PCU 2100 Redundant Load Sharing Power Supply
The PCU-2100 Load Sharing Redundant Power
Supply is a 2U rack-mounted power supply
system for Control Matrix field paging
components. The PCU-2100 is designed to
provide redundant or passive operation from its
two independent power supply modules, or
“banks”. Each bank is capable of simultaneously
powering up to eight Control Matrix PCU Series
stations and ten remote control panels. Each
bank is an fully independent power supply,
internally protected against load faults.
Additional protection is provided for each output
circuit and an auto-reset feature makes restoring
power to protected output loads easy, without
assistance from technical personnel. Front panel
LED indicators alert the user to load status, as
well as the health of incoming primary supply
voltages and fault conditions. The PCU 2100 can
operate in either Redundant or Dual modes. A
rear panel switch allows the system integrator to
determine the operating mode, while a front
panel LED provides visual status for the user.
When operating in Redundant Mode, the PCU2100 provides fully supervised, redundant power
supply outputs for up to eight PCU Series paging
stations and up to ten remote control panels. In
this mode, any failure of a primary supply
module will automatically engage the second
supply module, without interupption. In Dual
Mode, the second bank can be fully loaded,
thereby doubling the capacity of the PCU 2100
for applications that do not require redundancy.
Each bank includes a Form-C, fault output
connector for interfacing external alarms or
signalling equipment. A front panel Fault LED
provides visual status to the user. Additional
connectivity is provided for terminating the data
lines from ControlMatrix devices. Each bank
includes a wiring bus that allows for easy
interface to head end equipment. The PCU-2100
is designed for the systems contractor and
features rear panel connections for all supply
circuits. Removable Euro connector provide easy
termination and service for all outputs and fault
contacts. A removable IEC line connector is
provided for the AC line. The PCU 2100 is
available for domestic (120VAC) and export
(230/240VAC) use.
Industrial Rack Mount Package
Redundant Operation
Support for up 16 paging stations
Support for up to 20 control panels
LED status indicators
Integrated Fault Supervision
Form C Fault Relay Contacts
Removable Euro Connectors
Bi-polar & Single-Ended supplies
RS-485 Termination Bus
Transportation terminals
Institutional paging
Manufacturing environments
Warehouse facilities
Educational facilities
Convention centers
Campus facilities
Municipal infrastructure
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Input Requirements
1A @ 120VAC
0.5A @ 230VAC
Bank Outputs (max each bank)
Bi-polar, four groups, two connectors per group,
+15VDC, 0.65mA per group; -15VDC, 0.3A per
group, referenced to ground.
Single-ended, all outputs combined, +12VDC,
0.5A, referenced to ground.
Fault: 1x red, single-color.
Outputs 1-4: 4x green/red, dual-color.
Output +12V: 1x green/red, dual-color.
Power Supply
Bi-polar max power: 1.85A (+V), 0.75A (-V) quasiregulated, 8 loads distributed across 4 circuits.
Single-ended max power: 12VDC, 0.5A fully regulated, 10 loads max across single output.
Dimensions: 19"W X 3.5"H X 16.5"D
3-position removable Euro block for each bi-polar
circuit, RS-485 output and fault contact.
Weight: 16.8 Lbs unit weight
22.4 Lbs shipping weight
2-position removable Euro block for each singleended circuit and RS-485 inputs.
Construction: 18 gauge powder-coated CRS.
IEC power connector.
Supplied Accessories: IEC power cable, 3-position
Euro connectors, 2-position Euro connectors.
Front Panel Status
Status (AC Mains): 1x blue, single-color.
+V, -V, +12V (DC): 3x green, single-color.
Architect’s & Engineer’s Specifications
Power Supply
The power supply shall be constructed in a steel, powder-coated chassis, suitable for installation in EIA equipment
racks. The unit shall not exceed 2 EIA rack spaces, and shall include rear panel terminations exclusively. The
power supply shall be designed for either stand-alone or redundant operation, and shall be based on a dual-supply
architecture. Each supply bank shall supply bi-polar DC power for up to 8 paging stations in redundant mode, or
up to 16 stations in stand-alone mode. An additional single-ended DC supply for each bank shall provide power for
up to 10 remote control panels in redundant mode, or 20 panels in stand-alone mode. Each output circuit, for
each bank, shall include an auto-resetting device that will protect the load and the power supply output in the case
of a load fault. When the fault is corrected, the output circuit shall either automatically reset or require line voltage cycling, depending on the type of fault. When operating in redundant mode, the supply shall operate with
each bank in parallel, providing 1:1 redundancy for fail-safe operation. If a primary power supply output circuit
fails, the secondary supply bank shall provide power to the load without interupption. Each bank shall include a
fault contact supervision relay with external contacts. The relay contacts shall be rated for 500mA minimum, and
shall provide N.O. and N.C. contacts (Form C). A corresponding front panel LED shall be included for each bank to
indicate fault status. The power supply shall include front panel LED status indicators that provide visual status of
all power supply circuits. These include, but are not limited to primary power (mains). Additional LEDs shall be
provided for the main supply and load circuit status for each group of supply outputs. This includes bi-polar power
with LEDs for each group and single-ended power for both banks. The power supply shall be the MediaMatrix PCU
Features & specifications subject to change without notice.
Drawings & illustrations not to scale.
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