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Energy efficiency thanks to
waste heat recovery
Innovative concepts for the glass industry
Heat Recovery
Answers for industry.
Don’t let your money disappear
into thin air
Economically efficient generation of energy from your own source of waste heat
Flue gas as source of waste heat
Strong partnerships for intelligent
The enormous energy that is needed
in glass manufacturing is normally
supplied by fossil fuels. In this industry,
large amounts of waste heat with
temperatures between 400°C and 800°C
are produced. However, many companies
are still failing to make use of such heat
for energy-generating purposes.
Siemens supports its worldwide partners
in the planning and erection of innovative heat recovery systems while helping
to keep down investment costs and the
additional expenses incurred for the
operation of such systems.
Innovative waste heat recovery
against rising energy costs and for
environmental protection
In the waste heat boiler, the waste heat
of flue gas can turn water into steam that
drives a turbine to produce electricity
by means of a generator. The steam is
then turned back into water in a watercooled or air-cooled condenser, after
which it is taken back to the waste heat
boiler, where circulation can begin again.
This system can also be used for water
heating and refrigeration or for heating
buildings. Another possibility is to use
the steam for downstream stages of
Your benefits:
• You can use the electrical energy thus
produced to meet up to half your total
electricity needs
• Heating in winter and cooling in
• High savings in respect of electricity
• The power equipment can be installed
without interruption of the ongoing
production process
• Secure supply of your own electricity
• Can be integrated in the existing
instrumentation and control system
without having any effect on the
Heat recovery in the glass industry
Plant efficiency
Heat recovery
Energy for the
production process
Integration in the process control
Seven good reasons for heat
recovery equipment
Control of the heat recovery equipment
can be integrated in the SIMATIC PCS 7
process control system for glass
production. Control and monitoring are
therefore carried out from the central
control room, and uniformity of
automation is thus ensured throughout
the entire plant.
1. You reduce your energy consumption
costs by producing your own energy
2. Less dependency on external sources
of energy for which prices are
constantly rising
3. Economically efficient energy
production through the use of
innovative technology that requires
little maintenance
4. Professional planning and fast
5. Low capital investment due to the use
of inexpensive standard components
6. Fast amortization within just a few
7. Reliability of the equipment thanks to
the use of tried-and-tested
Your benefits:
• Your existing control team is trained
during commissioning
• No additional personnel required in
the control room
• User-friendly operator control and
• Use of standard components
• The power equipment’s instrumentation and control system can be
integrated in an existing process
control system
What we can offer you:
• Individualized quotation
• Calculation of the return on investment
• Financing models
From us, you will receive only clear
and dependable answers!
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