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Rice Cooker
First Use Safety Recommendation
Please read through this booklet for safe and efficient use of the appliance.
We urge you to read the "Hint's" section and also follow all detailed
instructions even if you are familiar with using this appliance.
Keep this guide handy for future reference.
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RC1000 / RC1800
RC1810 / RC2800
Parts Identification
Lid knob;
Cooking Bowl;
Water level indication;
Heating plate:
Magnetic switch;
G. Main body;
Main cord;
Control lever;
Keep-warm indicator;
Cook indicator;
Side handle;
M. Measuring cup;
Rice spoon;
O. Steamer tray
Intended use
• Do not use the appliance near flammable
or explosive materials.
Your Black and Decker Rice Cooker has
been designed for cooking rice as
described in this manual. Do not use this
appliance for any other purpose. This
product is intended for household use only.
• Do not use the appliance outdoors.
Safety instructions
• Operate the appliance only with dry
Warning! When using mains-powered
appliances, basic safety precautions,
including the following, should always be
followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric
shock, personal injury and material
Read all of this manual carefully
before using the appliance.
• Always protect the appliance from water
or excessive humidity.
• Do not move the appliance when in use.
• Do not use the appliance if you have bare
• If the power supply cord is damaged
during use, disconnect the appliance from
the power supply immediately. Do not
touch the power supply cord before
disconnecting from the power supply.
• The intended use is described in this
manual. The use of any accessory or
attachment or the performance of any
operation with this appliance other than
those recommended in this instruction
manual may present a risk of personal
• Disconnect the appliance from the power
supply when not in use, before fitting or
removing parts and before cleaning.
• Retain this manual for future reference.
• Never leave an appliance unattended
when in use.
• Do not touch hot surfaces.
• Always take care when using the
• Never pull the power supply cord to
disconnect the plug from the socket.
• Keep the power supply cord away from
heat, oil and sharp edges.
• Do not allow the power supply cord to
hang over the edge of your work top or
• Allow the appliance to cool before
Safety of others
• Do not allow children or any person
unfamiliar with these instructions to use
the appliance.
• Do not allow children or animals to come
near the work area or to touch the
appliance or power supply cord.
• Close supervision is necessary when the
appliance is used near children.
• This appliance is not intended for use by
persons (including children) with reduced
physical, sensory or mental capabilities,
• Always place the appliance on a level
or lack of experience and knowledge,
surface with adequate free space on all
unless they have been give supervision or
instruction concerning use of the
appliance by a person responsible for
• Do not place the appliance below a
their safety
socket outlet. Do not place the appliance
on a wet or slippery surface. Do not
• Children must be supervised to make
place the appliance on or near heat
sure that they do not play with the
sources or in a heated oven.
Inspection and repairs
• Before use, check the appliance for
damaged or defective parts. Check for
breakage of parts, damage to switches
and any other conditions that may affect
its operation.
• Do not use the appliance if any part is
damaged or defective.
• Do not attempt to repair the appliance
yourself, instead have any damaged or
defective parts repaired or replaced by
an authorised repair agent.
• Before use, check the power supply
cord for signs of damage, ageing and
• Do not use the appliance if the power
supply cord or mains plug is damaged
or defective.
Specific safety requirements for
Rice Cookers
• Do not interfere with the automatic
action of the control lever (I) by
preventing it from switching to the warm
• Steam can escape from the unit when
the accessories or lid (B) is removed.
• Exercise caution when handling the rice
cooker as the cooking bowl (C ) and
accessories get hot during use. These
may remain hot for some time after use.
• To prevent damaging the non stick
coating on the cooking bowl always use
the plastic rice spoon (N) or other rubber
or wood utensils.
Electrical safety
• If water is accidently spilled in the outer
bowl area remove the power cord from
the supply and dry. If water has entered
the unit allow it to dry thoroughly before
using the cooker again.
This product must be earthed.
Always check that the power
supply corresponds to the voltage on the
rating plate.
• Always ensure that the heating plate (E)
and the bottom of the cooking bowl are
free from spilled particles before
If the supply cord is damaged, it must be
replaced by the manufacturer or an
authorised Black & Decker Service Centre
in order to avoid a hazard.
• Keep the heating plate clean and free
from any foreign particles. Always keep
the unit clean.
To avoid the risk of electric shock, do not
immerse the cord, plug or appliance in
water or other liquid.
• Always carry the rice cooker using the
side handles (L).
• Never attempt to remove or replace any
parts other than those specified in this
Extension cables & class 1 product
If an extension lead is required a 3 core
cable must be used as your appliance is
earthed and of class 1 construction.
• Up to 30m (100ft) can be used without
loss of power.
• Do not switch the unit on without having
inserted the cooking bowl
• Do not use the rice cooker for deep
frying food and do not let any part of the
rice cooker come into contact with hot
• Power plugs must match the outlet.
never modify the plug in anyway. Do not
use any adapter plugs with earthed
(Class 1) appliances. Unmodified plugs
and matching outlets will reduce the risk
of electric shock.
Do not place on or near a hot gas or
electric burner or in a heated oven.
Do not obstruct the steam vent with any
article, for example a piece of cloth,
during the operation.
• Place the rice cooker on a level surface.
Keep-warm indicator;
• The accessible surfaces may become
hot during operation.
Cook indicator;
Side handle;
M. Measuring cup;
Lid knob;
Rice spoon;
Steamer tray
Cooking Bowl;
Before first use
Water level indication;
Heating plate:
Magnetic switch;
Main body;
Main cord;
Control lever;
• Remove all packaging from the
• Before first use, wash the cooking bowl,
lid, steaming tray, measuring jug and
serving spoon in warm sudsy water,
rinse and dry well.
Use - Cooking Rice
Measure the rice using the measuring cup (M) provided. Each cup of uncooked rice
normally gives two bowls of uncooked rice. Do not exceed the quantities indicated on the
inside of the inner pot.
Before cooking, wash the rice thoroughly under cold running water to remove excess
starch. Use a colander or fine sieve for this – do not use the cooking bowl as you may
scratch the non stick coating.
Add the washed rice to the cooking bowl and add water. The amount of water required is
indicated on the scale (D) on the inside of the cooking pot.
Model Number
Uncooked Rice Quantity
Water with Measuring cup provided
1 cup
2 cups
3 cups
4 cups
5 cups
2 cups
3 cups
3.5 cups
5 cups
6 cups
RC1000 &
4 cup
6 cups
8 cups
10 cups
5 cups
7 cups
9 cups
11 cups
6 cup
8 cups
10 cups
12 cups
15 cups
7 cups
9 cups
13 cups
16 cups
the food should be steamed. Remove the lid
Put the cooking bowl into the rice cooker.
very carefully and remove the steam tray.
Check to ensure the cooking bowl is in
Use a kitchen glove or a cloth as the steam
good contact with the heating plate and
tray will be very hot.
add the lid to the cooking bowl.
Be aware of the hot steam escaping.
Plug the supply cord into a suitable electric
supply. The cook indicator (K) light will light Trying to steam too much food will result in
the food not been adequately steamed.
Press the control lever (I) down to start the After use
• Switch off and remove the plug from the
socket before leaving the appliance
When the cooking process is finished, the
unattended and before changing,
cook light will go out and the keep warm
cleaning or inspecting any parts of the
light (J) will come on automatically.
Remove the lid and stir the rice. For the
When not in use, the appliance should
best results, do this just after the keep
stored in a dry place. Children should
warm function light comes on. Stirring the
have access to stored appliances.
rice with the rice spoon (N) allows the
steam to escape. This will give fluffier rice. Cleaning and maintenance
cooking process.
Warning! Before cleaning and maintenance,
The steaming function may only be used in switch the appliance off, remove the plug
combination with the rice cooking function. from the socket and allow the appliance to
Measure out the required amount of rice (as
above) and ensure there is enough room for Warning! Do not immerse the appliance or
the steamer tray (O) on the top of the the cord set or the plug in water or any
other liquid.
cooking bowl.
Add the food to be steamed into the • Do not wash any part of the unit in a
steamer tray. Ensure the food is spread out
evenly to ensure even steaming. Do not pile • Wipe the exterior with a damp cloth.
up the food.
• Do not use scouring pads.
Add the lid to the steaming tray ensuring it • If necessary, use a mild detergent to
fits securely.
remove spots. Do not use any abrasive
Continue with the rice cooking process (as
described above). Once the rice is cooked
or solvent based cleaner.
Technical Data
Model no.
Protecting the environment
Separate collection. This product must not be disposed of with normal household waste.
Should you find one day that your Black & Decker product needs replacement, or if it is of no
further use to you, do not dispose it off with other household waste. Make this product available
for separate collection.
Separate collection of used products and packaging allows materials to be recycled and
used again. Use of recycled materials helps prevent environmental pollution and reduces
the demand for raw materials.
Local regulations may provide for separate collection of electrical products from the household,
at municipal waste sites or by the retailer when you purchase a new product.
