Cruzer Profile QSG_Eng.qxd

Cruzer® Profile
Quick Start Guide
Initializing the Cruzer Profile
1. Insert the Cruzer Profile into an open USB port (NOTE: Please use a High powered USB Hub Port.
The Cruzer Profile cannot be used in monitor or keyboard USB ports. Monitor and keyboard ports
are low powered.)
2. The Cruzer Profile program will auto launch
a. Agree to the End User License Agreement and click "OK".
b. Follow the Enrollment Tutorial (Tutorial will run by default and provides an enrollment practice
screen). (NOTE: Enroll two fingers (one from each hand) to ensure continued access to device
in event of injury.)
Please read the instructions on how to enroll your fingers.
ii. Quality is important. Lay finger flat on the sensor with the sensor underneath the last
iii. Slide finger slowly and smoothly across the Biometric sensor without lifting your finger.
iv. Allow finger to come off the end of the Cruzer Profile before shifting your finger.
c. Complete Practice session.
d. Finger Print Enrollment.
Select the icon above the finger you wish to enroll and swipe three times to achieve
ii. Select a finger on the other hand and repeat step i.
e. Click "Finish". You have now completed the enrollment process.
3. Upon completion of the enrollment process, you will see the Cruzer Profile icon in the system tray.
The system tray is located on the right side or bottom of the task bar.
4. Windows will load the Mass Storage driver and two drive letters will enumerate in "My Computer".
a. The first drive is a Mass Storage drive titled "removable Disk".
b. The second drive is the Cruzer Profile secure software drive. (NOTE: Do not edit, delete or
manipulate this drive in any way.)
Edit, Delete or Add new Fingerprints
1. Right click on the Protector Suite icon and choose "Edit Fingerprints"
2. The Enrollment wizard will start
3. Select "Next"
4. On the next screen either:
a. To add a new fingerprint, click on an open finger icon and swipe the sensor three times with a
new finger.
b. To delete a fingerprint, select the finger icon of the one you wish to remove and click "yes" to
Utilizing CruzerPass™
To register a new site with CruzerPass please do the following:
1. Open Internet Explorer
2. Navigate to the desired website (for example
3. Go to the login page for the website (In the upper left corner of the Internet Explorer window, you
will see a bubble pop up, telling you that you are on a page with fields that are eligible for
4. Enter your user name and password (DO NOT hit enter)
5. Select the Profile Hot key by pressing ‘CTRL+ALT+HOME’
6. The sensor swipe window will appear
7. Swipe finger (The CruzerPass bubble will appear in the upper left corner of the Internet Explorer
screen, telling you that you have successfully registered the login)
8. You have now successfully enrolled a password in CruzerPass
Accessing Stored Passwords
1. Click on the Cruzer Profile icon in the task bar
2. Select "Registered sites"
3. Select the site you wish to access
4. The sensor swipe window will appear
5. Swipe one of your registered fingers
6. Internet Explorer will launch to the desired site
7. Your user name and password will auto populate
8. You are now logged into your desired site
NOTE: All passwords are stored securely on the Cruzer Profile NOT on the host PC
To Manage, Rename or Delete Passwords
1. Click on the Protector Suite Icon
2. Choose "Settings"
3. The sensor swipe window will appear
4. Swipe your finger
5. A window will open with three tabs: Options, CruzerPass, Registration
6. Select the "Registration" Tab
7. Select the Site you wish to edit. You can then edit, rename or delete the registration
a. You can also export this file to the host PC as a backup or import an existing Protector Suite
backup file
Installing the CruzerLogin™ application
1. Right click on the Cruzer Profile drive letter.
2. Launch the CruzerLoginSetup application by double clicking on the file.
3. After reading the welcome information, press Next.
4. After reading the End-User License Agreement, select "I accept the license agreement" and then
press the "Next" button.
5. If desired, select the location where the CruzerLogin application will be installed. Then press
6. If you are satisfied with the selected installation options, press "Next". Otherwise, press "Back" for
7. The CruzerLogin application will then be installed.
8. Once the application is completely installed, press "Finish".
9. In order to complete the installation of the CruzerLogin application, the system must be restarted.
Press "Yes" to restart the system. Also, please remember to save and close all open files before
restarting the system.
Using the CruzerLogin application
1. Simultaneously press the Ctrl-Alt-Home keys.
The sensor swipe window will appear. Swipe your finger as indicated.
a. The User Interface will indicate if fingerprints are not enrolled. Please enroll by following the
instructions above.
2. The first time you use the CruzerLogin application, a window will ask you for your User
Credentials. Enter this information and press "OK".
The application will log you into your system.
3. On all invocations after the first, fingerprint authentication will automatically log you into your