will be activated only when a
button is pressed)
Turning Bird Launcher OFF (For Models with Transmitter):
When you are ready to shut the unit off simply press and hold the Power button. Again, the Red
LED indicator will light solidly. Hold the Button down until the light goes off and one short
blink follows. The Unit is now Off.
(Note: The unit will automatically shut itself off after being on for 2 hours to conserve battery
Programming your Launcher with your Transmitter
When you first use your Bird Launcher or after you’ve replaced a battery, you must
program your transmitter to correspond with your Natural Flush Bird Launcher. The
transmitter has over 1,000,000 D.T. Systems ID codes so you won’t launch other
people’s Bird Launchers.
1. Verify that the Bird Launcher is off.
2. Choose a number (1-16) on the selection dial of your Transmitter and a Bird Launcher
for that number. (Note: We suggest labeling your launcher for easy recognition.)
1. Press and hold the Power Button on the Receiver Box of the Bird Launcher. Do not
release the Power Button.
2. After Approximately 6 seconds of holding the Power Button down, the Red LED will
Blink 4 times.
3. While Continuing to hold the Power Button down, press either the “LNCH/NICK” or
“BEEP/CONT” for approximately 1 Second on the Transmitter.
4. To indicate the unit has been programmed, the LED on the Bird Launcher will blink 5
times and the Transmitter will beep 5 times.
5. At this point, you may Release the Power Button on the Bird Launcher.
Program your unit while the Launcher is in the Open Position and Unloaded.
Using the “Natural Flush Bird Launcher”
Loading the Remote Launcher
1. Turn the Bird Launcher On.
2. With the net in the open position, pull the arms of the launcher inwards towards the
center and hold them together with your thumbs and forefingers.
3. Pull the Locking Lever over the net with one hand while the other hand holds the arms
4. With the free hand, Lock the Locking Lever down by placing the Release Wheel so
that it holds the Lever into position.
5. Open “Easy-Load” door and place bird or birds into the net and close the door
Loading the Manual Launcher
1. Follow the Steps for Loading the Remote Launcher, however, skip step 1.
2. Attach a sturdy cord to the arm of the Release Wheel.
The Launcher is designed to launch a bird several feet in the air and thus releases with
great force. Keep body parts and face clear of the unit at all times. Make sure all persons
are a minimum of 15 feet away from the path of the unit when it is released. Keep out of
reach of children.
Releasing with Remote Launcher
To release the bird with the Transmitter, choose the appropriate Launcher to operate by
using the Selection Dial on the Transmitter. Make sure the Mode Selection Switch on the
Transmitter is Position for the Launcher Operation. Press the “BEEP/CONT” button to
operate the Beeper Locator in order to locate your Launcher. Press the “LNCH/NICK”
button to release and launch the bird.
To Re-release
Once Launcher is released, the unit will remain on so that the beeper will work, however,
it must be reset in order to Re-release. In order to launch again, reload the Launcher and
press the ON/OFF button again for approximately 1 second.
Releasing with Manual Launcher
To release the bird(s) with the Manual Launcher, simply pull on the chord attached to the
arm of the Release Wheel.
The Transmitter and Remote Launcher use a 9-volt 450mA replaceable battery. The
Add-on Collar uses an Ni-MH rechargeable battery. Loss of Range or Intermittent
Operation can indicate a low battery on the Transmitter or Remote Launcher. The Red
LED light will blink rapidly if the battery is low. NiMH batteries are not memory
sensitive and do not require depletion before recharging. The batteries come partially
charged from the factory. It is, however, recommended that you give the battery a full
charge before the first use. This takes about 12 hours.
D.T. Systems Add-on Electronic Remote Training Collars Feature:
-500 Yard Range
-“Maxx-Range” Internal Embedded Antenna
-16 levels of Adjustable Intensity
-Waterproof Collar and Weather Resistant Transmitter
-Continuous and “Nick” Momentary Stimulation
-Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery.
-Built in Safety Shut-off
● All electronic collars need to fit snugly to work properly. They must be just tight
enough to allow the “prongs” or electrodes to make good skin contact.
● If your collar is too loose, the stimulation may not work properly due to the failure of
good skin contact. This can affect the stimulation performance directly, and whether
or not the dog will receive the stimulation. Always check for good “prong” contact if it
appears that your dog is not responding to the stimulation.
● A loose collar can promote skin irritation from moving or rubbing too much on a dog’s
neck while they are running or training. The proper snug fit will help prevent this from
● The collar should never be so tight on the dog’s neck that can restricts the breathing
● To prevent neck irritations, the collar should not be worn for more than 12 hours a day.
Changing the location of the collar on the dog’s neck daily will also help prevent
irritation. It is important to keep the collar clean. Use a mild antibacterial soap to clean
the electrodes and unit each day. If irritation is found, carefully wash the area on the
dog’s neck with soap and water and wipe it clean with hydrogen peroxide. Dry
thoroughly and apply an antibiotic ointment.
Do not cut the collar belt. This can cause the damage of the antenna and may result in
severe decrease in receiver range.
Turning Add-on Electronic Collar ON and OFF
To turn on the unit hold the Magnet Indicator (Red Dot) on the side of the transmitter
M Mark on the front of the Collar Receiver for approximately 1
directly up against the ○
second. The Red LED light will flash inside the Collar Receiver indicating the Collar
Receiver is ON. The red light changes to a rapid flash (twice per second) indicating the
battery is low and in need of charging.