Black & Decker provides a facility for the collection and recycling of Black & Decker products
once they have reached the end of their working life. To take advantage of this service please
return your product to any authorised repair agent who will collect them on our behalf. You can
check the location of your nearest authorised repair agent by contacting your local Black &
Decker office at the address indicated in this manual. A list of authorised Black & Decker repair
agents and full details of our after-sales service and contact are available on the Internet at:
Black & Decker provides a 2 Year Warranty for this product from the date of purchase against
defects due to defective materials or workmanship. Motor/element burn-outs due to voltage
fluctuations are not covered under warranty. If the product should become defective within the
warranty period, Black & Decker will repair or (at Black & Decker's discretion) replace it free of
The warranty provisions do not cover failure due to accident, misuse, abuse, negligence or non
observation of local regulations on the part of the user. Equally, the warranty provisions do not
apply where the appliance has been serviced by a person not authorized by Black & Decker or
serviced with non-approved parts and this has contributed to the fault of the product.
Superseded models without a replacement equivalent will either be repaired or (at Black &
Decker's discretion) replaced with another product of similar retail value.
Fill in the Warranty Registration Card with the original Authorized Dealer's stamp (indicating date
of purchase) and attach your purchase receipt to it. Retain in case of claims in the future.
Take your defective product together with the Warranty Registration Card & purchase receipt to
your local service Centre. You can either do this in person or send it freight prepaid. If mailing or
shipping your appliance, ensure that it is packed carefully in a sturdy carton with enough
packing material to prevent damage. Include a note describing the problem to the service
Centre and be sure to give your return address.
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p∞U± tØ v¥U§ ¸œ vK∫± sO≤«uÆ t° t§u¢ Âb´ U¥ v¢ôU∂± v° ,jK¨ ÁœUH∑ß« ,`O∫Å ÁœUH∑ß« Âb´ ,·œUB¢ d£« d° tKÅU• ‹«œ«d¥« ,X≤UL{ s¥«
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Á«dL≥ t° .œu® ÈdOÖuK§ qL• ÂU~M≥ t° ÁU~∑ßœ t° ÊbO߸ VO߬ “« U¢ bOMØ dÄ ÈbM° t∑º° ’uBª± œ«u± U° «¸ ʬ ·«d©« Ë Áœ«œ ¸«dÆ rJ∫±
.bOzULM≤ ‘u±«d≠ eO≤ «¸ Áb≤dOÖ ”¸œ¬ dØ– Ë ÁœuL≤ ‰U߸« r≥ «¸ ʬ œ«d¥« “« dB∑ª± v∫O{u¢ ÁU~∑ßœ
v~≤Uî ·¸UB± XN§ UNM¢ Áb® v•«d©
.bO≥œ ¸«dÆ eÄuKÄ ÁU~∑ßœ qî«œ «¸ tLK°UÆ
’uBª± vMOß Ë t∑®«œd° «¸ tLK°UÆ »¸œ ‰U• .bM®U° Áb®
p| “« ¸UJM¥« È«d° .b¥¸ËUO° ÊËdO° eÄuKÄ qî«œ “« «¸ ÈeÄ ¸Uª°
ʬ ÊœdØ ÂdÖ ’uBª± nØ U° tLK°UÆ VßUM± ”UL¢ “«
«d¥“ bOMØ ÁœUH∑ß« t≤Uîeᮬ ÈU≥ gJ∑ßœ U¥ Ë tǸUÄ tJ¢ ≥œ ¸«dÆ Ê¬ È˸ «¸ tLK°UÆ »¸œ fáß Ë ÁœdØ qÅU• ÊUMOL©«
V™«u± .b®U° v± ⁄«œ ¸UOº° vMOß “« Áb® b´UB∑± ¸Uª°
bOMØ vFß dÖ« .bO®U° œu® v± b´UB∑± vMOß “« tØ È¸Uª°
≤ ⁄«dÇ .bOMØ qÅË ‚d° VßUM± e¥dÄ t° «¸ ÁU~∑ßœ ‚d° rOß
ʬ ,bOMØ ÈeÄ ¸Uª° ÁU~∑ßœ U° «¸ v¥«c¨ œ«u± ÈœU¥“ ¸«bI± tØ
.b® b≥«uî s®Ë¸ )„( «c¨ XªÄ d~A¥UL
.b® bM≥«uª≤ eÄ ¸Uª° Xî«uMJ| Ë VßUM± ¸uD° œ«u±
XªÄ ‹UOKL´ U¢ bO≥œ ¸UA≠ sOzUÄ t° «¸ )◊( ‰d∑MØ Âd≥« ‰U•
ÁœUH∑ß« “« fÄ
,bO߸ ÊU¥UÄ t° XªÄ ‹UOKL´ tØ v±U~M≥ .œu® ŸËd® «c¨
