NV7057 Power Measurement using CT & PT

NV7057 Power Measurement using CT & PT
Power Measurement using CT & PT
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NV7057 Power Measurement using CT and PT setup is designed to
explore the measurement techniques used in electrical meters for
measurement of Voltage, Current, Power etc. Current Transformer
(CT) and Potential Transformer (PT) are used to sense Current and
Voltage respectively from a transmission line. The various
parameters that affect the Current and Voltage sensing using CT and
PT are primary and secondary winding turns, gauge of wire and type
of core. NV7057 provides in-depth explaination and experimental
analysis of various configurations of Current and Voltage
measurement using CT and PT.
The students can measure the Voltage, Current, Wattage and Power
Factor. Digital Voltmeter, Ammeter and Wattmeter are provided on
panel to increase accuracy of measurement. The meters have very
high accuracy and resolution.
High resolution and accurate meters
Digital Voltmeter, Ammeter and Wattmeter
Internal variable power source
Real time appearance of CT with facility to change primary turns
Provided with all the accessories including rheostat to perform
Designed by considering all the safety precautions
Learning material CD
2 Year Warranty
Scope of Learning
To measure high value of AC Current by a low range AC Ammeter
and Current Transformer
To measure high value of AC Voltage by a low range AC Voltmeter
and Potential Transformer
To measure Power using CT & PT
To study the effect of CT turns ratio in Current measurement
To study PT & CT connection in an electric Circuit for
3 Turn
5 Turn
Students can configure primary winding of CT to understand &
analyse effect on secondary winding
Designed & Manufactured by :
The CT is provided on panel so that students can change the turns in
primary winding and measure the corresponding changes in
secondary winding and change in measurement. Protection circuit
is inbuilt.
Technical Specifications
Mains Supply
Current Rating
Ammeter (2 nos.)
Display Resolution
Range Min/Max
Voltmeter (2 nos.)
Display Resolution
Range Min/Max
Display Resolution
Range Min/Max
Current Transformer
CT Ratio
Secondary Current Rating
Potential Transformer
PT Ratio
PT Ratio
Dimensions (mm)
: 230V ±10%, 50Hz
: 230V AC
: 0-270V AC
: 5A
: 0.01A AC
: 0.1/5A
: 1V AC
: 10V/300V
: 1W
: 15/1500W
: 1:10
: 2A
: 230V
: 115V
: 1:2
220Ω, 2.8A
2A (SPN)
W 600 x D 350 x H 450
22kg (approx.)
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Website : www.nvistech.com
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