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Bosch Solution 16i
Everything you need for home security.
Solution 16i
Smart security made easy
• Easy-to-read code pad
• Easy fixed text & icon control
• ON & PART arming modes
• Partitioning to multiple areas eg. upstairs,
downstairs, garage, granny flat, garden shed, etc.
• System indicators – AC fail & system troubles
• Chime feature on user selectable zones
• Remote arming via the telephone
• Walk test mode
• Alarm memory recall
• Code pad panic and duress
• 2 entry timers
Compatible Accessories
ISM-BLQ1 – Using a Quad Passive Infra-Red Sensor
with 13m x 13m coverage allows a virtually
instantaneous response to human intruders without
false alarms. Perfect for almost every home.
ISM-BLD1-P-F1 – Pet Immune TriTech with 11m x
11m coverage. Dual Microwave and PIR technologies
with pattern recognition technology, means this
detector is perfect for the home, office or garage.
DS936 – Low Profile Ceiling Mount Passive
Infra-Red detector with 7.5m coverage.
RF3212E – 433MHz wireless receiver designed to
support Solution wireless accessories.
RF3334E – 4-button keyfob transmitter for STAY and
AWAY operation as well as in-built panic functions
and auxiliary power output control (used for lights
or garage doors etc).
CP510I Icon Code pad for system interaction.
For a complete range of available accessories,
please ask your Bosch security dealer.
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Be smart about your security.
Let Bosch protect your home.
Your Home Security Solution
You’ve worked hard for the things that you own. Your home is your sanctuary. If an intruder breaks into your
system to protect your home and family doesn’t need to be a complex and time consuming task.
Your home should provide a sense of security
which an intruder violates!
Bosch, the brand you know and trust, offers you a
Solution that’s reliable, uncomplicated and affordable
The Solution 16i from Bosch Security Systems offers you the perfect solution. We’ve created a security system
that has all the technology it needs to identify intruders to your home, without being hard to use. Solution 16i
helps you protect the things you love, providing you with reliable home security at your fingertips.
Reliability you can Trust
Icons make it Easy
The Solution Series security systems have been
market leaders for over twenty years. Designed and
manufactured in Australia, they represent thousands
of man hours of development at Bosch, using an
on-going process of customer feedback that is
constantly engineered into our security systems
every year. The result is a tried, tested and
continually enhanced security system that is built
to provide you with years of trouble-free
performance... everything you would expect from
Bosch, a brand you know and trust.
The part of the security system that you use
every day is the code pad. Not only is it the way
you control the security system, but it also tells
you what’s happening. That’s where most security
systems fail! Flashing lights and numbers mean
nothing to you when the alarm is sounding and
you’re striving to figure out what the code pad
is trying to tell you. In fact, more than 90% of
false alarms from security systems are caused
by user error.
The Solution 16i code pad eliminates many of these
causes of false alarms because it’s designed to
make using your security system extremely simple.
Using fixed text and easy-to-recognise icons, the
Solution 16i code pad blends Bosch LCD icon
technology with the advantages of text. So you’ll
never have to wonder about the status of your
security system - the ICON code pad will always
show you what’s going on. So simple to use, it really
is child’s play.
With one touch of your code pad you can turn your
security system on. This extremely easy to use code
pad is also designed to physically fit in with any
home décor.
Technology that’s Cost Effective
The Solution 16i can support up to 16 security
devices, including internal motion sensors and door
or window contacts. When an intruder is detected,
the Solution 16i can sound sirens, alert your
monitoring centre and activate lights, providing
security you can rely on 24 hours a day!
The Solution 16i is a state of the art security system
that won’t break the budget. Bosch offers you all
the technology you need to protect your home and
family at an affordable price. Because each home is
different, your alarm installer will put together a
cost effective security solution that best suits your
family and the layout of your home.
Not only will the Solution 16i look after your home,
it can provide you the peace of mind knowing that
your children are safe. Your Solution 16i can send a
text message to your mobile phone to let you know
that your children have arrived home safe from
school and have turned off your alarm system.
home, the loss you feel is not just about the items destroyed or stolen - they can be easily replaced. What you
lose is the peace of mind and that sense of security that your home once provided. Finding the right security
Providing Peace of Mind
The Freedom of Choice
Simple Short Cut Keys
Some people are good with numbers. Some people
will forget them. What good is a PIN number if you
can’t remember it? At Bosch, we understand that
your security system needs to fit in with your way of
life, so we’ve given you a choice when it comes to
turning your security system ON (Arming) and OFF
Like your PC, a security system can be a
complicated machine to run. What you really need
are some short cut keys to get you where you want
to go quickly and easily. At Bosch, we’ve thought
about the ways in which most people use their
security system from the code pad and provided
you with 3 buttons that will make your system so
easy to use.
Rather than having to remember a PIN number,
Solution 16i code pads can allow you to simply
present a key ring sized token or card to the face
of the code pad which will turn your security system
ON or OFF. You may have seen this at work - now
Bosch gives you the same convenience at home.
This option is particularly useful for the elderly
and children.
You can also have your Solution 16i security system
programmed to use a small wireless remote control
that fits onto your key ring. Working like your car
remote, it lets you turn the security system ON or
OFF as you leave or enter your home by pressing
one simple button. It makes life simpler when you’re
hands are full with shopping bags! The wireless
remote control can also act as a portable panic
button, and can even be programmed to switch on
lights or open garage doors and automatic gates.
Press the ON button to turn on (Arm) both the
internal motion sensors and perimeter doors and
windows contacts when you are leaving your home.
All security devices are on alert for an intruder.
Press the PART button to turn on (Arm) the
perimeter devices of your security system, while
allowing you to move around inside, without causing
annoying false alarms. You can also use PART mode
to protect one area of your home (like downstairs or
your living spaces) while you are asleep in another
(upstairs or the bedrooms.) If an intruder enters
through a protected door or window, an alarm will
be immediately activated.
Turning the security system off (Disarming) is as
simple as entering your PIN code and then pressing
the OFF button. In this way, Solution 16i protects
your home and family whether you are at home or
A comprehensive range of Bosch accessories to
compliment your security system are available, like
remote controls and cards or tags. For apartments
or homes where it’s difficult to run wires, a range of
wireless sensors can be quickly and easily fitted to
your system to ensure your home is protected.
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