Crescendo s Welcome Packet
Welcome to
Classic Elegance … like never before
Arrival –
The address to Crescendo is 381 Rockridge Road, Big White, BC. The home is a ‘Smart Home’
with integrated lighting, security, and heating/cooling. Entry to the home is through the key fobs
issued to you by Crescendo’s management. You will be provided with the manager’s contact
information as it gets closer to your arrival. As there is no cell phone coverage after you leave
Kelowna until you arrive to the mountain, please contact management just before you leave
Kelowna to let them know you are on your way. They will meet you at Crescendo, issue you the
key fobs, and introduce you to Crescendo’s Smart Home systems.
The light switches and touchpanels provide a unique experience. When you arrive, at the
touchpanel by the front door, touch ‘Arrive’. The house then comes alive! Designated lights
throughout the entire house activate, which light your way until you have settled into the home.
The fireplace will also activate, as will music to key locations. Certain lights will also turn on
and off automatically without your having to activate a light switch. In most of the closets, for
example, lights activate/deactivate upon opening/closing. From sunset to sunrise, judiciously
placed motion detectors automatically light your way, as well.
At your leisure, experiment with the various systems on the touchpanels in each room. You will
find the operation of them to be quite intuitive.
Floor 1a
Garage –
- The garage is a non-smoking zone, just like the rest of the house. It is fully finished and
heated, and has a TV and integrated audio system in it (XM, inclusive).
- The garage also has a Wii Game System, a professional PowerTower fitness machine, and a
professional-level Ping Pong table.
- Please do not set anything on the Ping Pong table (even though it is very tempting to do so).
During your initial tour of Crescendo, Crescendo’s manager will show you how to open/close
the Ping Pong table. Instructions are posted in the garage as well. Opening/closing the table
any other way will break the mechanism (a bad thing).
Entry/Games Room –
- There is a queen sleeper-sofa in this room. It is attached to the other couch via clips. It cannot
be easily separated without breaking those clips. If for some reason you need the room
arranged differently, please call Crescendo’s manager and we will do that for you.
- We have a Bumper Pool table and Poker/Card table in this room, as well. Please refrain from
setting anything (especially drinks) on the table. Believe me, it is very tempting to do so.
Floor 1b
Floor 1b: Theatre –
- The bar is equipped with a double-sink, dishwasher, ice-maker, mini-fridge, and microwave. In
the cabinetry there, you’ll find additional equipment, such as a coffee maker & a drink-blender.
- One of the cabinets at the bar is locked-out by the owner. The locking mechanism is hidden,
but it is there. Forcing it open will ruin the cabinetry.
- The Theatre (with 7.1 surround-sound and a 110” screen) is exceptional! BD/DVDs are
streamed to the theatre via a 24tb Media Server. By clicking on the movie jacket of your
choice, you can choose from any of the movie titles (more than 850).
- Movie titles may be searched from the server locally, but you may also view/search our list
online. Go to Password is 2504486299.
- As you may imagine, the theatre equipment is quite complex. We have made access to that
equipment less complex, though, via specialized touchpanels, a pre-programmed remote, and
by an Android Tablet. Still, every technology has its quirks, and no system is perfect.
Projectors, for example, do not work like traditional TVs. They take about 3 minutes to warm
up, and they take about 3 minutes to cool down. If the projector is turned off, even
momentarily, it will take about 6 minutes before it will again be operational (i.e., 3 minutes to
cool down, 3 minutes to restart).
- The TV remote is programmed for use in this room only. It will not work in any other room.
- The couch in the Theatre is a queen sleeper-sofa. Additionally, the Theatre has three custombuilt Murphy Beds: each with its own reading lights, drawers, and closetry. Three things must
be kept in mind when operating the Murphy beds.
. You MUST set the legs into place before setting anything down on the bed. Failure to do so
will break the mechanism.
. To set the legs, pull-out and turn 90-degrees, then push them back into the frame. Failure to
push the legs back into the frame all the way, before setting anything down on the bed, will
break the legs.
. Before closing the bed into the cabinetry, please be certain to manually fold the legs back into
the frame which, if not done, will ruin the cabinets’ facing.
