Ceramica L Shaped Shower Bath - Shower Screen Installation Part 2

Ceramica L Shaped Shower Bath - Shower Screen Installation Part 2
NSBS2 & NSBSR2 - Installation Guide
Installation Steps:
Firstly, you need to join the small glass screen to the fixed aluminium corner post.
1. Lay the large screen on a clean flat surface with the corner post facing upwards
2. In the channel where the small glass screen is going to be fixed, apply a small bead of silicone
along the channel stopping 50mm short of either end.
3. Take the glazing strip and start to feed between the glass and the internal part of the
aluminium corner post.
4. Keep feeding a small section of glazing strip at a time making sure that the glass and glazing
strip is fitted correctly and gripping the glass.
5. TIP- To aid the insertion of the glazing strip. You can use a blunt plastic object to push the
glazing strip to the required depth.
6. Continue feeding the glazing strip all the way down the length of the screen.
7. Trim off any surplus glazing strip at either end.
8. Insert the screen side pillar into the aluminium wall channel
9. When the bath screen has been aligned, mark the position of the wall channel on the wall.
Remove the screen, re-align the wall channel and mark the wall channel screw hole positions
on the wall.
10. Using a 4mm masonary drill bit, drill 3 x 35mm deep holes in the marked screw positions on
the wall.
11. Insert the 3 x wall plugs into the holes and using a rubber hammer knock them in until they
fit flush with the wall.
12. Attach the adjustable wall channel using 3 - 4mm x 30mm screws.
13. Insert the side pillar into the wall channel.
14. Adjust the position of the bath screen assembly until it’s level (parallel) with the bath.
15. From inside of the bath screen assembly, make a mark on the wall channel approx’ 100mm
from the top (see fig.2)
Note: The wall channel design, allows for the shower screens to be adjusted so that they
can be used on wall surfaces that are not vertical. When marking the hole positions, please
check to ensure that the hole drilled will go through both the wall channel and side pillar.
16. Using a 3.2mm diameter HS Twist drill bit, drill one hole through the upper marked hole
position. The hole must be drilled through the wall channel & side pillar until it reaches the
17. Secure the upper section of the wall channel to side pillar by using 1 x inner screw support
cup and 1 -4mm x 10mm screw (DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN)
18. Ensuring that the bath screen is still aligned as required, mark the position of the lower bath
screen support screw position approx’ 100mm from the bottom of the wall channel.
19. Repeat the fixing method for wall channel and side pillar in the central fixing point.
20. Locate the screw caps x 3 onto the inner screw support cups.
21. Find the right position for the Top Bar wall fixing and drill into the wall as in Step 12. Fix the
Top Bar wall fixing with the screw & plug provided.
22. Locate the 90 degree Top Bar section onto the large straight screen and lightly tighten the
fixing screw until secure.
23. Silicone the bottom of the bath screen on the outside at the point where it meets the bath.
NSBSR2 ONLY - Assemble the straight set rail and fix through the holes in the Bath Screen.
Jan 2011
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