Students’ comments on open questions

Students’ comments on open questions
Digital Circuits and Systems
COURSE 11-12 Q2
Students' evaluation of educational quality (SEEQ)
Students’ comments on open questions
Grup 3GM
Please, write something remarkable or significant about this course/instructor,
which has helped you to study the course.
He answered your questions and solved your problems when you needed.
He was always ready to answer new questions and he also gave us good advices in order to do the exercise. He
was really helpful.
The web site is very organized.
Las explicaciones de los proyectos y si había alguna dificultad podías consultar fuera de clase.
Friendly teacher and always helping us.
Very good instructor, you can see that he love the course and he wants to help every time he can.
El EX4 i el projecte van massa forçats cap a les últimes setmanes.
For study better, he will explain the Works before individual test.
El fer els treballs va força bé per estudiar.
The explanations were very good.
The digsys website.
Working in teams and doing the subject in English.
Please write something about this course/instructor, which must be urgently
improved (especially on the items not considered in the previous questions)
Perhaps it should be controlled the way some students in the cooperative group work. Because sometimes they
do nothing and they even get good results.
Punish the lazy people.
Too much work in each project.
I think it would be helpful to make more guided lessons.
Explanations of the installed programs and specifying their functions for better performance.
Explain how the programs work as: Xilinx, MPLAB, etc.
Tindries que explicar més i millor parts importants de l’assignatura com la part de microcontroladors perquè
és la part que més punts abasta del total, 31,25 %.
Poques classes de teoria, la majora de coses s’han de buscar a Internet.
At the end of each practice he must demonstrate us the real solution of the practices using the chip.
Do you have any other comments to add about the course?
It was a very interesting course. For me, one of the most interesting subjects until now.
La diferencia entre el nivel de profesorado a la hora de impartir la asignatura.
Was this manual useful for you? yes no
Thank you for your participation!

* Your assessment is very important for improving the work of artificial intelligence, which forms the content of this project

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