,i¥uF¢ “« gOÄ U¥ Ë ÁU~∑ßœ “« Êb® ¸Ëœ “« gOÄ Á¸«uL≥ • t~≤ ÂdÖ d~A¥UL≤ ⁄«dÇ Ë Áb® ‘u±Uî XªÄ d~A¥UL≤ ⁄«dÇ
«¸ ÁU~∑ßœ ,ʬ nK∑ª± ÈU≥ gª° v߸“U° U¥ ÊœdØ eOL¢
.b® b≥«uî s®Ë¸ p}¢U±u¢« ¸uD° )È( «c¨ s∑®«œ
.bOMØ Ã¸Uî ‚d° e¥dÄ “« «d≤¬ Ë ÁœdØ ‘u±Uî
È«d° .bO≤e° r≥ «¸ Z≤d° Ë t∑®«œd° «¸ tLK°UÆ »¸œ ‰U•
UJ± ¸œ ʬ “« b¥U° œu® vL≤ ÁœUH∑ß« ÁU~∑ßœ “« tØ v±U~M≥ •
Êb® s®Ë¸ “« fÄ X߸œ «¸ ¸UJM¥« tπO∑≤ s¥d∑N° ‰uB•
‹«eONπ¢ Ë q¥UßË t° b¥U∂≤ U≥ tâ° .œdØ È¸«bN~≤ pAî v≤
≤d° Êœ“ r≥ .bO≥œ ÂUπ≤« «c¨ s∑®«œ t~≤ ÂdÖ d~A¥UL≤ ⁄«dÇ
.bM®U° t∑®«œ vßd∑ßœ Áb® t∑®«cÖ ¸UMØ
Âd≤ t° Ë Áb® ¸Uª° Êb® øUî V§u± )Ê( o®UÆ jßu¢ Z
.bMØ v± pLØ Z≤d° ÊœdØ nÅ Ë Êb®
ÁU~∑ßœ “« ȸ«bN~≤ Ë ÊœdØ eOL¢ Áu∫≤
“« ȸ«bN~≤ Ë X∂Æ«d± U¥ Ë ÊœdØ eOL¢ t° «bÆ« “« gOÄ !t§u¢
tîU® tß ÊœdØ Ã¸Uî “« fÄ Ë ,ÁœdØ ‘u±Uî «d≤¬ ,ÁU~∑ßœ d° XªÄ vÖó¥Ë U° VOØd¢ ¸œ Ê«u¢ v± UNM¢ «¸ ÈeÄ ¸Uª° vÖó¥Ë
.œu® pMî ÁU~∑ßœ U¢ bO≥œ Á“U§« ,‚d° “« ʬ ¬( «¸ œuî “UO≤ œ¸u± Z≤d° Ê«eO± .œ«œ ¸«dÆ ÁœUH∑ß« œ¸u± Z≤
ʬ tîU® tß U¥ Ë ‚d° rOß ,ÁU~∑ßœ ÊœdØ ¸Ë t©u¨ “« !t§u¢ t° Ë ÁœdØ ÈdOÖ Á“«b≤« )Áb¥œdÖ Á¸U®« Ê«b° ôU° ¸œ tØ t≤u~≤
¸«dÆ tØ )”( ÈeĸUª° ’uBª± vMOß È«d° v≠UØ Á“«b≤«
.bOMØ eO≥dÄ ‹UF¥U± d¥Uß U¥ Ë »¬ ¸œ
∞Uî ÈUC≠ œdOÖ ¸«dÆ Z≤d° XªÄ ’uBª± tLK°UÆ È˸ Xß«
≠d™ sO®U± U° «¸ ÁU~∑ßœ s¥« ÈU≥ gª° “« «bJâO≥ eÖd≥ •
.b¥dO~° dE≤ ¸œ v
.bO≥b≤ ¸«dÆ uA∑º® œ¸u± v¥uA
vMOß qî«œ «¸ b≤u® eÄ ¸Uª° b¥U° tØ v¥«c¨ œ«u± ‰U•
.bOMØ eOL¢ »u©d± tǸUÄ tJ¢ p| U° «¸ ÁU~∑ßœ v§¸Uî t≤b° • ¸uD° «¸ UN≤¬ v¥«c¨ œ«u± Êb¥œ ¸Uª° Xî«uMJ| XN§ .b¥e¥d°
ÊœdØ eOL¢ È«d° uA∑º® ’uBª± ÈU≥bÅ “« eÖd≥ • ÊœdØ t∑®U∂≤« UπJ| “« .bOMØ gªÄ vMOß qî«œ ¸œ Xî«uMJ|
vMOß È˸ «¸ tLK°UÆ »¸œ ‰U• .bOMØ eO≥dÄ v¥«c¨ œ«u±
.bOMJ≤ ÁœUH∑ß« ÁU~∑ßœ
± Ë `O∫Å s∑≠dÖ ¸«dÆ “« Ë Áœ«œ ¸«dÆ ÈeÄ ¸Uª° ’uBª±
v∞uLF± Ë nOF{ ÁbM¥u® l¥U± p| “« ÂËe∞ ‹¸uÅ ¸œ •
XªÄ ‹UOKL´ ‰U• .bOMØ qÅU• ÊUMOL©« vMOß È˸ ʬ rJ∫
ÁbM¥u® “« eÖd≥ .bOMØ ÁœUH∑ß« U≥ tJ∞ ÊœdØ ·d©d° È«d°
v±U~M≥ .bO≥œ t±«œ« )b® Áœ«œ Õd® ôU° ¸œ tØ t≤u~≤¬( «¸ «c¨
.bOMJ≤ ÁœUH∑ß« ÁbM¥Uß Ÿu≤ “« U¥ Ë ‰ö• t¥UÄ U° ÈU≥
eÄ ¸Uª° b¥U° eO≤ vMOß qî«œ v¥«c¨ œ«u± ,b® t∑ªÄ Z≤d° tØ
‫ﻣﺸﺨﺼﺎﺕ ﻓﻨﯽ‬
‫ ﮐﯿﻠﻮﮔﺮﻡ‬۱/۷
‫ ﻭﺍﺕ‬۴۰۰
‫ ﻭﻟﺖ‬۲۲۰-۲۴۰
‫ﺷﻤﺎﺭﻩ ﻣﺪﻝ‬
‫ ﮐﯿﻠﻮﮔﺮﻡ‬۲/۵
‫ ﻭﺍﺕ‬۷۰۰
‫ ﻭﻟﺖ‬۲۲۰-۲۴۰
‫ ﮐﯿﻠﻮﮔﺮﻡ‬۲/۵
‫ ﻭﺍﺕ‬۷۰۰
‫ ﻭﻟﺖ‬۲۲۰-۲۴۰
‫ ﮐﯿﻠﻮﮔﺮﻡ‬۳/۷
‫ ﻭﺍﺕ‬۹۰۰
‫ ﻭﻟﺖ‬۲۲۰-۲۴۰
v∞d∑MØ Âd≥« .◊
.bO≥œ ¸«dÆ `Dº± Ë ·UÅ `Dß p| È˸ «¸ eÄuKÄ
«c¨ s∑®«œ t~≤ ÂdÖ d~A¥UL≤ .È
‹b± ‰öî ¸œ Xß« sJL± ÁU~∑ßœ ”d∑ßœ q°UÆ ÕuDß
.b≤u® ⁄«œ ʬ ÊœdØ ¸UØ
«c¨ XªÄ d~A¥UL≤ .„
ÁU~∑ßœ ÈU≥ vÖó¥Ë
v∂≤U§ ÈU≥ ÁdO~∑ßœ .‰
eÄuKÄ »¸œ ÁdO~∑ßœ .n∞«
eÄuKÄ »¸œ .»
«c¨ Ëdß ’uBª± o®UÆ .Ê
«c¨ XªÄ ’uBª± tLK°UÆ .Ã
ÈeÄ ¸Uª° ’uBª± vMOß .”
»¬ Ê«eO± d~A¥UL≤ .œ
¸U° sO∞Ë« È«d° ÁœUH∑ß« “« gOÄ
.b¥¸«œd° «¸ ÁU~∑ßœ ¸Ëœ ÈU≥ ÈbM° t∑º° v±UL¢
’uBª± tLK°UÆ ,ÁU~∑ßœ “« ÁœUH∑ß« ¸U° sO∞Ë« “« gOÄ
o®UÆ Ë t≤ULOÄ ,ÈeÄ ¸Uª° vMOß ,ʬ »¸œ ,«c¨ XªÄ
fáß ,t∑º® nØ Ë ÂdÖ »¬ U° «¸ «c¨ Ëdß ’uBª±
.bOMØ pAî »uî Ë ÁœdØ vAJ°¬
ÁbMØ ÂdÖ `Dß
vºO©UMG± bOKØ .Ë
eÄuKÄ t≤b° .“
eÄuKÄ ‚d° rOß .Õ
Z≤d° XªÄ È«d° ÁU~∑ßœ “« ÁœUH∑ß«
Z≤d° tßUØ Ëœ bM≤UL° ÂUî Z≤d° t≤ULOÄ d≥ .b¥dO~° Á“«b≤« ÁU~∑ßœ U° Áb® tz«¸« )Â( t≤ULOÄ pLØ t° «¸ œuî dE≤ œ¸u± Z≤d° ¸«bI±
.bOMJ≤ dÄ Ê¬ tLK°UÆ vKî«œ t≤b° È˸ Áb® ȸ«cÖ X±ö´ d¥œUI± “« d∑AO° «¸ eÄuKÄ ÁU~∑ßœ eÖd≥ .b®U° v± ÂUî
U¥ dO~HØ p| “« ¸UJM¥« È«d° .œu® ·d©d° ʬ v≠U{« t∑ßUA≤ U¢ bOMØ vAJ°¬ »¬ dO® d¥“ «¸ Z≤d° ,uKÄ XªÄ t° «bÆ« “« gOÄ
≤ g®uÄ Xß« sJL± «d¥“ bOMØ eO≥dÄ ¸UJM¥« È«d° «c¨ XªÄ ’uBª± tLK°UÆ “« ÁœUH∑ß« “« -bOMØ ÁœUH∑ß« e¥¸ t≤«œ v≠UÅ
.bMO∂° t±bŠʬ Vºâ
t≤b° È˸ )œ( d~A¥UL≤ t§¸œ È˸ “UO≤ œ¸u± »¬ ¸«bI± .bOMØ t≠U{« »¬ ʬ t° Ë t∑ª¥¸ tLK°UÆ qî«œ «¸ Áb® t∑º® Z≤d° ‰U•
