MB2010CC 46

MB2010CC 46
Refrigeration Original Equipment Manufacturers
Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc. – Refrigeration Division
Launch of Copeland Discus with CoreSense™ Protection
Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of CoreSense™
Protection for Copeland Discus compressors on 2D, 3D, 4D, and 6D platforms, starting February
2011. The CoreSense Protection module, shown in Figure 1, delivers a number of critical
compressor protection and diagnostics features for oil and motor protection. The module also
provides advanced capabilities such as modbus communication, diagnostics and verification for
enhanced compressor and system performance.
In addition, for customers who would like to have enhanced diagnostics, control, and protection
features with applied cost savings, Emerson offers Copeland Discus with CoreSense Diagnostics
(formerly known as Intelligent Store Discus). Refer to Marketing Bulletin MB2010CC-13 for further
Figure 1
CoreSense Protection
Figure 2
Copeland Discus with
CoreSense Protection
Every Copeland Discus compressor will now feature CoreSense Protection as standard, installed
from the factory. A 3D Copeland Discus compressor with CoreSense Protection is shown in
Figure 2. The compressor asset information, such as the model number, serial number, and
compressor configuration, is loaded into the CoreSense Protection module for access through
open modbus communication protocol. The communication feature also provides compressor real
time run status and remote reset capability, which requires wiring one additional wire than the
conventional Sentronic oil protection module for continuous power supply to the module. Refer to
Application Engineering Bulletin AE-1367 for further product details on functionality and wiring
The CoreSense Protection module clearly indicates the status of the compressor in the form of
“Normal Operation”, “Warning”, “Trip” and “Lockout” conditions differentiated by color and flashing
LEDs. The color indicates the severity of the compressor status and the LED flash pattern
identifies the specific fault.
Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc., 1675 W. Campbell Road, Sidney, OH 45365
937-498-3011 • emersonclimate.com
Below is a summary of the features provided by the CoreSense Protection module for Copeland
Discus compressors:
Low Oil Protection & Oil Trip Notification
Motor Overheat Protection & Motor Trip Notification (4D/6D Only)
Open Modbus Communication
Remote Reset
Compressor Asset Information & Compressor run status
Copeland Discus compressors with CoreSense Protection can be identified by a “C” in the first
digit of the compressor bill of materials as shown below:
From 3DB3F33KL-TFD-2xx to 3DB3F33KL-TFD-Cxx
From 3DB3F33KL-TFD-4xx to 3DB3F33KL-TFD-Cxx
Complete model cross reference information is available through your Emerson Climate
Technologies field sales manager or application engineer.
Copeland Discus compressors with CoreSense Protection can also provide discharge line
temperature protection to avoid compressor overheating conditions. This optional feature
requires the purchase and installation of a discharge temperature thermistor (Kit Part# 985-010950)
With the launch of CoreSense Protection, the Sentronic oil protection module and Kriwan
(INT369) motor protection module will no longer be available on new OEM Copeland Discus
Service replacement kits and components for CoreSense Protection, Sentronic , and Kriwan
INT369 will be offered through the Emerson Climate Technologies distribution center and
authorized wholesalers.
Additional product performance, electrical, and mechanical information can be accessed online at
the Emerson Climate Technologies website, www.EmersonClimate.com, and by logging into
Online Product Information. Please contact your Field Sales Manager, Application Engineer, or
Customer Service Representative for additional information.
Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc., 1675 W. Campbell Road, Sidney, OH 45365
937-498-3011 • emersonclimate.com
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