City of Santa Clara Alarm Permit Application

City of Santa Clara Alarm Permit Application
City of Santa Clara Police Department
6 0 1 E l C a m i n o R eal  S a n t a C l a r a, C A 9 50 5 0
(408) 615-4871
( 4 0 8 ) 32 7 - 9 1 6 6 F a x
Alarm User Permit Application
(One permit application is required for each alarm site)
 New Permit Application ($24.00
 Change of Information Only (No fee)
fee required)
Alarmed Location Address _________________________________________________________Apt/Suite/Bldg #_____________________
City ____________________________________ Zip ____________ Phone number of alarmed premise______________________
Fax #: _______________________
Residential 
Apt 
Commercial 
Holdup 
Panic 
Audible (Bell/Siren) 
Owner’s Name (Residential) or Name of Business: _________________________________________________________________
(Should be the same name the Alarm Company uses for dispatch)
List YOURSELF or current OCCUPANT, and at least 2 emergency contacts, which will respond to an alarm activation to assist the Police in
determining the cause of the alarm, secure the premises, or reset the alarm system. (If you are out of town when your alarm malfunctions, who
could be called?) Please do not duplicate telephone numbers.
________________________________ ________________________
Night Phone
Cell Phone
Night Phone
Day Phone
________________________________ ________________________
Day Phone
________________________________ ________________________
Cell Phone
Night Phone
Day Phone
Cell Phone
(If billing invoices need to be mailed to a different address, provide the following information)
Zip Code
Attention Name for billing: __________________________________ Phone # ____________________________ Fax # ________________________
Monitoring Company (if applicable): _________________________________ Phone # __________________________
Installing Alarm Company: _________________________________ Date installed: _____________________ Phone #__________________________
Was a set of Alarm System operating instructions & false alarm prevention guidelines provided to you?
Were you trained in the proper use of this Alarm System?
______________ Yes
_____________ Yes
___________ No
______________ No
Special Premises Information (Dogs, weapons, hazardous materials present, etc) _______________________________________________________
An alarm permit shall not be transferable in name, ownership, or location. Permit holder must inform the Police Alarm Administrator of any changes of
information listed on the alarm permit application within fifteen (15) business days. Information contained in this application shall be confidential and
restricted for use only by authorized City representatives. I certify that all statements are true to the best of my knowledge. ****This application is only for
city of Santa Clara residents.*** If you live in another city, please contact your local police or city jurisdiction for their requirements on alarmed premises.
Authorized Signature
Print Name/Title
Please mail or drop-off this application and $24.00 alarm permit fee (make checks payable to the CITY OF SANTA CLARA) to:
S a n t a C l a r a P o l i c e D e p a r t m e n t  At t n - Al a r m Ad m i n i s t r a t o r  6 0 1 E l C a m i n o R e a l  S a n t a C l a r a , C A 9 5 0 5 0
If you decide to drop off the application at the main police department, you can pay the one-time fee with a check, cash, or card.
only. Please enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope for return of your application copy and permit sticker. After you receive your permit sticker, it
must be affixed on or directly adjacent to the main entrance of your alarmed premises.
F o r
O f f i c i a l
U s e
O n l y
Permit # ________________ Date Issued: _______________ Amount Paid: __________ Check #____________ Rcvd: _______
Suspended:____________ Reinstated: _______________ Cancel Permit:_______________ (Reason)______________________
SCPD revised 07/2013
Alarm registration is required in the CITY OF SANTA CLARA for commercial and residential alarm systems previously installed, new
installations, or if you takeover control of an existing alarm that was previously controlled by another Alarm User. This includes systems that
are monitored by an alarm company as well as those that are not.
The purpose of alarm registration with the SANTA CLARA POLICE DEPARTMENT is to ensure accurate, up-to-date information that facilitates
Police responding to your alarmed location. This is separate from the information you may have already provided to your alarm monitoring
company. It also enables the Police Department to contact responsible parties or alarm repair personnel in an emergency.
Alarm systems that use an automatic dialer- Santa Clara Communications no longer maintains a working phone number that accepts pre-recorded
messages that report an emergency from your alarm system. Please re-program your system to contact a neighbor, family member or monitoring
Every audible alarm must have a timing device, which automatically shuts off the bell or siren within 10 minutes after activation or 15 minutes for
systems operating under Underwriters Laboratories standards 365 or 609.