.Xß« Áb® hªA± tLK°UÆ vKî«œ
Áb® tz«¸« t≤ULOÄ U° »¬ Ê«eO±
t≤ULOÄ 2
t≤ULOÄ 3
t≤ULOÄ 3/5
t≤ULOÄ 5
t≤ULOÄ 6
t≤ULOÄ 5
t≤ULOÄ 7
t≤ULOÄ 9
t≤ULOÄ 11
t≤ULOÄ 7
t≤ULOÄ 9
t≤ULOÄ 11
t≤ULOÄ 13
t≤ULOÄ 16
ÂUî Z≤d° Ê«eO±
t≤ULOÄ 1
t≤ULOÄ 2
t≤ULOÄ 3
t≤ULOÄ 4
t≤ULOÄ 5
t≤ULOÄ 4
t≤ULOÄ 6
t≤ULOÄ 8
t≤ULOÄ 10
t≤ULOÄ 6
t≤ULOÄ 8
t≤ULOÄ 10
t≤ULOÄ 12
t≤ULOÄ 15
RC1000 &
t∑®«œ v≤«uªL≥ ‚d° e¥dÄ U° b¥U° ÁU~∑ßœ tîU® tß •
eO≥dÄ «b§ ÁU~∑ßœ tîU® tß ÊœdØ È¸UJ∑ßœ “« .b®U°
≤ ÈU≥ ÁU~∑ßœ È«d° «¸ tîU® Ëœ ÈU≥ q¥b∂¢ eÖd≥ .bOMØ
∑ß« œ¸u± )1 ”öØ ÈU≥ ÁU~∑ßœ( sO±“ ‰UB¢« t° bM±“UO
≥ Ë U≥ tîU® tß ÊbA≤ ȸUJ∑ßœ .bO≥b≤ ¸«dÆ ÁœUH
vJ|d∑J∞« „u® “Ëd° dDî g≥UØ V§u± U≥e¥dÄ v≤«uªL
.œu® v±
eÄuKÄ ÈU≥ ÁU~∑ßœ È«d° v≠U{« vML¥« ‹«¸u∑ßœ
È˸ )◊( v∞d∑MØ Âd≥« ÊœdØ êOzuß “« ÈdOÖuK§ U° eÖd≥ •
ÁU~∑ßœ p}¢U±u¢« œdظUØ ¸œ ,«c¨ ȸ«œ t~≤ ÂdÖ X∞U•
.bOMJ≤ tKî«b±
U¥ Ë )»( ÁU~∑ßœ »¸œ ÊœdØ “U° ÂU~M≥ t° Xß« sJL± •
b´UB∑± ¸Uª° ÁU~∑ßœ “« ʬ v∂≤U§ “«u∞ s∑®«œd°
≥ t° ÁU~∑ßœ v∂≤U§ “«u∞ Ë )Ã( XªÄ ’uBª± tLK°UÆ •
≤¬ qL• ÂU~M≥ t° s¥«d°UM° .b® bM≥«uî ⁄«œ ÁœUH∑ß« ÂU~M
∑ß« “« fÄ v∑• U≥ gª° s¥« .œu® Èd∑AO° XÆœ b¥U° UN
.b≤U± bM≥«uî vÆU° ⁄«œ v¢b± È«d° r≥ ÁœUH
’uBª± tLK°UÆ È˸ Vºâ≤ gØ˸ “« ÈdOÖuK§ XN§ •
Ëdß ’uBª± vJ}∑ßöÄ o®UÆ “« tAOL≥ «c¨ XªÄ
ÁœUH∑ß« v°uÇ U¥ vJ}∑ßöÄ ¸«e°« d¥Uß U¥ Ë )Ê( «c¨
≤ËdO° tEH∫± qî«œ t° v≠œUB¢ ¸uD° tLK°UÆ qî«œ »¬ dÖ« •
Ë ÁbOAØ ‚d° “« «¸ ÁU~∑ßœ ‚d° rOß ,œe¥d° tLK°UÆ v
,Xß« Áb® ÁU~∑ßœ qî«œ »¬ dÖ« .bOMØ pAî «d≤¬ fáß
«œbπ± fáß Ë œu® pAî ö±UØ ÁU~∑ßœ U¢ bO≥œ Á“U§«
.bOMØ ÁœUH∑ß« ʬ “«
ÂdÖ `Dß Êœu° eOL¢ “« eÄ Ë XªÄ t° «bÆ« “« q∂Æ tAOL≥ •
ʬ È˸ «c¨ ÈU≥ tJ∞ œu§Ë Âb´ Ë eÄuKÄ nØ )Á( ÁbMMØ
≥ .b¥¸«œ t~≤ «c¨ ‹«¸– “« ¸Ëb° Ë eOL¢ «¸ ÁbMMØ ÂdÖ `Dß •
.b¥¸«œ t~≤ eOL¢ «¸ œuî eÄuKÄ tAOL
U§ ÈU≥ ÁdO~∑ßœ “« tAOL≥ eÄuKÄ ÁU~∑ßœ v¥Uπ°U§ È«d° •
.bOMØ ÁœUH∑ß« )‰( ʬ v∂≤
qî«œ ¸œ XªÄ ’uBª± tLK°UÆ Êœ«œ ¸«dÆ “« gOÄ eÖd≥ •
.bOMJ≤ ʬ ÊœdØ s®Ë¸ t° «bÆ« eÄuKÄ
∑ß« v¥«c¨ œ«u± ÊœdØ Œdß È«d° eÄuKÄ ÁU~∑ßœ “« eÖd≥ •
eO≥dÄ Ê¬ ÈU≥ gª° tOKØ U° s¨Ë¸ ”UL¢ “« Ë ÁœdJ≤ ÁœUH
Ë ,ʬ p|œe≤ ,⁄«œ “UÖ ‚U§« È˸ «¸ eÄuKÄ ÁU~∑ßœ eÖd≥ •
.bO≥b≤ ¸«dÆ ⁄«œ d≠ ‚U§« qî«œ U¥
t⥸œ Á«¸ eÖd≥ ,ÁU~∑ßœ Êœu° ¸UJ° ‰uGA± ÂU~M≥ ¸œ •
.bOMJ≤ œËbº± tǸUÄ qO∂Æ “« v¥UO®« U° «d≤¬ ¸Uª° ÃËdî
‹«dOLF¢ Ë vMO°“U°
»uOF± U¥ v°«dî X°U° “« «¸ ÁU~∑ßœ ,ÁœUH∑ß« “« gOÄ •
‹UFDÆ v~∑ºJ® Âb´ “« .bOMØ ÊU∫∑±« ʬ ‹UFDÆ Êœu°
tØ vK±U´ t≤uÖd≥ Ë U≥ bOKØ vÖb¥œ t±bÅ Âb´ ,ÁU~∑ßœ
bM≥œ v± ¸«dÆ dO£U¢ X∫¢ «¸ ÁU~∑ßœ `O∫Å œdظUØ
.bO°U¥ ÊUMOL©«
»uOF± U¥ Ë »«dî ÁU~∑ßœ “« gª° d≥ tJ}¢¸uÅ ¸œ •
.bOMJ≤ ÁœUH∑ß« ʬ “« b®U°
¸œ .bOMJ≤ «bÆ« ÁU~∑ßœ dOLF¢ t° X∂º≤ UBª® eÖd≥ •
«¸ ‰UJ®« È«¸«œ U¥ Ë »«dî ‹UFDÆ ,‰UJ®« “Ëd° ‹¸uÅ
∫¢ t©u°d± “Uπ± ‹U±bî Ë f¥Ëdß eØd± t° dOLF¢ XN§
.bO≥œ q¥u
œu§Ë XN§ “« «d≤¬ ‚d° rOß ,ÁU~∑ßœ “« ÁœUH∑ß« “« gOÄ •
v߸“U° vÖœußd≠ Ë v~MNØ ,vÖb¥œ t±bÅ ‹U±ö´
U¥ Ë »«dî ÁU~∑ßœ tîU® tß U¥ Ë ‚d° rOß tJ}¢¸uÅ ¸œ •
b≤ ¸«dÆ ÁœUH∑ß« œ¸u± «¸ ÁU~∑ßœ eÖd≥ ,b®U° v± »uOF±
° ÁU~∑ßœ ‹UFDÆ i¥uF¢ U¥ Ë ÊœdØ“U° t° UÎBª® eÖd≥ •
Áb® hªA± ULM≥«¸ tÇd∑≠œ s¥« ¸œ tØ Èœ¸«u± eπ
.bOMJ≤ «bÆ« Xß«
vJ|d∑J∞« vML¥«
.b®U° sO±“ ‰UB¢« È«¸«œ b¥U° ‰uB∫± s¥«
È˸ Áb® hªA± ˛U∑∞Ë v≤«uªL≥ “« Á¸«uL≥
qÅU• ÊUMOL©« dN® ‚d° U° ÁU~∑ßœ vM≠ ‹UBªA± „öÄ
Áb® »«dî ÁU~∑ßœ tîU® tß U¥ Ë ‚d° rOß tJ}¢¸uÅ ¸œ
b≤« pK° ‹U±bî Ë f¥Ëdß “Uπ± eØd± jßu¢ «d≤¬ b¥U° ,b®U°
XN§ .œu® ÈdOÖuK§ dDî “Ëd° “« U¢ œdØ dOLF¢ dØœ
,ÁU~∑ßœ ÊœdØ ¸Ë t©u¨ “« vJ|d∑J∞« „u® “Ëd° “« ÈdOÖuK§
eO≥dÄ ‹UF¥U± d¥Uß U¥ Ë »¬ ¸œ ʬ tîU® tß U¥ Ë ‚d° rOß
1 ”öØ ÈU≥ ÁU~∑ßœ Ë j°«¸ ÈU≥ rOß
ÁœUH∑ß« t∑®¸ tß rOß p| “« b¥U° ÁU~∑ßœ ‚d° ‰UB¢« XN§
