Брошюра (англ.)

Брошюра (англ.)
High Capacity
Digital Cross-connect
Timeslot Switching on PCM
E1 or T1
32 incoming PCM*
4 outgoing PCM*
32 incoming PCM*
8 outgoing PCM*
*bidirectional PCM links
Easy to use
MANTA is a rack mounted digital
multiplexer dedicated to timeslots
grooming for monitoring purpose.
Any timeslot of the incoming PCM
links may be switched to one timeslot or more of the outgoing PCM
Remote operating
Direct synchronization
on PCM input
Configurable input gain
Low cost
E1-T1 conversion
T1-E1 conversion
The scanning mode brings the
auto-configuration to MANTA and
allows a real- time adaptation to the
network reconfigurations.
Manta remote operation gives the
operator the ability to manage from a
central point all the Mantas deployed
in the network.
Typical Applications
Concentration of useful timeslots
(signalling or voice) towards a
monitoring tool.
Allowing several monitoring tools
to watch the same signalling
channels at the same time.
Timeslots grooming.
Connecting an E1 monitoring
tool to a T1 network.
Pilot Software
The Pilot application is an easy-to-use
software running under Windows
Timeslot Switching
98/NT/2000/XP. Links definition is
Any of the input timeslots can be
graphically performed in a drag and
switched to any of the output timeslots drop manner. A link couples one timesavailable. An incoming timeslot can
lot from one incoming PCM link to one
also be duplicated on several outgoing timeslot on one outgoing PCM link.
timeslots. Both Tx and Rx of each
Timeslot aggregations are managed for
timeslot are switched.
a handy configuration of channel
grooming on Gb interfaces.
PCM Switching
Any of the input PCM links can be
switched to any of the output PCM
links. An incoming PCM link can also
be duplicated on several outgoing PCM
links. Timeslot and PCM link switching
can be combined in the same
configuration of MANTA.
Incoming timeslots are continuously
scanned in order to detect signalling
channels. These channels are
automatically switched to one of the
output timeslots. This mode largely
simplifies the configuration of MANTA
and allows an automatic adaptation to
the network reconfigurations.
An unlimited number of MANTAs can
be chained to expand the number of
inputs and outputs.
Line Interface
- High impedance inputs on
120/100 twisted pair 75 Ohms
- Outputs on 120/100 Ohms twis
ted pair or 75 Ohms coaxial
- E1 or T1 configuration,
ITU-T G.703, G.704
- Inputs sensitivity: -32dB
Each PCM link output can be
dedicated to a specific user. So, a
MANTA can be shared between users
without any risk of configuration
Scanning Mode
An Application Program Interface can
be delivered. It enables third-party
developers to integrate MANTA
management in their solutions.
General Data
- Dimensions: 19“, 2U
- Weight: 8 Kg
- Input Voltage: 90-132 /
180-264 VAC
- EMC:
- EN 50081-1
- EN 50082-2
- FCC part 15
- CEI 60950
Manta is able to select automatically
the best gain for each input. Gain is up
to + 32 dB.
- Rack mounted equipment
- MANTA Pilot software for
Windows 98/NT/2000/XP.
- MANTA user manual
T1/E1 Conversion
Input Settings
A specific version of MANTA is
available to offer a conversion function
enabling timeslots switching from E1
inputs to T1 outputs or from T1 inputs
to E1 outputs. This MANTA is configuMANTA is configured via its V.24
rable as 28 PCM inputs / 4 PCM
(RS-232) port using the MANTA Pilot
outputs or 24 PCM inputs / 8 PCM
application. As the configuration is sto- outputs.
red in the MANTA flash memory, it
remains available after a restart. An
Ethernet option is available to allow a
remote control of MANTA.
- Ethernet port for remote control
- Network cables
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