- We invite your feedback about various lighting scenes you’d like to see, so we can incorporate
your suggestions into one-touch lighting scenes for this room next season.
Floor 2a
Kitchen/Dining Room/Great Room –
- Crescendo’s gourmet kitchen is, indeed, a chef’s delight. It includes
. a SubZero fridge;
. a Viking 6 burner plus griddle stove top;
. a Viking double oven plus microwave; and
. 2 Miele dishwashers (integrated into cabinetry, one on each side of the sink).
- The stove top has been adjusted for the use of LP at high altitudes. We suggest if you are using
the griddle to cook, you leave ample time for it to heat to the desired temperature.
- You may wonder why we have no garbage disposal. Big White’s disposal system prohibits the
homes on the mountain from installing one.
- Most of the upper shelves (above microwave, fridge, stove, etc) are locked-out by the owner.
The locking mechanism is hidden, but it is there. Forcing it open will ruin the cabinetry.
- The iPod/iPhone doc is in the kitchen near the TV. Plugging in your iPod/iPhone will allow
you to play music in various rooms, controlled by the touchpanels. Please do not move the
doc. It will only work from that location. Also, the iPod doc has proven to very finicky, and it
breaks very easily. For this reason, we’ve velcro’d it to the counter top.
- The dining room tables are made of glass. Each end has two glass leaves that pull out if more
space is required. To prevent the glass from breaking, the tables can only be moved if lifted
via the frame. We suggest you call our manager for assistance with moving the tables into
another position. Truly, we’d be very happy to move things into position for you. We do this
all the time, to accommodate various events such as weddings and corporate retreats.
- One of the two couches in the Great Room is a queen sleeper-sofa. It is permanently bolted to
the chaise, so the two pieces must be moved as one. Again, we’d be happy to separate the two
pieces for you. Just call us.
- The fireplace turns on using either of the two touchpanels in that room. It can be controlled
form the Master Bathroom, as well. Under the ‘Lights’ tab, merely touch the icon (flames).
For your safety, the system must complete a series of safety checks before igniting, which is
why it may take about 30 seconds before it fires. The flame will turn itself off in one hour.
- All of the manuals for the appliances are on our website under the FAQ section:
Floor 2b
Ski Access –
- Crescendo’s ski access, is truly ski-in/ski-out. Access is from the corner of Woodcutter &
Gondola Way, directly to the ski entry door. The quickest way to the Village, in fact, is out the
back door (ski entry) via that same route.
- We built the outside ski locker so that your skis/boards can be very securely stored apart from
the main home. The ski locker can be heated, and there is a work-bench inside so that one may
conveniently wax boards and/or make adjustments to equipment. Please honor the fact that we
do not want skis, poles, or boards stored or worked-on in the main home.
- Custom benches, hooks, and cabinetry (to accommodate jackets, boots, and more) are located
just inside Crescendo’s ski entry into the home. Boot dryers have been installed, as well, and
accommodate 14 pairs of boots (or mixture of boots, gloves, and such like). We think you will
really enjoy those features.
Pool/Jacuzzi –
We ask only three things of our guests when using the pool/Jacuzzi.
1) Please, please, please do not put a lit cigarette on top of the pool covers. As with almost
everything at Crescendo, the covers are custom made (and not easily repaired or replaced).
2) Please do not float the covers in the pool. They will become water-logged and unusable.
3) Please do not bring bottles or glassware into the Pool Room (or outside close to the pool).
We have provided unbreakable plastic tumblers for this area, which are located in the kitchen
cabinet above the coffee-maker.
- There is a VERY EASY way to remove the pool covers while you are in the pool.
. The pool cover is in four sections (and numbered).
. Swim under and pop up one of the end panels. No problem in doing that, as there is room to
breathe between the cover and the water.
. Lift (not push) that end panel to one side.
. Splash water on top of the end panel.
. Slide the next panel on top of the end panel. Once you’ve splashed water on that end panel,
sliding it becomes a breeze.
. Repeat this for the other side as well.
