VeriFone VX 680 Data Sheet
There’s never been a better or more efficient way to sell wireless
transaction processing services to merchants. VeriFone’s VX Direct
Wireless solution provides a complete package of needed hardware,
software and services. Promote advantageous bundled fees to
attract new customers. Create “stickier” merchants by selling more
products and services at higher profit margins. Greatly simplify
support. All through a hosted, fully managed service.
• Enables resellers to quickly and easily provide merchants access
to the latest 3G technology for wirelessly processing payments
and value-added transactions – for a single, bundled fee
emoves barrier to entry by reducing merchants’ upfront costs
for hardware and software, and eliminating additional fees for
downloads or activation/reactivation
rovides the highest security through VeriShield Protect – for
end-to-end encryption and advanced tokenization – with regular
compliance updates pushed to every device
liminates virtually all sensitive data from the merchant’s
environment – reducing PCI scope for burdensome audits and
minimizing data breach risks
rotects reseller’s estate by preventing unauthorized access to
system software, applications and data using VeriShield Retain
akes it easy to move solution from merchant
to merchant as desired – at no added cost
• Is NFC and EMV ready to support mobile
wallets and emerging, chip-based smart cards
elivers consolidated reporting and analytics,
as well as merchant setup and management
through VeriFone’s PAYware Connect gateway
ull help desk support available through
VeriFone, the leader in electronic payment
TA (Over The Air) downloads for quick,
efficient updates of applications
nhances merchant loyalty through reliance on a broad
spectrum of products and services
xpands wireless merchant base with offering that can be sold
to brick-and-mortar merchants with no IP service available
reserves and increases profit margins through differentiated
service package
ffers discount pricing on VeriCentre cloud-based estate and
terminal management – including remote key injection, remote
feature implementation, and consolidated web-based
transaction processing
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