The ACS-400 - Eight Channel Audio
The ACS-400 Manages Multi Channel Audio or Can Provide Extra Microphone
Preamplifier Channels...
The ACS-400 contains eight individual amplifiers. Each amplifier features line or microphone level input sensitivity,
VCA volume control, on/off, and dimming. Volume control can also be programmed so that one control can control the
gain of 2 or more channels in any grouping desired. For example, one control can be programmed to adjust six
channels for a 5.1 multi channel level control and another can adjust the remaining two channels for a stereo mix. The
ACS-400 was developed for the management of televeision master control multi channel monitor control but can be
used in virtually any application where remote control of volume, on/off and dimming is required. The ACS-400 also
can be configured for microphone level input in situations where additional microphone preamplification is needed in
a radio, television or professional sound environment.
The ACS-400 is available in two versions. Pictured above is the ACS-100-1 standard front panel which contains eight
channel activity inicators, eight mute status indicators, a dim status indicator and a global mute indication. All
control of audio is done by remote control.The optional REM-400 panel is available from BDI which directly interfaces
to the ACS-400-1 via a single DB-25 male to female cable. If local control of audio is desired, the ACS-400-2 is
identical in function but is supplied with the REM-400 panel with individual channel volume controls along with on/
off control buttons is provided.See reverse for a photo and description of the versatile REM-400 panel.
Possible Uses Include:
5.1/Stereo Monitor Control - Television Master Contol or Professional Mixing Suites
Multiple Stereo Monitor Control
Multiple Microphone Preamplifiers for Addition to a Console - Talk Radio, Televsion Production, Recording
Level Control of Line/Microphone Channels
Features Include:
Active Balanced I/O - Outputs Short Circuit Protected and Servo Steered
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Useful Features:
Microphone of line level input sensitivity on any channel
Eight channel global dim and mute
Dim level selectable -10, -20, -30 dB or custom dim level
Individual mute or any combination of channels
Balanced I/O
Full remote control/status
Programmable Remote Volume Control
Front panel channel audio activity indicators/status
Technical Specifications
Number of inputs:
Number of outputs:
Nominal input level:
Dim function:
Mute function:
Mute isolation:
Front panel indicators
Frequency response:
Total harmonic distortion:
System noise:
Remote control:
Physical dimensions:
Power requirements:
8 - Balanced
8 - Balanced
+4 dBm Line /-55 dBm microphone selectable any
All channels 10, 20 , 30 or custom dim level
All channels or selective mute any channel
Better than 70 dB any channel any frequency
8 - Channel audio activity
8 - Mute status/ group dim and mute
3 - Power +/- 12VDC, 5 VDC
+/- 0.1 dB from 20 Hertz to 20 KHz any channel
Less than 0.05% @ 400 Hertz nominal input level
Better than -70 dB from nominal input any channel
Maintained ground for dim toggle for muteunction
Active low TTL compatible
19”W X 1.75”H X 10” D
[email protected] 0.25A/[email protected] 50 - 60 Hz
0 - 60 Degrees C. Non condensing atmosphere
Optional REM-400 Remote Control Panel
Eight individual volume controls
4 lighted On/Off Controls - one button controls both channels in each group
Direct plug in DB-25 cable interface to ACS-400 - Cables Available from BDI
D.C. Remote Control of volume - eliminates hum and crosstalk pick up
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