Woods | FZ22K | introducing the kinze 4900 front

FRONT-FOLD 30" spacing 12, 16, 24 row.
99%+ ACCURACY at speeds up to 8 mph.
NEW 4000 SERIES VACUUM METER with optional electric drive.
NEW CAST IRON ROW UNITS now with 12" vertical travel.
HYDRAULIC WEIGHT TRANSFER to reduce potential soil compaction.
HIGH CAPACITY bulk-fill seed and liquid fertilizer options.
ISOBUS plug-and-play precision electronics.
New Products
White Planter
offers upgrade
By Willie Vogt
t White Planter, the newest generation
row units — the 9000 series — is the
next big thing from this division of
Agco. The company is launching its first
12-row, 30-inch center-fill planter to fill
a niche it sees for the midsize farmer who
wants to boost productivity but doesn’t
see a need to double planter size. “If you
want to go up from a 12-row planter, the
next step is 24 rows if you want all your
equipment to match,” says Bob Boelson,
senior product marketing specialist,
seeding and tillage.
The new row unit features a heavyduty design that eliminates grease zerks
and daily maintenance. Bushings are
designed to last a life-time, and if debris
or mud get into the unit, cleanup is easy.
White’s new 9000 Series row unit
For example, the row unit can be pulled
offers a lot of uptime features, includfrom the planter by removing a slip ring.
ing easier cleaning and elimination
A bigger 16-inch disk opener allows for
of the need for daily lubrication.
deeper planting — up to 4.5 inches — and
adjustments can be made in quarter-inch increments. The positive-flow air seed unit
gets a revamp, too. Longtime users may notice the bigger brush on the left side of the
unit, which does a better job of keeping seed in the plate as the air-pressure is released,
so seed can drop to the ground. And that fall is short — just 18 inches — which Agco
says is one of the shortest for the industry.
Precision Planting’s vDrive
ncreased demand for better accuracy and more precise plant populations is driving
technology away from chains, gears, sprockets and mechanical drives toward electric
drive units on planting equipment. Farmers who run John Deere, Kinze and CNH
planters have access to a major jump in seed placement technology with Precision
Planting’s new vDrive, an electric drive for the 20/20 Seed Sense and vSet meters.
Jason Stoller, Precision Planting’s product manager, says, “This brings single-row
control and much more precise population control to the vSet meter. Regardless of
curves, ground speed or prescription zone, vDrive actuates each vSet meter to plant
precisely to the prescribed population.”
SeedSense draws on GPS, radar and gyro inputs
to calculate each row’s velocity. The vDrive module
is sealed from dust and moisture inside the vDrive
and is designed to maintain accurate population for
each row in each foot of the field.
Zero-turn mower
ero-turn mowers cover a lot of
ground with minimum trimming.
The FZ22K from Woods features a
22-hp Kawasaki V-twin engine, foldable ROPS, and three deck choices and
five attachments. Suggested list price
is $8,999. Call 800-319-6637, or visit
Big wing mower
he new 36 Series from Land Pride
is a medium-duty wing mower that
works with tractors from 70 to 250
hp. With a 20-foot working width, it’s
best suited for grassy fields, pastures,
waterways, buffer strips and setaside
acres. List price is $5,944. Call 785823-3276, or see www.landpride.com.
Precision Planting’s new vDrive is an electric drive
for use with 20/20 SeedSense and vSet meters,
which eliminates mechanical systems and improves
seed placement accuracy and efficiency.
May/June 2013 ◆ Farm Futures
One big rake
ermeer rolls out the VR series of
rakes. There are three models in
the line, with maximum windrow
widths ranging from 80 to 98 inches.
The series can be powered by a 30-hp
tractor. Suggested list price is $35,967.
For more information, call 800-370-3659,
or visit www.vermeer.com.
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