Find the facts
Find the facts
Leaving lights, computers and other appliances
on uses less energy than turning them off and
on again.
There is nothing you can do to an old
house to make it more energy efficient.
When an appliance is in standby mode it stops
using power.
As an individual, there is nothing you can do
to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.
Many plug-in appliances continue to use power
when they are in standby mode. Sometimes they
use as much energy on standby as when they are
working. To save energy, turn appliances off at
the power point.
You can reduce the amount of greenhouse
gases you add to the air. You can turn off
appliances when not in use, walk or ride
a bicycle instead of getting a ride in a car,
use the sun to dry clothes, buy locally
produced goods and recycle.
There are many things you can do to any
There is a small surge of power that occurs when house to make it more energy efficient.
some appliances are turned on. This is a very
Ideas include insulation, solar panels, solar
small amount of energy compared to the amount hot water, blinds or shades, planting shrubs
used while the appliance is working. Always turn
or trees, changing to energy-saving light
appliances off at the switch to save energy.
globes or installing timers on lights.
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