The one-time Alarm Permit Application fee of $24.00 per residential or commercial alarm site is determined by Resolution of the City Council. Your
alarm permit will remain valid unless revoked. An Alarm Permit is not transferable to another individual, business, association or similar entity. Notify
the Police Alarm Administrator of any changes to your application information within 15 days. Updates are made at no charge.
It is unlawful for any person to activate an alarm system for the purpose of summoning the police except when it is reasonably believed that an attempt is
being made to commit a robbery, burglary or other serious crime.
The following sections refer to Santa Clara Municipal Code 8.40:
Section 8.40.010 (a) – The purpose of this ordinance is to encourage Alarm Users and Alarm Companies to maintain the operational reliability and
proper use of Alarm Systems and to reduce or eliminate False Alarm Dispatch Requests.
Section 8.40.010 (b) – This ordinance governs systems intended to summon police response, requires alarm permits, establishes fees, provides for
penalties for violations, establishes a system of administration, and sets conditions for suspension, denial or revocation of alarm permits.
Section 8.40.30 (a) – No Alarm User shall operate, or cause to be operated, an Alarm System at its Alarm Site without a valid alarm permit issued by the
Alarm Administrator. A separate alarm permit is required for each Alarm Site. (d) – For those alarms installed prior to the enactment of this ordinance,
the Alarm Administrator will notify the Alarm User regarding the permit application requirement.
Section 8.40.040 – Requires that Alarm Companies provide you with proper training in the use of your Alarm System as well as a set of written
operating instructions. You should also receive written guidelines on how to avoid false alarms.
Section 8.40.120 – An alarm user shall maintain the premises and the Alarm System in a manner that will minimize or eliminate False Alarm Dispatches.
The alarm user shall make every reasonable effort to respond to the alarm location within one (1) hour when notified by the City to deactivate a
malfunctioning Alarm System, or to provide access to the premises, or to provide security for the premises.
Section 8.40.140 – After January 1, 2000, alarm companies shall not program alarm systems to send One Plus Duress Alarms. Alarm companies may
continue to report One Plus Duress Alarms received from systems programmed with this feature prior to 1999. Upon transfer of an alarm system after
January 1, 2001, alarm companies must remove the One Plus Duress Alarm capability from the system.
ALARM SYSTEM - Means a device or series of devices, including, but not limited to, systems interconnected with radio frequency signals, which are
designed to discourage crime, by emitting or transmitting a remote or local audible, visual or electronic signal indicating an alarm condition. Alarm
System does not include car alarms or alarms that have a sounding device that cannot be heard on the exterior of the alarm site and is not monitored by
an Alarm Company.
FALSE ALARM DISPATCH – Means an Alarm Dispatch Request to the police department, when the responding officer finds no evidence of a
criminal offense or attempted criminal offense after having completed an investigation of the Alarm Site. An Alarm Dispatch Request, which is
canceled by the Alarm Company or Alarm User prior to the time the responding officer reaches the Alarm Site shall not be considered a False
Alarm Users will be allowed to incur two false alarms at no charge.
following rate during a 12-month period:
Third and subsequent false alarm in 12 months - $79.00
False Holdup Alarm – regular fine ($79.00) plus an additional -$79.00
Each subsequent false alarm dispatch request will be assessed at the
In order to reinstate your two free false alarm responses, a full 12-month period (commencing on the day after the last incident) must pass
without a false alarm incident. In addition, any person, operating a non-permitted alarm system (whether revoked, suspended or never
acquired) may be subject to a citation and assessment of a $100.00 fine for each non-permitted system.
NO RESPONSE – This action may be implemented if an alarm site has eight (8) instances of false alarms within a 30-day period. Police will not
respond to any future alarm activation unless proof of corrective action has been submitted to the false alarm administrator. A “No Response” action shall
not restrict the Alarm User from requesting police response to a 9-1-1 emergency incident.
CONFIDENTIALITY – Confidential information contained in alarm permit application shall be held in confidence by all employees or representatives
of the City with access to such information, unless subject to disclosure pursuant to California Government Code § 6250, et seq.
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