‰UB¢« t° Ë t∑®«œ oKF¢ 1 ”öØ t° UL® ÁU~∑ßœ «d¥“ œu®
.b®U° v± bM±“UO≤ sO±“
ÊËb° Ê«u¢ v± «¸ )‹u≠ 100( d∑± 30 ‰uD° j°«¸ rOß p| •
.œ«œ ¸«dÆ ÁœUH∑ß« œ¸u± Ê«u¢ X≠« “« v≤«d~≤
vKî«œ ·¸UB± “« dOG° v≠¸UB± È«d° «¸ ÁU~∑ßœ eÖd≥ •
.bO≥b≤ ¸«dÆ ÁœUH∑ß« œ¸u± ‰eM±
·dB± œ¸u±
∑≠œ s¥« ¸œ tØ t≤u~≤¬ Z≤d° XªÄ È«d° UL® dØœ b≤« pK° eÄuKÄ
≠U∫± b• “« gO° X°u©¸ Ë »¬ d°«d° ¸œ ÁU~∑ßœ “« tAOL≥ •
¸UJ° “« UHD∞ .Xß« Áb¥œdÖ v•«d© Áb® nOÅu¢ ULM≥«¸ tÇd
.b¥¸Ë¬ qL´ t° XE
s¥« .bOMØ eO≥dÄ d~¥œ bÅUI± t≤uÖ d≥ È«d° ÁU~∑ßœ s¥« Êœd°
.bO≥b≤ XØd• «¸ ʬ ÁU~∑ßœ “« ÁœUH∑ß« ÂU~M≥ ¸œ • Xß« Áb¥œdÖ v•«d© ‰eM± vKî«œ ·¸UB± XN§ UNM¢ tKOßË
rN± vML¥« ÈU≥ qLF∞«¸u∑ßœ
pAî Á¸«uL≥ b¥U° UL® ÈUN∑ßœ ÁU~∑ßœ U° ¸UØ ÂU~MN° •
vML¥« t≤«dO~AOÄ œ¸«u± ,vÆd° q¥UßË U° ¸UØ ÂU~M≥ t° ! t§u¢
U¢ X®«œ dE≤ ¸œ Á¸«uL≥ b¥U° «¸ ,d¥“ œ¸«u± tKL§ “« ,t¥UÄ
.bOMJ≤ ÁœUH∑ß« ÁU~∑ßœ “« Êœu° tM≥d° UÄ ‹¸uÅ ¸œ •
≥ Ë Èœd≠ ‹U±bÅ ,vJ|d∑J∞« „u® ,È“uß g¢¬ “Ëd° dDî
,bMO∂° t±bŠʬ “« ÁœUH∑ß« ‰öî ¸œ ÁU~∑ßœ ‚d° rOß dÖ« •
.b°U¥ g≥UØ ÁU~∑ßœ v°«dî sOMâL
“« q∂Æ eÖd≥ .bOMØ lDÆ «¸ ÁU~∑ßœ ‚d° ‰UB¢« tKÅU≠ö°
∞«¸u∑ßœ v±UL¢ ,ÁU~∑ßœ U° ¸UJ° ŸËd® “« gOÄ
.bO≤e≤ Xßœ ʬ ‚d° rOß t° ,ÁU~∑ßœ ‚d° ‰UB¢« lDÆ
tF∞UD± XÆœ t° «¸ ULM≥«¸ tÇd∑≠œ s¥« ÈU≥ qLF
t° «bÆ« “« gOÄ ,bOMØ vL≤ ÁœUH∑ß« ÁU~∑ßœ “« tØ v±U~M≥ •
ßœ ,ʬ ‹UFDÆ i¥uF¢ Ë VB≤ ÂU~M≥ t° U¥ Ë ,ÊœdØ eOL¢
Áœ«œ `O{u¢ tÇd∑≠œ s¥« ¸œ ÁU~∑ßœ “« ÁœUH∑ß« œ¸«u± •
.bOMØ Ã¸Uî ‚d° e¥dÄ “« «¸ ÁU~∑
“« ÁœUH∑ß« U¥ v∂≤U§ “«u∞ t≤uÖd≥ “« ÁœUH∑ß« .Xß« Áb®
ULM≥«¸ tÇd∑≠œ s¥« ¸œ tØ Èœ¸«u± “« dO¨ t° ÁU~∑ßœ
pMî ÁU~∑ßœ U¢ bO≥œ Á“U§« ,ÊœdØ eOL¢ t° «bÆ« “« gOÄ •
≥ t° «¸ Èœd≠ t±bÅ dDî Ë Áœu° „U≤dDî Áb® tOÅu¢
.X®«œ b≥«uî Á«dL
Ê«d~¥œ vML¥«
v¥U§ ¸œ ÈbF° ‹UF§«d± XN§ «¸ ULM≥«¸ tÇd∑≠œ s¥« •
U≥¸ X∂Æ«d± ÊËb° «¸ ʬ ,ÁU~∑ßœ “« ÁœUH∑ß« ÊU±“ ¸œ eÖd≥ •
.bOMØ È¸«bN~≤ VßUM±
Èd±« Á¸«uL≥ ÁU~∑ßœ “« ÁœUH∑ß« ÂU~M≥ t° XÆœ X¥U´¸ •
U≥ qLF∞«¸u∑ßœ s¥« U° ¸UØ t° tØ Èœ«d≠« U¥ ÊUØœuØ t° eÖd≥ •
.œË¸ v± ¸ULA° ȸËd{
.bMMØ ÁœUH∑ß« ÁU~∑ßœ “« tØ bO≥b≤ Á“U§« b≤¸«b≤ v¥UM®¬
≤ «d≤¬ rOß ,‚d° e¥dÄ “« ÁU~∑ßœ ÊœdØ Ã¸Uî È«d° eÖd≥ •
fL∞ U¥ Ë Êb® p|œe≤ Á“U§« ‹U≤«uO• U¥ Ë ÊUØœuØ t° eÖd≥ • ≤ øUî e¥dÄ “« v≤UNÖU≤ ¸uD° Ë ¸UA≠ U° «d≤¬ U¥ Ë ÁbOAJ
.bO≥b≤ «¸ ʬ ‚d° rOß U¥ ÁU~∑ßœ
ʬ ¸œ ÊUØœuØ tØ v¥U§ ¸œ ÁU~∑ßœ “« ÁœUH∑ß« ÂU~M≥ t° • eO¢ ÈU≥ t∂∞ Ë s¨Ë¸ ,U±dÖ “« «¸ ÁU~∑ßœ ‚d° rOß Á¸«uL≥
.b¥¸«œ t~≤ ¸Ëœ
¸«dÆ dE≤ b± vK±UØ ‹¸UE≤ Ë t§u¢ b¥U° ,b≤¸«œ ¸uC•
Ê«e¥Ë¬ Ê«uªAOÄ U¥ eO± “« ÁU~∑ßœ rOß U¢ bO≥b≤ Á“U§«
Ë vJ|eO≠ XO∞uKF± “« tØ Èœ«d≠« ÁœUH∑ß« È«d° ÁU~∑ßœ s¥« •
tØ vÅUª®« U¥ Ë )ÊUØœuØ tKL§ “« Ë( b≤d° v± Z≤¸ vM≥–
ÁœUH∑ß« œ¸u± `Dº± `Dß p| È˸ «¸ ÁU~∑ßœ tAOL≥
ÁU~∑ßœ s¥« “« ÁœUH∑ß« È«d° v≠UØ g≤«œ Ë t°dπ¢ “«
.b¥¸«c~° œ«“¬ «d≤¬ d° Ë ¸Ëœ ÈUC≠ v±UL¢ Ë Áœ«œ ¸«dÆ
jßu¢ tJM¥« d~± ,b®U° vL≤ VßUM± bM∑ºO≤ ¸«œ¸uîd°
.bO≥b≤ ¸«dÆ ‚d° e¥dÄ d¥“ ¸œ «¸ œuî vÆd° ÁU~∑ßœ eÖd≥
UN≤¬ t° œ¸«œ ÁbN´ t° «¸ UN≤¬ vML¥« XO∞uµº± tØ vBª®
.bO≥b≤ ¸«dÆ eO∞ U¥ Ë fOî `Dß p| È˸ «¸ ÁU~∑ßœ eÖd≥
‹¸UE≤ UN≤¬ ¸UØ t° U¥ Áb® Áœ«œ “ô ‘“u±¬ tMO±“ s¥« ¸œ
≥ Ë UN≤¬ p|œe≤ U¥ Ë «“U±dÖ l°UM± È˸ «¸ ÁU~∑ßœ eÖd≥
.bO≥b≤ ¸«dÆ ⁄«œ ‚U§« p| qî«œ sOMâL
≤ È“U° tKOßË s¥« U° ÊUØœuØ U¢ œu° V™«u± b¥U° Á¸«uL≥ •
q°UÆ U¥ Ë ‰UF∑®« q°UÆ œ«u± ‹¸ËUπ± ¸œ «¸ ÁU~∑ßœ eÖd≥ •
.bO≥b≤ ¸«dÆ ÁœUH∑ß« œ¸u± ¸UπH≤«
ÁU~∑ßœ nK∑ª± ÈU≥ gª° v¥UßUM®
eÄuKÄ »¸œ ÁdO~∑ßœ .n∞«
eÄuKÄ »¸œ .»
«c¨ XªÄ ’uBª± tLK°UÆ .Ã
»¬ Ê«eO± d~A¥UL≤
ÁbMØ ÂdÖ `Dß
eÄuKÄ t≤b°
eÄuKÄ ‚d° rOß .Õ
v∞d∑MØ Âd≥« .◊
«c¨ s∑®«œ t~≤ ÂdÖ d~A¥UL≤ .È
«c¨ XªÄ d~A¥UL≤ .„
v∂≤U§ ÈU≥ ÁdO~∑ßœ .‰
«c¨ Ëdß ’uBª± o®UÆ .Ê
ÈeÄ ¸Uª° ’uBª± vMOß .”
