Siemens D3 Platform (English)

Siemens D3 Platform (English)
Siemens D3 platform – 3.0-MW, 3.2-MW, 3.3-MW, and 3.4-MW direct drive turbines
Reduced complexity,
increased profitability / wind
As the major driver
of innovation with
more than 30 years of
experience, Siemens
is the ideal business
Your trusted partner
Intelligent ways to drive down
the cost of electricity
Siemens has been a major driver of innovation in the
wind power industry since 1980, when wind turbine
technology was still in its infancy. Technology has
changed with the times, but Siemens’ commitment to
providing its customers with proven wind turbine solutions remains the same. The combination of robust and
reliable turbines, highly efficient solutions for power
transmission and distribution, and a deep understanding
of the entire energy market ensures that Siemens will
continue to take the wind power industry to new levels.
With an increasing number of turbines being installed
at inland, coastal, and offshore sites, reliability and bestin-class maintenance under challenging conditions are
essential for optimizing the return on investment
throughout a project’s lifecycle.
Wind power is coming of age. It is fast becoming directly
competitive with traditional energy sources. Driving
down the levelized cost of wind energy is a key target for
Siemens as we strive to make wind power independent
of subsidies through innovation and industrialization.
The D3 platform comprises onshore direct drive wind
turbines with a power rating of 3.0-MW, 3.2-MW,
3.3-MW, and 3.4-MW.
Over the past 30 years, Siemens has accumulated millions
of hours of service experience. Drawing on this substantial
knowledge, the company has established a flexible range
of service solutions that are designed to optimize the
output of wind turbines.
Our platform strategy is founded on the knowledge
and experience of more than 30 years in wind power.
Standardization and modularization are fundamental
to the platform approach, allowing us to streamline
manufacturing and installation and develop a lean
design process.
Siemens D3 platform wind turbines embody proven
innovation in the field of direct drive generators, with
hundreds of units already installed and operational. As
wind power plants develop capacities similar to conventional power plants, power-generation companies
throughout the world are striving for greater efficiency
and cost-effectiveness. Siemens’ solution: increase availability and profitability through innovative technology.
Drawing on more than 30 years of experience in the
wind power industry, a strong focus on renewables, and
a global network of highly skilled and trained employees,
Siemens has proven itself to be a trustworthy and reliable business partner.
Each of our products is a member of one of four platforms:
the Siemens G2, Siemens D3, Siemens G4, and Siemens
D7. “G” denotes geared turbines, “D” signifies direct drive
technology, and the associated numbers represent the
predominant power rating.
State-of-the-art technology for outstanding
Higher towers for increased yield
Ease of transportation and construction
Higher towers significantly increase the energy yield of a
wind turbine. At the same time, they pose considerable
challenges in terms of transportability and cost. Siemens
offers a range of towers with a hub height from 85 m for
high wind sites up to 135 m for sites with moderate wind
speeds. The tubular steel tower consists of multiple tower
sections that are designed with a focus on section length,
weight, and dimensions for transportation through­out
Europe. Standard processes, standard materials, and a
global supplier base ensure an economically viable business
model and efficient installation time in any site conditions.
The D3 platform has a compact design and has been
engineered to meet even the most demanding transportation routes. Key bridge and tunnel clearance specifications were carefully considered when engineering the
machine. As a result, the Siemens D3 platform wind turbines
can navigate many of the most challenging transport routes.
Performance and profitability
go hand in hand
A holistic approach to the design, manufacturing, construction, installation, and servicing of a wind turbine
is essential. Siemens D3 platform wind turbines balances
and optimizes all of these elements in a compact system.
Optimized efficiency
The Siemens D3 platform offers a simple, efficient, and
straightforward wind turbine design. Thanks to direct
drive technology, the number of rating and wear-prone
components are reduced, which increases simplicity.
Efficiency is improved by using a permanent magnet
generator, which does not expend any energy on excitation. The generator on the Siemens D3 platform wind
turbines is also equipped with a fixed internal stator.
This straightforward design allows operation within
narrower tolerances and keeps the dimensions of the
nacelle compact.
Simplified design
Thanks to the removal of the gearbox and other design
simplifications, Siemens has given service technicians
more space inside the nacelle, where key components
are readily accessible and can be replaced without
impacting others. The D3 platform wind turbines have
a dual cooling system that provides even cooling of the
generator for improved energy efficiency.
The key components of Siemens D3 platform wind
turbines – the blade, hub, nacelle, tower, and controller –
are all adopted from the existing Siemens portfolio. The
utilization of proven components combined with rigorous
testing on rigs and in the field enables Siemens to eliminate
many of the variables traditionally associated with the
introduction of such an innovative product.