- The indoor/outdoor pool is jetted with 15 Jacuzzi jets, via 5 separate pumps. Three jets are for
upper back, 3 for lower back, 3 for feet, 6 at various heights for those standing. The jets are
activated by the touchpanel in that room. The pressure to each group of jets can be increased
by the white air valves on the floor at the entrance of the pool.
- The pool has three temperature settings: Hot Tub (102 degrees Fahrenheit); Pool (95 degrees
Fahrenheit); Coolest (75 degrees Fahrenheit).
- The SwimGym is an additional system in the pool that provides a stationary lap-pool
swimming experience. This system is extremely powerful, and its use restricted to adult
supervision. Should you wish to use the system during your stay, please arrange that with
management, who can provide you with the SwimGym’s security access code. It is not
advisable (or pleasant) to use the SwimGym when the pool is heated to jacuzzi temperatures.
- The pool room can additionally be controlled by the touchpanel just outside the pool room near
the ski-in entrance. We created that redundancy, in case the touchscreen in the pool room acts
up due to the extreme temperatures in that room.
- For your comfort, the entire outside edge around the pool is snow-melted via under-concrete
geothermal heating.
Laundry –
- We have two commercial washers and two commercial dryers.
- The top two shelves above the dryers are locked-out by the owner. The locking mechanism is
hidden, but it is there. Forcing it open will ruin the cabinetry.
Guest Bedrooms –
- There are two Guest Bedrooms at this level: each with Queen beds.
- Each room is equipped with nightstands, a triple dresser, and a 26” LCD TV/DVD.
- The lofts each have two twin beds with drawers underneath.
- XM Radio can be enjoyed through the in-wall speakers. Control is via the touchpanel.
- TV and local DVD can be enjoyed through the speakers in the TV.
- Each of the Guest Bedrooms have their own private ensuites.
- To keep the Guest Bedrooms cool, we recommend you keep the doors closed during the day.
Floor 3
Master –
- You are going to love the Master Bedroom and Ensuite! First, the room is very private, as it is
at the top of the landing. No one can mistakenly walk by your room.
- We have king bed in Master, and there is plenty of closet space and drawer space.
- The two-person tub is jetted. About one hour after using the air-jets, the tub will automatically
turn on to blow-out the air trapped in them. It is quite loud, and can cause quite a startle if you
have retired for the night.
- The two-person shower has a steam-generator. For freshness, we have found it best to leave
the shower door ajar when done with the shower, as the doors are sealed for it to be used as a
- XM Radio can be enjoyed through the in-wall speakers in the bedroom, and there are speakers
in the steam-shower as well. Control is via the touchpanels to those rooms.
- The 46” TV can be enjoyed through the speakers in the TV, or through the surround-sound
sound bar and wireless subwoofer.
- To keep the room cool, we strongly recommend that you close the master bedroom door during
the day, to block the heat generated from the glass block stairwell.
Additional Information
Telephone –
- We have two phone systems in the home. The wireless phones throughout the home are on a
single land line: 250-491-9198. Long distance is blocked on those phones. In the case of an
emergency, dialing 911 will reach the closest dispatch operator.
- We also have an internet phone, which we’ve located in the Kitchen, in the Master Bedroom, &
in the Garage. They are clearly marked as such. In the event of an emergency, that phone will
not reach the appropriate dispatch operator. You may, however, dial long distance on that
phone, including long distance to several countries. That phone has two phone numbers:
. a San Diego, California number: 619-255-6655;
. a Kelowna number: 250-448-6299 (yes, the same as the wireless access code & web-based
BD/DVD site password, after removing the dashes).
Internet –
- You may use direct or wireless connections.
- If you prefer to hook-up direct, use the bottom RJ-45 plug to make a CAT5e connection.
- If you prefer to hook-up via wireless, use the following network security settings on your
computer/phone. You will find wireless available virtually everywhere throughout the home,
as repeater signals have been set-up on each floor.
. SSID: crescendo (all lowercase letters)
. Network Security Key is a WEP setting: 2504486299 (no dashes).
- If your signal weakens, briefly cycle the wireless on your device (off/on) so that you can
connect to the access point closest to your location in the home at the time.