WµO∂∞« W¥UL•
.WO∞eML∞« ‹U¥UHM∞« WOI° l± Z∑ML∞« «c≥ s± hKª∑∞« Âb´ Vπ¥
∞« l± tM± hKª∑¢ ô ,r¥bI∞« “UNπK∞ W§U∫° bF¢ r∞ Ë√ ,b¥b§ dJ¥œ b≤√ „ö° “UN§ ¡«dA∞ W§U∫° p≤√ ÂU¥_« s± Âu¥ w≠ ‹b§Ë «–≈
.qBHML∞« Âö∑ßû∞ Z∑ML∞« «c≥ eN§ .Èdî_« WO∞eML∞« ‹U¥UHM
∞« ‰ULF∑ß≈ .b¥b§ s± UN∞ULF∑ß«Ë œ«uL∞« lOMB¢ …œU´S° `Lº¥ nOKG∑∞« œ«u±Ë WKLF∑ºL∞« ‹Uπ∑MLK∞ qBHML∞« Âö∑ßù«
.WO∞Ë_« œ«uL∞« vK´ VKD∞« qKI¥Ë wµO∂∞« ÀuK∑∞« lM± vK´ b´Uº¥ UNFOMB¢ œUFL∞« œ«uL
WDß«u° Ë√ ‹U¥UHMK∞ W¥bK∂∞« lÆ«u± w≠ ,‰“UML∞« s± WOzU°dNJ∞« ‹Uπ∑MLK∞ qBHML∞« Âö∑ßù« …¸Ëd{ vK´ hM¢ bÆ WOK∫L∞« WLE≤_«
.«Îb¥b§ UÎπ∑M± Íd∑A¢ U±bM´ Wzeπ∑∞« lzU°
…œUH∑ßû∞ .WOKLF∞« UN¢UO• W¥UN≤ v∞≈ qB¢ U±bM´ dJ¥œ b≤√ „ö° ‹Uπ∑M± lOMB¢ …œU´≈Ë Âö∑ßô ‹öONº∑∞« dJ¥œ b≤√ „ö° d≠u¢
»dÆ√ lÆu± W≠dF± pMJL¥ .UM´ W°UOM∞U° t±ö∑ßU° ÂuIOß Íc∞«Ë bL∑F± `OKB¢ qOØË Í√ v∞≈ „“UN§ …œU´≈ v§d¥ ,W±bª∞« Ác≥ s±
¡ULßQ° WLzUÆ d≠u∑¢ .VO∑J∞« «c≥ w≠ sO∂L∞« Ê«uMF∞« vK´ wK∫L∞« dJ¥œ b≤√ „ö° V∑J± WF§«dL° p∞ W∂ºM∞U° bL∑F± `OKB¢ qOØË
d∑≤ù« WJ∂® vK´ ‰UB¢ô« s¥ËUM´Ë lO∂∞« bF° U± ‹U±bî s´ WK±UØ qOÅUH¢ d≠u∑¢ ULØ ,dJ¥œ Ë „ö° s± s¥bL∑FL∞« `OKB∑∞« ¡öØË : X≤
WO∞eML∞« BLACK & DECKER …eN§_ sO∑Mß …bL∞ q±U® ÊUL{
.¡«dA∞« a¥¸U¢ s± «Î¸U∂∑´« Z∑ML∞« «cN∞ sO∑Mß t¢b± ö
Î ±U® UÎ≤UL{ Black & Decker `ML¢
WØd® ÂuI∑ß ,ÊULC∞« …d∑≠ ¡UM£√ qD´ ÍQ° Z∑ML∞« W°UÅ≈ W∞U• w≠Ë .lOMB∑∞« w≠ WKî«b∞« œ«uL∞« Ë√ lOMB∑∞« »uO´ ÊULC∞« wDG¥
.UÎ≤Uπ± t∞«b∂∑ß« ) Black & Decker d¥bI∑∞ UÎI≠Ë( Ë√ t•öÅS°
.UÎOK∫± UN° ‰uLFL∞« rEM∞« ŸU∂¢« Âb´ Ë√ ,T©Uª∞« ‰ULF∑ßô« ,‰UL≥ù« ,‰ULF∑ßô« ¡uß ,Àœ«u∫∞« s´ Wπ¢UM∞« ‰UD´_« ÊULC∞« wDG¥ ô
ß« W∞U• w≠ Ë √Black
& Decker WØd® q∂Æ s± bL∑F± dO¨ ·d© Èb∞ Z∑ML∞« `OKB¢ Ë√ W≤UOÅ XL¢ «–≈ ÊULC∞« ◊Ëd® o∂DM¢ ô ,p∞cØ
Âb´ l± “«d© Í√ ÃU∑≤≈ nÆu¢ «–≈Ë .qDF∞« w≠ lDI∞« Ác≥ X∂∂º¢Ë ,UN∑I≠«u± vK´ ‰uB∫∞« Ë√ WØdA∞« v∞≈ Ÿu§d∞« ÊËb° ¸UO¨ lDÆ Â«bª∑
.WOz«dA∞« WLOI∞« fHM° dî¬ “«dD° t∞«b∂∑ß« Ë√ Z∑ML∞« ÕöÅ≈ ¸UO∑î« o• Black & Decker WØdA∞ ÊS≠ ,VßUML∞« q¥b∂∞« œu§Ë
¡«dA∞« bM´
.WÆUD∂∞U° ¡«dA∞« ‰UB¥≈ o≠¸« r£ )¡«dA∞« a¥¸U¢ `O{u¢Ë( bL∑FL∞« d§U∑K∞ wKÅ_« r∑ª∞« œu§Ë s± bØQ∑∞« l± ÊULC∞« qO㧛 WÆUD° ú±«
.q∂I∑ºL∞« w≠ ‹U∂∞UD± œu§Ë W∞U• w≠ UL≥“«d°ù ULN° ÿUH∑•ô« ¡U§d∞«
.UÎHKß t¢d§√ W´u≠bL∞« b¥d∂∞U° t∞U߸≈ pMJL¥ Ë√ wK∫L∞« W≤UOB∞« eØd± v∞≈ pºHM° ¡«dA∞« ‰UB¥≈Ë ÊULC∞« WÆUD° l± qDFL∞« Z∑ML∞« cî
W≠U{≈ l± ÈuI± Êu¢dØ ‚ËbMÅ w≠ «ÎbO§ tHOKG∑° rÆË UÎOKØ ¡UL∞« s± Z∑ML∞« m¥dH¢ s± bØQ¢ ,s∫A∞« Ë√ b¥d∂∞U° “UNπ∞« ‰U߸≈ W∞U• w≠Ë
.p≤«uM´ W°U∑Ø s± bØQ¢Ë W≤UOB∞« eØdL∞ WKJAL∞« UNO≠ nB¢ WE•ö± o≠¸« .¸d{ ÍQ° t∑°UÅ≈ ÍœUH∑∞ ‹U¨«dH∞« ¡vKL∞ nOKG¢ œ«u±
.jI≠ WO∞eML∞« ‹ôULF∑ßö∞ rLÅ
.¸Uª∂∞« vK´ wND∞« WOMOÅ l≠¸«Ë ’d∫° ¡UDG∞« l≠¸« .ZC
…b¥b® ÊuJ∑ß WOMOB∞« Ê√ YO• ‘ULÆ WFDÆ Ë√ «“UHÆ b¢¸«
≤ù« Ê√ s± oI∫¢ .“¸_« wN© “UN§ qî«œ oOLF∞« ¡U≤ù« l{
∞« w≠ WAOH∞« l{ .sOªº∑∞« `Dº∞ …bO§ …¸uB° f±ö± ¡U
.)„( wND∞« d®R± ¡wCOß .VßUML∞« f∂IL
.»dº∑L∞« sîUº∞« ¸Uª∂K∞ t∂∑≤«
.wND∞« WOKL´ √b∂¢ v∑• )◊( rJ∫∑∞« WF≠«¸ vK´ jG{«
vK´ ÍœROß ¸Uª∂∞« vK´ ÂUFD∞« s± …dO∂Ø WOLØ wN© W∞ËU∫±
¡wCOßË wND∞« d®R± THDMOß ,wND∞« s± ¡UN∑≤ô« bM´
.¸Uª∂∞« s± ·UØ ¸bI∞ ÂUFD∞« s± ¡«e§√ ÷dF¢ Âb´
.UOzUIK¢ )Í( Wµ≠b∑∞« ÕU∂B±
«bª∑ßô« bF°
∂± VOKI∑∞U° rÆ ,ZzU∑M∞« qC≠_ .“¸_« VäKÆË ¡UDG∞« l≠¸«
∑¢ Ê√ q∂Æ f∂IL∞« s± WAOH∞« Ÿe≤«Ë “UNπ∞« qOGA¢ nÆË√ •
∞« Ë√ nOEM¢ Ë√ dOOG¢ q∂ÆË WE•ö± ÊËœ “UNπ∞« „d
WIFKL∞U° VOKI∑∞« .Wµ≠b∑∞« d®R± ÕU∂B± …¡U{≈ bF° …d®U
‹U∂• qFπ¥ «c≥Ë b´UB∑∞U° ¸Uª∂K∞ `Lº¥ )Ê( WOJO∑ßö∂∞«
.“UNπ∞« s± ¡«e§√ vK´ nAJ
.…b´U∂∑± “¸_«
¥ .·U§ ÊUJ± w≠ tM¥eª¢ Vπ¥ ,“UNπ∞« qOGA¢ Âb´ ¡UM£√ •
.‰UH©_« b¥ ‰ËUM∑± s´ «bOF° …eN§_« kH∫¢Ô Ê√ Vπ
¸Uª∂∞« vK´ wND∞«
«bª∑ßU° ô≈ ¸Uª∂∞« vK´ wND∞« WOÅUî «bª∑ß« sJL¥ ô
W≤UOB∞«Ë nOEM∑∞« ∞ UI≠Ë( W°uKDL∞« “¸_« WOLØ …d¥UFL° rÆ .“¸_« wN© WOÅUî
