Operating Instructions RDF300…, RDF340…, RDU340 - ifs

Do you want to change from heating to cooling mode?
The changeover between cooling and heating is done either automatically by a
heating / cooling changeover sensor or a remote changeover switch, or manually
by pressing the operating mode button . If the controller is configured cooling
only or heating only, no changeover is possible (see parameter P01)
RDF300…, RDF340…,
Operating Instructions
RDF/RDU… – the temperature controller that allows you to set the ideal room temperature you want. The controller
provides comfort mode, energy saving mode and standby. The fan operates either in automatic mode or at the selected
speed when using manual mode. You can either rely on the factory settings or make adjustments that suit your individual
By automatic changeover or continuous heating/cooling:
Display shows that heating valve is open
Display shows that cooling valve is open
By manual changeover:
Display shows that controller is in heating mode
Condensation in the room*
Comfort mode
Energy Saving mode
Cooling demand / mode
Heating demand / mode
Electrical heater active
Measured room temperature,
setpoints and parameters
Display shows that controller is in cooling mode
Do you want to change the fan mode?
Press the button until you have selected the desired fan mode.
In automatic mode, the fan speed is automatically selected by the controller and
depends on the setpoint and the actual room temperature. When the room
temperature has reached the setpoint, the fan remains in fan speed low (factory
Automatic fan
Low fan speed
Medium fan speed
High fan speed
Symbol when actual room
temperature displayed
Current time of the day or
additional user information
In manual mode the fan operates independently and always runs at the same
speed: Low, medium or high.
Low fan speed
Medium fan speed
Keypad locked
High fan speed
Indication of alarm*
By a single-speed fan, the mode can be changed between
Operation and Settings
Do you want to set your controller to standby?
Adjusting operating mode
Adjusting fan mode
- Standby ( )
- Comfort mode ( )
- Energy saving mode ( )*
- Automatic fan (
- Manual fan (
Press the operating mode button several times until the display shows the
symbol to indicate that standby is selected.
or by a system with manual changeover
- Standby ( )
- Comfort heating (
- Comfort cooling (
No fan available on RDU…!
Changes by installer
Colder / Warmer
The controller can be set in energy saving mode either via pressing the operating
if enabled (see parameter P02), or via an external contact such
mode button
as window switch, key card switch etc.
If the external contact is activated the controller changes from comfort mode or
standby to energy saving mode. Any operation by the user has no influence.
In energy saving mode the automatic fan speed is active.
Are your rooms too warm or too cold?
Pressing + or - allows you to increase or decrease the current room temperature setpoint for comfort mode.
The maximum setting range is from 5...40 °C, unless it is limited by parameters P09 and P10.
CE1B3076.1en / 28.04.2008
Frost protection: ........... ˚C
Heat protection: ........... ˚C
Do you want to change to Energy saving mode?
* if configured by your HVAC installer
In standby , only frost protection is active (factory setting = 8˚C), unless your
HVAC installer has adjusted the factory settings.
Subject to alteration
Note: If the controller is configured for manual heating / cooling changeover, the
Energy saving mode can not be selected via operating mode button .
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Do you want to lock the keypad?
Control parameter
If you want to change the control parameters, proceed as follows:
If the keypad lock function is enabled by parameter P14, then pressing 7
seconds on the operating mode button , the keypad will be locked or
unlocked respectively.
If “Auto lock” is configured, then the controller will automatically lock the
keypad after 30 seconds of the last adjustment.
This message reminds you to clean the filter on your HVAC equipment.
It will appear after …………….….. “fan operating hours” and disappear
when the controller is set to standby ( ). This reminder must be configured
by your HVAC installer.
- +
- +
2. Press - and + simultaneously for a minimum of 3 seconds.
3. Select the required parameter by repeatedly pressing the + or – button.
4. Press + and – simultaneously, the current value of the selected parameter starts to flash, which can be
changed by repeatedly pressing + or -.
5. By pressing + and - simultaneously again the next parameter will be displayed.
6. If you wish to display and change additional parameters, repeat steps 3 through 5.
This alarm message tells you an external alarm has occurred:
AL1 : ……………………………..….
AL2 : ………………………………….
The alarms are configured by your HVAC installer
7. 10 seconds after the last display or setting, all changes are stored and the controller will leave parameter enter
Commissioning (by qualified HVAC installer)
To adapt the controller to your system and optimize the control performance, a number of
control parameters can be adjusted. This can also be made during operation without
opening the controller.
ParaController’s parameter factory settings:
P01 Control sequence
The controller can be used in systems either for heating only or cooling only,
manually selection of heating or cooling, or automatic heating / cooling
changeover. Depending on the selected application, the relevant modes are
available and can be adjusted by commissioning parameter P01 if needed.
The factory setting for 2-pipe and single duct application is “Cooling only”,
and for 4 pipe application “Heating and Cooling”
Recalibrating the sensor
2-pipe…: [0…3]
1 (Cool only)
4-pipe:. [2…4]
4 (Heat&Cool)
P02 Mode selection by user operating mode button
1 (Stb, Comf)
P04 Selection of °C or °F
P05 Sensor calibration
P06 Standard temperature display
0.0 K
0 (Room temp.)
P07 Additional user info
0 (no display)
If the room temperature displayed by the controller does not agree with the
temperature effectively measured, the temperature sensor can be
recalibrated. With parameter P05 the temperature can be adjusted by + or –
0.5 °C up to a maximum of + / - 3 °C.
Energy saving mode
If you want to change the factory-set temperature setpoints (15 °C for heating
and 30 °C for cooling), the parameter P11 and P12 need to be adjusted.
Important: The setpoint of energy saving mode can be set to OFF; this
means that the controller is then not active! Risk of frost, i.e. no protective
heating or cooling function.
Comfort basic setpoint
Minimum setpoint limitation in Comfort
Maximum setpoint limitation in Comfort
Setpoint of heating in Energy Saving
Setpoint of cooling in Energy Saving
Electrical heater in cooling mode
P14 Keypad lock
(Pressing 7 seconds on the operating mode button
keypad will be locked or unlocked respectively)
Please record all changes you make!
Subject to alteration
Setting range
Control sequence
CE1B3076.1en / 28.04.2008
Release them and, within 2 seconds, press the + again for 3 seconds. The display will show “P01”.
Reminder clean filter!
1. Set the controller to standby
21 °C
(WminComf) 5 °C
(WmaxComf) 35 °C
(WheatEco) 15 °C
30 °C
, the
0 (Disabled)
0:= Heating only
1:= Cooling only
2:= Manual H or C
3:= Auto Changeover
4:= Heating & cooling
1 = Stb, Comf
2 = Stb, Comf, Eco
°C or °F
– 3 ... +3 K
0:= Room temp
1:= Setpoint
0:= no display
1:= Temp in °C + °F
5 ... 40 °C
5 ... 40 °C
5 ... 40 °C
OFF, 5 °C…WcoolEco
OFF, WheatEco…40°C
OFF:= disabled
ON:= enabled
0:= Disabled
1:= Auto lock
2:= Manual lock
(all temperature settings can be made in increments of 0.5 K)
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