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Fleet Sheet
Multi-treatment cartridge
employs five stage cleaning
to ensure dry system air.
Integrated 3-bolt SAE mounting
bracket allows for easy installation
in OEM and existing applications.
Extra compact size of less than
11 in. tall (even with integrated muffler)
allows for easy installation anywhere.
Integrated governor improves
air dryer’s performance and reduces
application costs by eliminating
existing governor and related
Integrated heater prevents moisture
from freezing and damaging the dryer.
Integrated turbo protection valve
reduces engine horsepower loss and
improves fuel efficiency.
Integrated regeneration valve
for system air desiccant regeneration
ensures that sufficient system air
is available.
Metri-pack heater connection
allows for easy installation.
Integrated muffler allows for
superior quiet operation.
Haldex DRYest
Air Dryer
Special Notes:
Application Information
Purge air is used to “back flush” the
dryer’s desiccant thereby removing
moisture and contaminants. Purge air
is stored internally on some dryers
such as the PURest, while most others
use air stored in the vehicle’s wet tank
or in a separate purge tank.
1. Determine governor type: internal or external (D2 Style).
2. Determine if purge air supply will be from vehicle air brake system (regeneration valve style --- similar to Bendix ADSP,
Wabco and C/R) or from separate, remote mounted, purge tank.
3. Ideal for vehicles with normal or high air consumption rates. In high consumption applications use with external purge tank.
Competitive Advantages
Five-stage drying process
Advantage Haldex: Removes up to 99% of contaminants in the compressed air system and eliminates
oil while maintaining high water absorption capability.
water drying capacity doesn’t impede airflow
✓ Exceptional
Advantage Haldex: And reduces chances of corrosion and freezing problems.
desiccant service life means
✓ Extended
Advantage Haldex: Fewer replacements and reduced maintenance over the life of the vehicle.
slide in-and-out cartridge
✓ Four-bolt
Advantage Haldex: Provides for quick replacement of the dryer cartridge while on the vehicle ---with no hard to remove spin-on cartridges with seized threads.
turbo protection
✓ Integrated
Advantage Haldex: Reduces engine horsepower loss and improves fuel efficiency.
regeneration valve
✓ Integrated
Advantage Haldex: Ensures sufficient system air is available.
✓ Integrated
Advantage Haldex: Allows for superior quiet operation.
volume capacity
✓ High airAdvantage
Haldex: Treats up to 30 SCFM.
✓ Built-inAdvantage
Haldex: Prevents moisture from freezing and damaging the air dryer, available in 12 and 24 volt.
✓ Compact
Advantage Haldex: Provides easier installation into limited spaces.
assembly weight
✓ LighterAdvantage
Haldex: Only 14 lbs. means there’s more payload capacity.
vehicles with high air consumption
✓ Ideal forAdvantage
Haldex: Including applications such as mixers, transit, coaches, dumps and refuse.
11/02 5M CUT L20401
Fleet Sheet
Haldex DRYest Air Dryer
Cross-Reference Information
The Haldex DRYest is a drop-in retrofit for these
Air Dryers:
❖ Wabco SS Series
❖ Bendix ADSP
The Haldex DRYest will retrofit these Air Dryers if an
auxiliary purge tank is added:
❖ Bendix AD2, AD4, AD9, ADIP
❖ C/R Brakemaster
Related Items Checklist
◆ External Purge Tank
◆ Compressor Discharge Hose
◆ Brass Fittings
◆ Spare MTC Cartridge
◆ Nylon Air Brake Hose
◆ Air Governor
System Regeneration with External Governor
Competitor Overview
1) Bendix AD2, AD4 and C/R Brakemaster
a) No turbo boost pressure loss protection.
b) Utilizes only one desiccant type for removal of water
and contaminants.
c) Difficult to service, usually must remove from vehicle
which can take up to 45 minutes.
d) Heavier/Taller/Wider than the DRYest.
e) Separate purge tank is required for the C/R T2000,
T3000 and HD2000.
2) Bendix AD9
a) Utilizes only one desiccant type for removal of water
and contaminants.
b) Difficult to service, usually must remove from vehicle
which can take up to 45 minutes.
c) Heavier/Taller/Wider than the DRYest.
d) Utilizes multiple mounting brackets and bolts.
3) Bendix ADIP
a) Single bolt cartridge susceptible to seized threads.
b) Utilizes only one desiccant type for removal of water
and contaminants.
c) Expensive desiccant service.
d) Heavier/Taller/Wider than the DRYest.
e) Higher internal resistance to air flow.
4) Bendix ADSP/Wabco SS System Purge
a) Utilizes only one desiccant type for removal of water
and contaminants.
b) Spin-on filters are often difficult to remove due to seized threads.
c) Maximum SCFM ratings for Bendix and Wabco 1000 and 1200
dryers is 25 SCFM -- Cannot be used on high volume applications.
d) Higher internal resistance to air flow.
Interchange/Upgrade Programs
Control Valve
Haldex will accept AD9 Dryer cores for credit against the
purchase of a new DRYest Air Dryer. See Bulletin
L53446 for Interchange/Upgrade Program Explanation.
Available Literature
Standard Applications: Three-Year/Unlimited Miles
from date of installation.
Severe Duty Applications: Two-Year/7200 Hours
from date of installation.
Air Treatment Brochure
Air Treatment Fleet ID Guide
MTC Data Sheet
DRYest Data Sheet
Air Dryer Interchange/Upgrade Program
Air Dryer Interchange/Upgrade Form
Installation Advisories
oil or sludge is evident, the reservoirs must be
✓ Ifflushed.
The dryer cannot remove oil that is already
in the system.
from compressor must be “downhill” with no
✓ Hoses
low spots for water to accumulate and be at least
twelve feet from the compressor.
Haldex Technical Services Department
✓ Consult
when changing purge methods.
Discharge hose from compressor should be Teflon
lined, braided stainless for the first four feet, then
copper the rest of the way to dissipate heat.
Mount unit in vertical position only.
When using a DRYest with an integrated governor
and an air compressor that uses an “Energy Savings
Feature” (ESF), use a 3/8” control tube from the
dryer to compressor unloader port.