Ÿe≤« ,“UNπ∞« qOGA¢ nÆË√ ,W≤UOB∞«Ë nOEM∑∞« q∂Æ !d¥c∫¢ ∂∞« vK´ wND∞« WOMOB∞ WO≠UØ W≠Uº± „d¢ l± )Áö´√ `{uLK
.wND∞« ¡U≤≈ vK´√ )”( ¸Uª
.œd∂O∞ “UNπ∞« „d¢«Ë f∂IL∞« s± WAOH∞«
w≠ Ë√ ¡UL∞« w≠ pKº∞« Ë√ WAOH∞« Ë√ “UNπ∞« dLG¢ ô !d¥c∫¢
.dî¬ qzUß Í√
.‚U∂©_« W∞Uº¨ w≠ “UNπ∞« s± ¡e§ Í√ qºG¢ ô •
.W∂©¸ ‘ULÆ WFDI° øUª∞« s± “UNπ∞« `º±« •
∑º¢ ô .lI∂∞« W∞«“ù UHOD∞ UÎHEM± Âbª∑ß« ,d±_« Âe∞ «–≈ •
.‹U∂¥c± vK´ Íu∑∫¢ ‹UHEM± Í√ Ë√ jAØ …«œ√ Í√ Âbª
wND∞« WOMOÅ ‚u≠ ¸Uª∂∞« vK´ tON© œ«dL∞« ÂUFD∞« l{
∞« W§¸œ ÊuJ¢ v∑• ÍËUº∑∞« vK´ ÂUFD∞« Ÿ“Ë .¸Uª∂∞« vK´
.tCF° ‚u≠ ÂUFD∞« ”bJ¢ ô .W¥ËUº∑± ZCM
.UNIK¨ ÂUJ•≈ l± ¸Uª∂∞U° wND∞« WOMOÅ vK´ ¡UDG∞« l{
Ê√ œdπL° .)Áö´√ W≠uÅuL∞« WI¥dD∞U°( “¸_« wN© qÅ«Ë
≤ bÆ ¸Uª∂∞« vK´ uNDL∞« ÂUFD∞« ÊuJ¥ Ê√ b°ô “¸_« ZCM¥
á«æØdG äÉfÉ«ÑdG
πjOƒªdG ºbQ
º¨c 1^7
äGh 400
âdƒa 240 – 220
º¨c 2^5
äGh 700
âdƒa 240 – 220
º¨c 2^5
äGh 700
âdƒa 240 – 220
º¨c 3^7
äGh 900
âdƒa 240 – 220
wºOzd∞« pKº∞« )Õ
rJ∫∑∞« WF≠«¸ )◊
¡·b∞« vK´ ÿUH∫∞« d®R± )Í
wND∞« d®R± )„
.u∑º± `Dß vK´ “¸_« wN© ¡U≤≈ l{ •
¡UM£√ “UNπ∞« s± W∂¥dI∞« `Dß_« …¸«d• W§¸œ lH¢d¢ bÆ •
w∂≤U§ i∂I± )‰
¡UDG∞« i∂I± )√
…d¥UFL∞« ”QØ )Â
¡UD¨ )»
“¸_« WIFK± )Ê
wNDK∞ oOL´ ¡U≤≈ )Ã
¸Uª∂∞« vK´ wND∞« WOMOÅ )”
¡UL∞« Èu∑º± d®R± )œ
…d± ‰Ë_ «bª∑ßô« q∂Æ
sOªº¢ Õu∞ )Á
“UNπ∞« vK´ s± WHK¨_« lOL§ ‰“√ •
,¡UDG∞«Ë ,wNDK∞ hBªL∞« oOLF∞« ¡U≤ù« qº¨« •
∞« WIFK±Ë ,…d¥UFL∞« ”QØË ,¸Uª∂∞« vK´ wND∞« WOMOÅË
.«bO§ tHH§Ë …u¨¸Ë T≠«œ ¡UL° ·dG
wºO©UMG± ÕU∑H± )Ë
wºOzd∞« rºπ∞« )“
“¸_« wN© - «bª∑ßô«
“¸_« s± Ê«¡U´Ë ÍËUº¥ uNDL∞« dO¨ “¸_« s± ”QØ qØ .“UNπ∞« l± …œu§uL∞« )Â( …d¥UFL∞« ”QØ Â«bª∑ßU° “¸_« …d¥UFL° rÆ
.wKî«b∞« ¸bI∞« qî«œ W∫{uL∞« ‹UOLJ∞« ÈbF∑¢ ô .uNDL∞« dO¨
qºG¢ ô .÷dG∞« «cN∞ oOÆœ qªM± Ë√ …UHB± Âbª∑ß« .bz«e∞« UAM∞« W∞«“ù œ¸U∂∞« ¡UL∞« X∫¢ «bO§ “¸_« qº¨« ,wND∞« q∂Æ
.‘bªK∞ ÂUFD∞« ‚UB∑∞ô l≤UL∞« t∫Dß ÷dF∑¥ ô v∑• wND∞« ¡U≤≈ w≠ “¸_«
.wND∞« ¸bÆ qî«œ )œ( d®RL∞« vK´ W∫{u± W°uKDL∞« ¡UL∞« WOLØ .¡UL∞« n{√Ë wND∞« ¡U´Ë w≠ ‰uºGL∞« “¸_« l{
“UNπ∞U° ’Uª∞« …d¥UFL∞« ”QØ Â«bª∑ßU° ¡UL∞« WOLØ
”uµØ 3
”QØ 3,5
”uµØ 5
”uµØ 6
”uµØ 5
”uµØ 7
”uµØ 9
”uµØ 11
”uµØ 7
”uµØ 9
”uµØ 11
”uµØ 13
”uµØ 16
TOM∞« “¸_« WOLØ
”uµØ 3
”uµØ 4
”uµØ 5
”uµØ 4
”uµØ 6
”uµØ 8
”uµØ 10
”uµØ 6
”uµØ 8
”uµØ 10
”uµØ 12
”uµØ 15
q¥œuL∞« rƸ
RC1000 &
“¸_« wN© WO´ËQ° WÅUî ÊU±√ ‹ULOKF¢
ÕöÅù«Ë h∫H∞«
)◊( rJ∫∑∞« WF≠«d∞ wJO¢U±u¢Ë_« qLF∞« w≠ qîb∑¢ ô •
Âb´ s± oI∫∑K∞ “UNπ∞« h∫≠ Vπ¥ ,«bª∑ßô« q∂Æ •
vK´ d£R¥ bÆ VO´ Í√ Ë√ ¸«¸“_« w≠ nK¢ Ë√ ¸uºØ œu§Ë
.“UNπ∞« qOGA¢
.Wµ≠b∑∞« l{u∞ „d∫∑∞« s± UNFM± ‰ËU∫¢ ôË
∑∞« ¡«e§_« l≠¸ bM´ “UNπ∞« s± ¸Uª∂∞« »dº∑¥ bÆ •
.UH∞U¢ Ë√ U∂OF± tO≠ ¡e§ Í√ ÊUØ «–≈ “UNπ∞« Âbª∑º¢ ô •
.)»( ¡UDG∞« Ë√ WOKOLJ
qOØu∞« s± VK©« q° ,pºHM° “UNπ∞« `KB¢ Ê√ ‰ËU∫¢ ô •
.VOF∞« Ë√ nK∑∞« ÕöÅS° ÂuI¥ Ê√
W§¸œ Ê_ ,“¸_« wN© “UN§ l± q±UF∑∞« bM´ ¸c∫∞« Œu¢ •
lH¢d¢ WOKOLJ∑∞« ¡«e§_« …¸«d• W§¸œË )Ã( ¡U´u∞« …¸«d•
vK´ ‹U±ö´ œu§Ë Âb´ s± oI∫¢ ,«bª∑ßô« q∂Æ •
.pKº∞« w≠ WO∞U° Ë√ WH∞U¢ ¡«e§√ œu§Ë
…d∑H∞ WMîUß ¡«e§_« Ác≥ vI∂¢ bÆ .«bª∑ßô« ¡UM£√
.qOGA∑∞« ¡UN∑≤« bF°
∞« w≠ nK¢ Ë√ VO´ œu§Ë W∞U• w≠ “UNπ∞« Âbª∑º¢ ô •
.pKº∞« Ë√ WAOH
Âbª∑ß« ,ÂUFD∞« ‚UB∑∞ô WF≤UL∞« WI∂D∞« vK´ ÿUH∫K∞ •
‹«Ëœ√ Í√ Ë√ )Ê( WOJO∑ßö∂∞« “¸_« WIFK± UÎLz«œ
’uBML∞« dO¨ ¡«e§√ Í√ dOOG¢ Ë√ ‰«b∂∑ß« ‰ËU∫¢ ô •
.qO∞b∞« «c≥ w≠ UNOK´
.WO∂Aî Ë√ WO©UD±
¡U°dNJ∞« d©Uª± s± W±öº∞«
∞« o¥d© s´ w§¸Uª∞« ¡U´u∞« w≠ qzUß Í√ VJº≤« «–≈ •
qîœ «–≈ .ÊUJL∞« nH§Ë f∂IL∞« s± WAOH∞« Ÿe≤« ,QDª
ULz«œ oI∫¢ .ÎUO{¸√ Z∑ML∞« «c≥ qOÅu¢ Vπ¥
∞« X∞uHK∞ q£UL± ¡U°dNJ∞« ¸bB± X∞u≠ Ê√ s±
“UNπ∞« vK´ sO∂L∞« »uKDL
.t±«bª∑ß« œËUF¢ Ê√ q∂Æ nπO∞ tØd¢« ,“UNπ∞« v∞≈ ¡UL∞«
¡U≤ù« ŸUÆË )‡≥( sOªº∑∞« Õu∞ Ê√ s± Ê√ s± ULz«œ oI∫¢ •