Make sure that the Selection Switch on the side of the transmitter is in the remote training
mode in order to use the remote trainer.
To turn the unit Off, hold the Magnet Indicator (Red Dot) on the side of the transmitter
M Mark on the front of the Collar Receiver for approximately 2
directly up against the ○
Programming your Add-on Electronic Training Collar:
1. Verify that the collar is turned off.
2. Set the Intensity Level on Transmitter to Level One using the Intensity Selection
1. Turn the collar On by placing the Magnet Indicator (Red Dot on Transmitter) on the ○
Mark located on the Collar. Hold this position and do not remove the Transmitter from
the Collar.
M Mark,
2. After approximately 5 seconds of holding the Magnet Indicator Dot and the ○
the Red LED Light on the collar will blink 4 times.
3. Press the “LNCH/NICK” or “BEEP/CONT” button on the Transmitter for
approximately 1 second.
4. To indicate the unit has been programmed, the Red LED on the collar will blink 5
*Repeat this process if the LED on the collar does not blink 5 times.
Selecting and Proper Intensity Level
The first and most important step in training the dog with an our Training System is the
determination of correct Intensity Level to provide the proper training stimulation
without over stimulating the dog. To find the proper stimulation level, place the Collar
on the dog’s neck and turn it on. Starting with level 1, increase the Intensity Level in
increments of 1 until the dog feels the stimulation. You should be able to tell if the
dog feels the stimulation by its reactions of discomfort or confusion. This may be
expressed with a wagging of tail, pricking up of ears, etc. (Note : Some dogs may require
more or less stimulation depending on their individual nature or size.)
Testing your Add-on Electronic Training Collar
Confirm the collar unit is fully charged. Then turn the
collar receiver power ON.
1. Place the tester firmly on the electrodes of the collar receiver.
2. Set the intensity level. (Note : An intensity level setting of 4 or less may not light the
tester due to its low intensity level.)
3. Push either the ‘LNCH/NICK’ or ‘BEEP/CONT’ button.
4. The tester light will flash once for the NICK function and lights steadily when the
CONT button is pressed. (The higher the intensity level, the brighter the test light
Collar Maintenance:
-It is very important to periodically clean your unit for maximum performance and safety.
Regular cleaning will also lengthen the life of your unit. Use a mild antibacterial soap to clean
the electrodes and unit each day after it is used.
-Clean the collar box with lukewarm water and a mild anti-bacterial soap.
-Take care to thoroughly clean the space between the electrodes and the belt.
-The belt and buckle should be cleaned with water and a mild soap then allowed to dry
-Always allow the entire unit to completely dry before using.
Launcher Maintenance:
The Remote Bird Launcher and Transmitter are not Waterproof, but are water-resistant.
Never immerse these in water or keep them in rain for extended periods of time. Please
wipe and clean Bird Launcher, Transmitter and Collar with a clean, soft cloth and warm,
soapy water after each use. Dry off any moisture to prevent rusting as this may cause
malfunction of the unit.
Low Batteries- If the Launcher or Trainer seems to be receiving the signal from the
transmitter irregularly or if the range is compromised, this may be due to low batteries.
The Red LED Light on the Add-on Trainer will blink rapidly if the batteries need to be
No Response- If the Bird Launcher or Trainer does not respond to the Transmitter and the
batteries are fresh, please try reprogramming your units.
Interference- In the unlikely even that another transmitter interferes with your units,
please reprogram the units to reset the ID codes.
Limited Warranty
1. D.T. Systems, Inc. warrants that the “Natural Flush Bird Launcher” and training collar
will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use for 180 days
from date of original consumer purchase.
2. During this limited warranty period, we will repair or replace the defective part under
the discretion of the company. Shipping costs to our repair center will not be covered,
and the defective unit must be accompanied by a receipt to show when and where you
purchased the unit.
3. This limited warranty is only offered to the original purchaser of this product. It is
valid under the condition that any covered defect occurs under normal use and
maintenance. D.T. Systems must also receive a prompt written notice of the defect
within the limited warranty period. This warranty does not apply to any damages that
occur due to misuse or abuse of the product. It is also void if the consumer makes any
attempts to alter or repair the unit before returning it to our repair center. This warranty
does not cover lost parts.
What is not covered:
Batteries are not part of our lifetime warranty. Rechargeable batteries are warranted
against defects for one year from the original purchase date. Our warranty does not cover
parts that malfunction due to abuse, misuse, improper maintenance, or incorrect handling.
Damage from dogs chewing or wear and tear or abuse is not covered. Our warranty does
not cover the cost of shipping the unit to our repair center. Return ground shipping
(inside the continental United States ) to the customer is covered. However, next day or
second day air shipping is not
covered and if requested will be charged.
Legal Notice
Proper Use and Maintenance of the Natural Flush Bird Launcher is the responsibility of
the buyer. D.T. Systems, Inc. and it’s representatives are in No Way liable for
consequential or incidental injuries or damages or any other damages caused in whole or
in part by improper use, failure, defect or problem with the product. Buyer/User of said
devices agrees to hold D.T. Systems and it’s representatives harmless from and
indemnify them from any and all claims, damages, demands, penalties, suits or causes of
actions whatsoever brought by any person or entity as a result of the use or ownership of
the Natural Flush Bird Launcher.
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