AN_How to use focus tool

AN_How to use focus tool
AN_How to use focus tool
Application Notes
Version <1.0>
For CAM3365/4365/4360, since it is remote focus, so user needs to adjust the focus
from the IE browser when install the camera in the field site. In order to save the focus
setting into the camera EEPROM memory, Surveon provide the focus tool to help user
adjust the focus setting and save to the EEPROM.
1. Make sure camera HTTP port is 80.
2. Download Focus Tool2.1.0.2.rar via this URL
3. Unzip the file then click AutoFocusTool.exe.
4. Input Camera IP, Port:6002 (camera Liveview port), Camera User Name,
Password, and click Start Show to show the real-time image.
5. After clicking Start Show button, the tool will automatically do Auto Focus for about
30 seconds.
6. After auto focus is done, click Manual Calibration tab. Then you can start to adjust
the focus manually.
6.1 This tool can help customer to adjust focus for each zoom rate. So you can
adjust focus from zoom rate 1x to 3x by selecting Optical Zoom.
6.2 You need to input the Offset Range, this value is to define the calibration range.
 If the focus is lost much, the value should be set to large number such as 1000.
 If the focus is lost less, the value should be set to small number such as 50.
7. After choosing optical zoom rate and setting the offset range, please click Set button
and wait for while (about 15 seconds), the Success window will pop up.
8. If the image is not focused well, you may click Move button to adjust Current focus
9. You may change the value of Steps to adjust how much the current focus point will
move by each clicking Move button.
9.1 If the Offset Range is large (say 1000), the Steps should be set to a large
number (say 100) for quicker calibration.
9.2 If the Offset Range is small (say 50), the Steps should be set to a small number
(say 10) for quicker calibration.
10. After you get the focused image, you may click Save button to save the setting.
10.1 If you want to restart calibration, you may click Restart button.
10.2 If you want to stop adjust this camera’s focus, you may click Stop Show button.
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