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German Theatre’s new home features DYNACORD
and Electro-Voice
January 2009
The German Theatre has moved house for three years to a colony of
marquees north of Munich, in order to maintain an uninterrupted
performance schedule while its permanent home undergoes renovations.
DYNACORD and Electro-Voice have provided evacuation and sound
reinforcement systems for the temporary marquees to ensure the
Deutsches Theater makes a seamless transition to its new home.
Straubing/Munich, January 2009 An extensive programme of renovation and
refitting has required the Deutsches Theater in Munich to temporarily bid farewell
to its permanent home in the city centre. For the next three years, the company
will continue its rich theatrical tradition in temporary accommodations at a fourmarquee, 3,750 square-metre facility within a colony of marquees in the suburb of
Fröttmaning, north of Munich.
The move, carried out in mid October, asks no sacrifice from audiences in terms
of comfort or class. Even at its temporary location, the theatre will continue to
satisfy the very highest standards—even in terms of sound reinforcement. The
instructions for installer minos Sicherheitstechnik GmbH were perfectly clear:
intelligibility is paramount—especially for alarm messages. And, in addition to
voice alarm duties, the sound system must be capable of providing background
music as well as signals that inform audiences that performances are about to
begin or resume.
To satisfy the theatre’s requirements, planners from minos opted for a state-ofthe-art Dynacord PROMATRIX 4000 system complemented by Electro-Voice
loudspeakers. Comprehensive 3D simulations were conducted using the program
Ulysses to ensure adequate intelligibility in all the requisite areas. Thomas
Sterling, EVI Audio comments:
“To create our 3D model, we had to enter not only the room’s dimensions, but
also the nature of every material in the room, from the tarpaulin that forms the
walls and ceilings of the marquees to the upholstery of the chairs in the stalls. Our
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simulations are incredibly detailed in order to ensure that our loudspeaker
configurations can deliver the desired effect.”
The new system at the Deutsches Theater uses truss-mounted Electro-Voice
Sx300PIX speakers in the 1,700-seat main marquee, and truss-mounted EV
EVID 4.2T speakers in the ancillary marquees. The system also provides
coverage in the walkways and open spaces between marquees as well as in the
rest rooms, dressing rooms and stage and wardrobe areas. The entire system is
powered by a 2,000-watt amp rack.
About minos Sicherheitstechnik GmbH
Founded in 1981 by Wolfgang Beck, Bernhard Ditsch and Josef Olbrich, minos
Sicherheitstechnik GmbH is based in Polling in Upper Bavaria. The firm employs
more than 40 workers, and is one of Southern Bavaria’s leading suppliers of
safety, security and telecommunications equipment. Its references include banks,
government agencies and industrial corporations.
About the German Theatre in Fröttmaning
During its stay in Fröttmaning, the Deutsches Theater will perform such musicals
as “In Nomine Patris,” “My Fair Lady” and “Abba Mania” in the main marquee,
while the theatre’s three ancillary marquees will offer restaurants, bars and a
large reception area. The temporary theatre celebrated its premiere on October
14 with the papal musical “In Nomine Patris.”
snapshot, 07. January 2009
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Press photo: PM_EVI_1208_DtTheater_1.jpg
The temporary home of the German Theatre: a colony of giant marquees north of
Munich—the largest of which is capable of accommodating two Airbus 320 jets
Press photo: PM_EVI_1208_DtTheater_2.jpg
The high expectations of audiences are being met – in the area of sound
reinforcement – through the use of DYNACORD ELA systems
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Press photo: PM_EVI_1208_DtTheater_3.jpg
The events marquee also combines exquisite elegance with perfect sound—
courtesy of Electro-Voice loudspeakers
Contact persons for press inquiries:
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The special ownership structure of Robert Bosch GmbH guarantees the entrepreneurial
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Bosch GmbH.
Additional information can be accessed at
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