Heating/Cooling –
- The temperature can be adjusted via each touchpanel in each room. Choose the ‘Climate’ tab
on the screen. The house is heated geothermally (including the hot water and the Jacuzzi).
- During the Winter, the a/c is turned off, so we advise closing the blinds to cool down the home.
Barbecue Grill/Patio –
- The grill is located on the patio just outside the kitchen. Please make certain to completely turn
off the gas after each use.
- Please be very, very careful on each of the patios. They are exceptionally slippery. We found
it necessary to stay on the black mats, and we very much advise against stepping off them.
Driveway and Garage –
- The Garage is heated, and it houses a Professional Ping Pong table and high-end fitness
equipment. Accordingly, during the ski season we recommend that you keep the garage door
closed at all times, and that you park your cars at Happy Valley (which is allowed by Big
White, for a fee).
- During the ski season, once you arrive to Crescendo, you will have no need for your own
transportation. We recommend, then, that you take one of the Shuttles to and from Big White,
and, as your arrival approaches, we will refer you to the best shuttle service at the time.
- The outside keypad opens the garage door; the white button beside the keypad closes the door.
- The garage door can also be opened/closed by the light switch buttons as you enter the home
from the garage (2nd and 3rd buttons, respectively).
- For your safety (and the safety of others), if you do opt to have your own car at Crescendo (in
lieu of Happy Valley), parking outside the garage is totally at your own risk.
. If you park on the driveway or street, the Bobcat cannot clear-away the snow.
. If you park on the driveway or street, Big White may come by and place a wheel lock on your
car or they may tow it.
. If you park on the driveway or street, your car may roll and damage property and/or others.
Sadly, all of the above incidents have already occurred at Rockridge Estates. Please do not risk
the distraction from you vacation experience, by veering from the above policies.
Key Fobs –
- The house is meant to be quite secure, which means you must carry your key fob with you at all
times (even when going into the garage and into the pool). You must use the key fob
. to open the front entry door & to open the ski entry door;
. to open the door from the garage into the home
(take your key fob with you when you go into the garage, or you’ll be locked in)
. to go to & from pool area (take key fob with you into the pool area, or you’ll be locked in).
- Your key fobs are waterproof, so don’t hesitate to clip them to your suit or around your wrist
when in the Pool.
- There is a button on the garage touchpanel (by the TV) that can open the door into the home,
should you forget your key fob. However, there is not a button on the pool touchpanel to open
the door (for security reasons). If you get locked in the pool area, the only way out is by
exiting via the pool outside, and then ringing the intercom by the ski-in entry for your party to
open the door.
- For all doors opened by key fobs, there is no need to turn the handle. When you hear the door
unlock, merely push (or pull) to open.
- The weather stripping on the doors (which expands and contracts) can make it difficult for the
electronic locks to disengage. After waiving the key fob in front of the reader, we found it to
be a good habit to open the door with a pull/push action. That is, pull the door into the weather
stripping/jam, then push the door to open.
- Your key fob will not open certain areas (e.g., maintenance rooms, owners’ lock-outs).
- For the security and safety of our guests, any key fob not returned will be de-commissioned and
replaced. For that reason we must charge $25 for each key fob not left on the kitchen island at
the end of your visit.
Alarm –
- Your key fob will automatically disengage the alarm at the following entry points: Garage,
Front Door, Ski Entry Door, Ski Locker, Pool. Should the alarm go off while you are in the
home, two things are required to turn it off: a) waive the key fob in front of the reader at any
of those locations b) then open that door.
Appliance Manuals, XM Radio listings, and more
- Under the FAQs on our website ( you’ll find manuals for most of
the major appliances at Crescendo. That page also has a listing of the XM radio channels.
Because we have a US subscription, the channels and schedules may differ from the Canadian
subscription that you may be used to.
We are committed to making your experience at Crescendo nothing short of
delightful. Please provide us with feedback about your stay, and with
information about how we can improve upon Crescendo for your future visits.
In the meantime, it is with great pleasure that we present for your enjoyment,
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Thank you for your participation!

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