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Reliability, Industrial, Connectivity, Operability, High Volume
The DDP 92 offers high-speed printing for production intensive environments.
Network Connectivity
and Performance
Lanier redefines the way you think about
production printing. The DDP 92, a powerful
92-page-per minute workhorse printer offers
industrial strength printing for production
intensive environments. The DDP 92 incorporates
a high performance print controller, web utilities,
custom bi-directional drivers, and an extensive
range of capabilities and finishing options. All
of this is designed to significantly improve your
productivity and lower your total printing costs.
Your Digital Document
Designed for high-volume applications like print
on demand and system printing requirements,
the DDP 92 features an engine life of 30,000,000
images and can print 1.2 million pages before
the first printer engine PM cycle. You get capacity
far exceeding standard copier-based network
devices typically found in the general office.
Built to last, the DDP 92’s industrial strength
components ensure that you get the highest
quality output, page after page.
The DDP 92 offers you unprecedented media
flexibility among printers in its price range.
Manual covers on heavy stock, even tab dividers,
can be printed from any main body tray, allowing
you to generate sophisticated, integrated
documents in a single pass. Paper sizes up to
12"x 18" (Super B) allow you to print full-bleed
11" x 17"/A3 layouts with trim marks, edge-toedge printing at 600 x 600 dpi on any supported
media, and the standard 6,150 sheet input
capacity assures uninterrupted printing of highvolume runs.
Intelligent Forms
Reduce printing costs, move green bar paper
reports and pre-printed forms to laser printer
pages which can be formatted with custom
logos, signatures and more. Custom printed
standard and multi-part forms are expensive,
why not create or modify your own forms quickly
and effectively?
Reduce labor costs by eliminating storage,
transportation and handling costs associated
with custom printed forms and greenbar paper.
No more struggling with form bursting and
de-collating, print your custom forms on-demand
when you need them!
Advanced Print Drivers
and Web Utilities
The Lanier bi-directional print drivers feature a
graphical user interface
for maximum printer
control right from your
workstation. With
only one interface
for PostScript or
PCL these dynamic,
feature-rich drivers
enable end-to-end
document production, including simplified postdocument page insertion, front and back covers,
and tab stock printing. Any document printing
and finishing configuration can be saved as a
profile for easy reuse.
Friendly web utilities
provide access to the
printer through the
Internet or Intranet.
Status of the printer,
System functions and
Service are all available
through an embedded
web server and color graphics provide a quick
overview of the printer status in all three modes.
Online, Offline Finishing
The standard Lanier finisher lets you print
and finish your documents all in one pass.
You get high productivity with multi-position
stapling. All major paper sizes can be stapled
with up to a 50-sheet stapling capacity. Stacking
capacity is 2,500 sheets with offset, plus 200
non-stapled sheets.
The DDP 92 combined with one or two Container
Stackers allows you to run very large production
jobs unattended. When you add a pair of
Container Stackers to your production printer
you can feed, print and stack up to six thousand
sheets without worrying about continuous
operator support. The baskets provide you with
a convenient way to transport the output to the
finishing equipment for those production jobs
that require offline finishing.
Professional Quality
Booklets with
Publishing Finisher
Online finishing for the DDP 92 includes a
Booklet Maker and a Publishing Finisher. The
Booklet Maker supports on-demand and sheet
insertion. Small booklets may be produced by
folding standard Letter (SEF) paper or larger
size booklets can be created by folding Ledger
(SEF) 11" x 17" paper. Up to 20 regular sized
five sheet booklets may be delivered to the
special output stacker.
The Publishing Finisher provides professional
quality booklets at a cost lower than high end
publishing solutions. This superb online finisher
is the powerful platform your business requires
to produce quality booklets, catalogs and more.
Saddle stitching, center-folding, trimming,
stacking and sheet insertion are all standard
features of the powerful Publishing Finisher.
printing speed
simplex / duplex
Letter /LEF
92 / 46 ppm
50 / 25 ppm
50 / 25 ppm
46 / 23 ppm
Custom Mercury bi-directional drivers for
Windows 98/95/2000/NT 4.0/XP;
PPD for Apple Macintosh OS 8. x/9.x
Data Stream Conversion AFP/IPDS, SCS, LCDS/Metacode to Adobe
Postscript or PCL
paper handling
Standard Input
6,150 sheets total
Tray 1
2,000 B5 to 12” x 18” / (Super B) (20-lb)
network connectivity
Tray 2
500 A5 to 12” x 18” / (Super B) (20-lb)
Tray 3
500 A5 to 12” x 18” (Super B) (20-lb)
Standard Interface
High Capacity Feeder
3,000 Letter / A4 sheets (LEF) (20-lb)
By-pass Tray
150 sheets (All Sizes)
Standard Output
2,700 sheets total
Average Yield: 36,000 images (5% coverage)
Standard Finisher
Multi-Position Stapling, Stacking, Offset
Elevator Tray: 2,500 sheets
Top Tray: 200 sheets (non-stapled)
Average Yield: 480,000 images
Average Yield: 400,000 images
Saddle-stitch stapling, center folding, stacker
and sheet insertion. Booklets to 15 sheets (20 lb)
plus 1 cover page of 110 lb. (Index) stock.
Inserter Tray Capacity 200 sheets (34 lb)
Paper Size: Letter (SEF), Legal (SEF),
Ledger (SEF), B5 (LEF), A4 (LEF/SEF), B4 (SEF),
A3 (SEF)
Fuser Unit
Average Yield: 1,600,000 images
Booklet Maker
and Inserter
10 /100 Base-T Ethernet, Bi-Directional Parallel
TCP / IP; optional - IPX/SPX, EtherTalk
Fuser Cleaning Web
Average Yield: 320,000 images
Staple Cartridges
5,000 staples per cartridge (two cartridges per
PM Cycles
First PM for finisher is 400,000 images
First PM for each engine is 1,200,000 images.
Paper Weight for Inserter: 16 lb - 110 lb (index)
Publishing Finisher
Saddle-stich stapling, center folding, trimming,
stacker, sheet insertion and more!
200-240V, 8.5 A at 230V
Container Stackers
Add up to two container stackers (4 containers)
for production that requires offline finishing.
Holds Letter / A4 and Ledger / A3 paper sizes up
to 6,000 pages (20-lb.) maximum.
560 lbs. (254 kg)
(H X W X D)
45 x 75 x 26 in. (115 x 192 x 66 mm)
Duty Cycle
800,000 images/month
Printer Engine Life
Five years or 30 million impressions, whichever
comes first.
paper weights
Input Tray
16-54 lb., (index to 110 lb)
By-Pass Tray
17-54 lb., (index to 110 lb)
print controller
Required Maintenance
Area (W X D)
101 x 101 in. (2550 x 2565 mm)
Lanier is a registered trademark of Lanier Worldwide, Inc.
375 MHz PowerPC 750 processor with 128 MB
600 x 600 dpi
Page Description
PCL 5e, PCL XL and optional Adobe PostScript 3
Printer Ready
Embedded Web Server
Real-time device monitoring and configuration
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