Hybrid Spot
Battery Powered
Resistance Spot Welder
- 4 cable system
- Double-Acting Spot Gun
- Two sided spot welding
- Single sided welding
- X-Gun adaptive
- Spot hammer dent pulling
- Pro Pull dent pulling
- Washer welding
- Nut and bolt welding
- Contact shrinking
- Nail welding
- Moulding clip rivet welding
No 220V or 3-Phase required. Battery operated
DC spot welding system.
Hybrid Spot
The Hybrid Spot now features weld current monitoring
to show the operator how much current is delivered
to each weld. The unit can also alert the user when
weld current falls below a preset level.
Recommended Batteries
Centennial Commercial
C-31-10AP CCA1100
31P, P# - 1231PMF,
CCA1000, RES 185,
REF 1190
*Batteries NOT Included
Extension Arm Systems
Spot welding of quarter panel
using C-Arm (PS-302).
Consistent weld quality with short
weld time.
Wheel House welding with PS-52
Arm makes it possible to weld the
most difficult applications.
X-Adapter Arm is a must for tight
areas with limited space for the
Welding Arm Systems
Charging system for on-board batteries (4).
C-X Adapter. Patented.
The Hybrid Spot comes with a variety of extension arms to accomodate any welding job.
Switching between extension arms is easy with the Hybrid Spot, simply loosen the handle
to pull off the C-Arm & insert the new extension arm.
Convenient 110V/220V outlet on back for
easy re-charging! Can also be charged while welding.
Load test of battery system included.
Technical Data
Input voltage:
110 VAC or 220VAC 1 Phase 5A
(Auto Sensing)
Duty Cycle: 80+ Welds per charge
Single Sided Welding (Included)
Spot Welding
Welding amperage:
10,000A max
Welding cable length:
8’ (2.5m) standard
Electrode pressure:
At 6 bar (90 PSI)-280 DaN (616 Lb)
At 8 bar (116 PSI)-320 DaN (720 Lb)
Washer welding
Nail welding
Contact shrinking
Bolt and nut welding
Cooling system:
Fan Cooled, Compressed air cooling
(weld gun and weld cables)
Moulding clip rivet
33”(838mm) x 23”(584mm) x 43”(1092mm)
Shipping weight:
275lb (234kg)
Spot hammer
dent pulling
2 year electronic limited warranty.
1 year mechanical warranty.
Pro Pull dent pulling.
Patented. (optional)
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5932 Sea Otter Place
Carlsbad, CA 92010
Phone: +1 760-407-1414
Toll free (US only): 877- PRO SPOT
Fax: 760-407-1421
E-Mail: info@prospot.com
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