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Biomed Partnership Program
A support services program designed specifically for your fast-paced hospital environment.
Every day, you strive for the highest level of patient care. To achieve it you need consistent, optimum performance—
not just from your staff, but from the diagnostic systems and devices they use to enhance clinical decisions and ensure
patient safety. Welch Allyn Partners in Care Biomed Partnership Program enables you to keep devices in house,
up to date and in service.
With our Biomed Partnership Program you will receive:
• Fast Response Time—Service calls returned within
four business hours
•Free Shipping—All costs associated with shipping the
product will be covered
• Replacement Parts and Service Kits—No cost for certain
parts that need to be replaced while under agreement
• Faster Turnaround Time—Prompt, dependable service
to help ensure a fast first-time fix
•Online Technical Training—Become Welch Allyn trained
to repair products without having to leave your facility
• Accessory Protection—Depending on product, replacement of selected accessories, one per year, per device
•Full access to the Welch Allyn Service Tool—Calibrate
and validate onsite using the proprietary software designed by
Welch Allyn
• Software Updates and Upgrades—Upon release,
gain access to bug fixes, minor improvements and
new functionality
•Loaner Coverage—When and if necessary a loaner will
be provided free of charge including shipping and handling
costs, and remain on-site during the equipment repair
Biomed Partnership Program
With the Welch Allyn Biomed Partnership Program, you have peace of mind knowing that equipment will
be maintained at peak performance in house, making maintenance budgeting easier, all at a lower total cost
of ownership while extending the life of your equipment.
Advantages of the Biomed Partnership Program over a Traditional Warranty
Make sure you have the support you need. While product warranties provide basic assurance of Welch Allyn hardware quality, they may not
include the full range of services and support you need for achieving your service level and cost objectives. Check out the following information
and compare our warranty to the added benefits of a Biomed Partnership Agreement.
Hardware Support
Hardware and Software Support
Hardware Coverage
Extended Business Hours, M – F 2
Business Hours, M – F 2
Replacement Parts
Included—Return device to Welch Allyn
Delivered to Biomed in 2 Business Days2
Repair Turnaround Times—Dock to Dock excluding Transit
10 – 15 Business Days
5 – 7 Business Days
Loaners— Varies by product
Varies by product
Yes, 2 Business Days2
Discount–1 per year per device.
As needed for platform products1
Remote Diagnosis and Repair
Included—Return device to Welch Allyn4
Included—Remote Business Hours, M – F1
Dedicated Partners in Care Access Line
Included—Business Hours, M – F 2
Software Updates—New version of existing software
with improvements to fix problematic bugs
Included—Return device to Welch Allyn2
Included—Remote Business Hours, M – F1
Software Upgrades—Major release with new or
enhanced features or functions
Online Clinical Training—Available for select products
Online Technical Training—Available for select products
Welch Allyn Service Tool— Available for select products
Gold Access3
Accessory Protection—Varies by product 5
Software Support
Additional Features
Not applicable for products which do not require calibration.
Availability of specific features, coverage hours and response times may vary by location or product. Other limitations may apply.
Biomed training for specific devices must be obtained prior to receiving higher levels of access in the Welch Allyn Service Tool.
Some updates, upgrades, troubleshooting and diagnostics may be handled through Welch Allyn remote services. Internet connection is required.
Customers are entitled to receive predetermined accessories only when an accessory is broken. Customer must return the broken accessory to Welch Allyn.
For more information about Welch Allyn Support Services, please consult
your local Welch Allyn representative, or go to:
Welch Allyn Corporate Headquarters
4341 State Street Road
P.O. Box 220
Skaneateles Falls, NY 13153-0220 U.S.A.
Telephone: +1.315.685.4602
Fax: +1.315.685.0054
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