Proven technology,
advanced performance
Rotor diameter: 101 m
Rotor diameter: 108 m
The Siemens Wind Power power boost functionality is a
wind turbine control feature that increases the annual
energy production of the turbine by raising the rating up
to 5 % depending on site conditions. The feature is implemented, operated, and controlled on each wind turbine.
SWT-3.0-101 / SWT-3.2-101 / SWT-3.4-101
SWT-3.0-108 / SWT-3.2-108 / SWT-3.4-108
IEC Class
IEC Class
Vibration diagnostics service
Rotor diameter
101 m
Rotor diameter
108 m
Blade length
49 m
Blade length
53 m
Swept area
8,000 m2
Swept area
9,144 m2
Hub height
74.5 – 94 m*
Hub height
74.5 – 94 m*
Power regulation
Pitch regulated
Power regulation
Pitch regulated
Annual output
at 8.5 m/s
12.8 GWh (3.0 MW)
13.1 GWh (3.2 MW)
13.5 GWh (3.4 MW)
Annual output
at 8.5 m/s
13.2 GWh (3.0 MW)
13.7 GWh (3.2 MW)
14.0 GWh (3.4 MW)
Siemens NetConverter®
Power boost functionality
The NetConverter® system offers maximum flexibility in
the turbine’s response to voltage and frequency control,
fault ride-through, and output adjustment. As a result,
Siemens wind turbines can be configured to comply with
a variety of relevant grid codes in major markets and can
be readily connected to the grid.
Siemens IntegralBlade® technology and
Aeroelastically Tailored Blade technologies
Our vibration diagnostics service enables us to detect
anomalies early on and prevent potential failures. This
requires our diagnostics experts to analyze vibration patterns and compare them with values from the Siemens
database. This database is founded on archived records
from almost 10,000 Siemens wind turbines. Thanks to
these analyses combined with predictive methods, we
can optimize service planning and repair components
proactively before serious damage can occur. Since July
2008, we have been able to detect 97 percent of all
potential gear-tooth cracks and prevent them from
becoming fatal.
The Siemens D3 platform wind turbine rotors benefit
from blades manufactured using patented IntegralBlade®
technology. The blades are made in one piece from
fiberglass-reinforced epoxy resin in a single production
step. As a result, all glue joints – the potential weak
points that could expose the structure to cracking,
water ingress, ice formation, and lightning damage –
are eliminated.
The third generation of Siemens blades incorporates
innovative aeroelastic properties, including blade twisting and blade bending. Thanks to the aeroelastically
tailored blade (ATB) technology, the blades can be longer
without transferring added loads from the rotor to the
turbine structures. The ATB technology enables the blade
to harvest more energy from the wind, which increases
the annual energy production.
Siemens WebWPS SCADA system
Via a standard Web browser, the Siemens WebWPS SCADA
system provides a variety of status views of electrical,
mechanical, meteorological, and grid station data as well
as operation and fault status.
High Wind Ride Through functionality
Wind turbines are normally programmed to shut down
if the 10-minute mean wind speed exceeds 25 m/s. This
may lead to significant challenges for the grid system if
the turbines in large wind farms are shut down more or
less simultaneously.
The Siemens D3 platform supports grid stability with the
High Wind Ride Through system. It replaces the fixed
high wind shutdown threshold with an intelligent loadbased reduction in output power at certain storm-level
wind speeds.
Swept area:
9,144 m2
Swept area:
8,000 m2
With an increasing number of turbines being installed
around the globe, consistency is essential for generating
an optimal return on investment throughout a project’s
lifetime. Whether you operate wind turbines at inland,
coastal, or offshore sites, our service team will craft an
intelligent Siemens service solution that is custom-made
for your needs. They will collaborate with you to deliver
reliability and maximum output under all conditions.
Swept area:
10,000 m2
Swept area:
13,300 m2
Ongoing improvements in safety
Safety is at the heart of all Siemens operations. From
production to installation, operation, and service, Siemens
strives to set the standard for a zero-harm culture.
Rotor diameter: 113 m
Rotor diameter: 130 m
SWT-3.0-113 / SWT-3.2-113
IEC Class
IEC Class
Rotor diameter
113 m
Rotor diameter
130 m
Blade length
55 m
Blade length
63 m
Swept area
10,000 m
Swept area
13,300 m2
Hub height
83.5 – 127.5 m*
Hub height
85 –135 m*
Power regulation Pitch regulated
Annual output
at 7.5 m/s
11.8 GWh (3.0 MW)
12.2 GWh (3.2 MW)
Power regulation Pitch regulated
Annual output
at 7.5 m/s
13.7 GWh
*According to defined tower program
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