∞« WNπ∞« ÂuI¢ Ê√ Vπ¥ ,¡U°dNJ∞« pKº∞ nK¢ Àb• «–≈
∞ UÎ∂Mπ¢ ,ÁdOOG∑° dJ¥œ b≤√ „ö° s± ÷uH± qOØË Ë√ WFMBL
Ê√ sJL¥ ‹U∑≠ Í√ s± ÊUO∞Uî wNDK∞ hBªL∞« oOLF∞«
∑≠ Í√ s± UO∞UîË UHOE≤ sOªº∑∞« Õu∞ W≠UE≤ vK´ k≠U• •
.“UNπ∞« W≠UE≤ vK´ ULz«œ k≠U•Ë .‹U
.)‰( WO∂≤Uπ∞« i°UIL∞« s± ô≈ “UNπ∞« qL∫¢ ô •
∞« Ë√ pKº∞« dLG¢ ô ,WOzU°dNØ W±bÅ ÀËb• d©Uª± VMπ∑∞
.dî¬ qzUß Í√ w≠ Ë√ ¡UL∞« w≠ “UNπ
1 WµH∞« ‹Uπ∑M±Ë W∞U©ù« ‹ö°UØ
∞« oOLF∞« ¡U≤ù« lC¢ Ê√ q∂Æ “UNπ∞« qOGA¢ √b∂¢ ô •
W∞U©≈ q°UØ Â«bª∑ß« Vπ¥ ,pKº∞« W∞U©ù W§U∫∞« W∞U• w≠
tLOLB¢ r¢Ë w{¸ú∞ jî t° “UNπ∞« Ê_ w£ö£ VKÆ Í–
.1 WµH∞« ‹Uπ∑M± ”Uß√ vK´
.wNDK∞ hBªL
Ÿb¢ ôË ,wKI∞« ÷«d¨√ w≠ “¸_« wN© ¡U´Ë Âbª∑º¢ ô •
ÊËœ )ÂbÆ 100( «d∑± 30 t∞u© pKß Â«bª∑ß« sJL¥ •
.WÆUD∞« w≠ bI≠ ÀËb•
.“¸_« wN© “UN§ s± ¡e§ Í√ fL¥ sîUº∞« X¥e∞«
∞« bÆuL∞« Ë√ “UG∞« bÆu± vK´ Ë√ s± U∂¥dÆ tFC¢ ô •
.sîUß Êd≠ qî«œ tFC¢ ôË wzU°dNJ
√ ,ö∏± ‘ULÆ WFDIØ ,¡w® ÍQ° ¸Uª∂∞« cHM± bº¢ ô •
.“UNπ∞« qOGA¢ ¡UM£
¢ ô .WAOH∞« rπ∫∞ U∂ßUM± f∂IL∞« rπ• ÊuJ¥ Ê√ Vπ¥ •
Âbª∑º¢ ô .WAOH∞« vK´ Ÿu≤ Í√ s± ‹ö¥bF¢ Í√ Ídπ
∞« s±( w{¸_U° WKB∑L∞« …eN§_« l± ‹UAOH∞« T¥UN±
f°UI± «bª∑ß«Ë WAOH∞« q¥bF¢ Âb´ .)v∞Ë_« W§¸b
.WOzU°dNJ∞« ‹U±bB∞« ÀËb• d©Uª± s± b∫¥ W∂ßUM±
«bª∑ßô« s± ÷dG∞«
ô« Ë√ ‰UF∑®ö∞ WK°UÆ œ«u± s± »dI∞U° “UNπ∞« Âbª∑º¢ ô •
“¸_« wND∞ dJ¥œ b≤¬ „ö° s± “¸_« wN© ¡U´Ë rOLB¢ r¢
.oKD∞« ¡«uN∞« w≠ “UNπ∞« Âbª∑º¢ ô •
÷d¨ Í_ “UNπ∞« «c≥ Âbª∑º¢ ô .qO∞b∞« «c≥ `{u¥ ULØ
.…bz«e∞« W°u©d∞«Ë ¡UL∞« s± “UNπ∞« kH•« •
.jI≠ w∞eML∞« «bª∑ßö∞ hBª± “UNπ∞« «c≥ .dî¬
.tKOGA¢ ¡UM£√ “UNπ∞« „d∫¢ ô •
ÊU±_« ‹«œU®¸≈
.“UNπ∞« qOGA¢ bM´ s¥bO∞« ·U§ ÊuJ¢ Ê√ Vπ¥ •
∞« ¸UO∑∞U° qLF¢ w∑∞« …eN§_« «bª∑ß« bM´ !d¥c∫¢
.sO±bI∞« ·U• X≤√Ë “UNπ∞« qGA¢ ô •
qLA¢ w∑∞« ÊU±_« ‹U©UO∑•« …U´«d± ÂeK¥ ,w∞eML∞« wzU°dNJ
∞«Ë ,o¥d∫∞« d©Uª± s± b∫K∞ p∞–Ë ,WO∞U∑∞« ‹U©UO∑•ô«
π∞« qB≠« ,“UNπ∞« qOGA¢ ¡UM£√ nK∑K∞ pKº∞« ÷dF¢ «–≈ •
.W¥œUL∞« dzUºª∞«Ë ,‹U°UÅù«Ë ,WOzU°dNJ∞« ‹U±bB
Ê√ q∂Æ pKº∞« fLK¢ ô .Ϋ¸u≠ ¡U°dNJ∞« ¸bB± s± “UN
.“UNπ∞« «bª∑ß« q∂Æ W¥UMF° qO∞b∞« «c≥ √dÆ«
.f∂IL∞« s± WAOH∞« qBH¢
∂ÆË ,“UNπ∞« «bª∑ß« Âb´ bM´ f∂IL∞« s± WAOH∞« Ÿe≤« •
.nOEM∑∞« q∂ÆË ,¡«e§√ Í√ Ÿe≤ Ë√ VOØd¢ q
.tHOEM∑° ÂuI¢ Ê√ q∂Æ œd∂O∞ “UNπ∞« „d¢« •
b∞« «c≥ w≠ “UNπ∞« «c≥ «bª∑ß« s± ÷dG∞« n¥dF¢ r¢ •
Ë√ UN° vÅuL∞« dO¨ WO≠U{≈ ‹UI∫K± Í√ «bª∑ß« .qO∞
qO∞b∞« «c≥ w≠ `{uL∞« dO¨ ÷d¨ w≠ “UNπ∞« «bª∑ß«
.‹U°UÅ≈ ÀËb• w≠ V∂º∑¥ bÆ
s¥dîü« s±√
.W§U∫∞« bM´ tO∞≈ Ÿu§dK∞ qO∞b∞« «cN° kH∑•« •
.qOGA∑∞« ¡UM£√ ÁœdHL° “UNπ∞« „d∑¢ ô •
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.“UNπ∞« «bª∑ß« bM´ «Î¸c• sØ •
.“UNπ∞« Âbª∑º¥ ‹«œU®¸ù«
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s± »dI∞U° “UNπ∞« «bª∑ß« bM´ ’d∫° ÁU∂∑≤ô« Vπ¥ •
∫∞«Ë ‹u¥e∞«Ë …¸«d∫∞« s´ «ÎbOF° pKº∞« wI∂¢ Ê√ Vπ¥ •
√ q∂Æ s± t±«bª∑ß« r∑¥ wJ∞ rLB¥ r∞ “UNπ∞« «c≥ •
WOKIF∞« Ë√ WOº∫∞« Ë√ WOLºπ∞« ‹«¸bI∞« wBÆU≤ ’Uª®
.…œU∫∞« ·«u
w∑∞« …bCML∞« Ë√ `Dº∞« vK´ s± ÎUO∞b∑± pKº∞« „d∑¢ ô •
ª∞« rN∞ fO∞ s¥c∞« ’Uª®_« Ë√ )‰UH©_« p∞– w≠ UL° (
U¥u∑º± “UNπ∞« tOK´ lC¢ Íc∞« `Dº∞« ÊuJ¥ Ê√ Vπ¥ •
s´ ‰uµºL∞« ·«d®≈ X∫¢ ô≈ ,WO≠UJ∞« W≠dFL∞«Ë …d∂
.V≤«uπ∞« vK´ WO≠UØ W¨¸U≠ ‹U≠Uº± „d¢ l±
.qOGA∑∞« WOHOØ s´ tM± ‹«œU®¸S° Ë√ rN∑±öß
“UNπ∞U° rN∂F∞ Âb´ ÊULC∞ ‰UH©_« W∂Æ«d± Vπ¥ •
“UNπ∞« lC¢ ôË .¡U°dNJ∞« Ãdª± qHß√ “UNπ∞« lC¢ ô •
¸œUB± s± »dI∞U° tFC¢ ôË .o∞“ Ë√ q∑∂± `Dß vK´
.sîUß Êd≠ Ë√ …¸«d∫∞«
¡«e§_« vK´ ·dF∑∞«
¡UDG∞« i∂I±
¡UDG∞« )»
wNDK∞ oOL´ ¡U≤≈ )Ã
¡UL∞« Èu∑º± d®R± )œ
sOªº∑∞« Õu∞
wºO©UMG± ÕU∑H± )Ë
wºOzd∞« rºπ∞« )“
wºOzd∞« pKº∞« )Õ
rJ∫∑∞« WF≠«¸ )◊
…¸«d∫∞« vK´ ÿUH∫∞« d®R± )Í
wzuC∞« wND∞« d®R± )„
w∂≤U§ i∂I± )‰
…d¥UF± ”QØ )Â
“¸_« WIFK± )Ê
¸Uª∂∞« vK´ wND∞« WOMOÅ )”
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