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XtremePro™ 15 Gauge Construction Stapler
The SQS5XP5 Stapler has all the power and speed needed for the
toughest framing and sheathing applications. Designed with today’s
harder woods and laminates in mind, this rugged stapler will stitch the
full line of SENCO 15 gauge staples.
Tool Specifications:
Item #: 6600101N: Contact Actuation (Dual Action)
660102N: Sequential Actuation (Restrictive)
Weight: 5.9 lbs. ( 2.7 kg)
Height: 12" (304 mm)
Length: 14-3/8" (365 mm)
Staple Capacity: 130+
Operating Pressure: 70-120 psig
Mode of Operation: Tool is available with either sequential
or contact actuation trigger mechanism
Fastener Specifications:
Crown 7⁄16" (11 mm)
Thickness: .055 (1.4 mm)
Staples: Drives 15 ga. staples from 1-1/4" (32 mm) - 2-1/2" (63.5 mm)
Capacity 130+
11/4 11/2 13/4
21/4 21/2
Framing, decking, furniture frames, furring, sidewall sheathing,
subflooring, window units, crate and box assembly, boxes, crates,
pallets and pallet repair.
Features and Benefits:
Amazing power, especially considering the tool’s weight and balance
Rugged dependability
Fast - up to 15 staples per second
Adjustable depth-of-drive control for proper staple set
All the features you want, including adjustable power for softer drives
EZ-clear latch provides quick and easy clearing of occasional jams
Adjustable exhaust directs exhaust air in any direction
Always read the Operators Manual and Safety Instructions with all tools to ensure proper
use and safety precautions. For additional information on trigger systems and how SENCO
will save you time, reduce costs, and increase quality, call our toll-free Action Line:
800-543-4596 to find your nearest Authorized Senco Dealer, Distributor or visit our web
site at:
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Choose the right trigger system for your specific needs!
Sequential Actuation Trigger (also known as restrictive trigger or trigger fire)
operates in the following a sequence - depress the safety element at the nose of tool
against the work surface then pull the trigger. After each fastener is driven, release the
trigger and lift the tool off the work surface before starting the sequence again. This
trigger is recommended and acceptable for most applications.
Contact Actuation Trigger (also known as dual action, bounce or bottom fire)
operates in the following sequence- pull the trigger first and keep the trigger pulled
while moving the tool along the work surface with a bouncing motion, depressing
the safety element at the nose of the tool against the work surface where the fastener is
to be driven. This trigger is recommended for use by trained professionals only in
high production or volume applications.
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