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Programming the WiFi Adapter to work with the Zaon XRX and WingX Pro7
Experience Required
You need to be able to connection a laptop to a WiFi Network, open a Command Prompt (Windows or
Mac), run a telnet command, type in commands. If you do not feel comfortable doing this, please
contact Zaon for assistance.
Hardware Required
• Zaon XRX
• WiFi Adapter (from for example)
• Laptop or Desktop capable of connecting to a WiFi Network (e.g. your home network)
1. Plug the WiFi Adapter into the Zaon XRX and turn on the Zaon XRX. After a few seconds you
should see lights (on and flashing) on the WiFi adapter.
2. Connect your laptop to the WiFi Adapter’s WiFi Network (e.g. WiFly or WiSnap)
3. Wait about 30 seconds for the handshaking to occur. You can verify the connection setup is
complete by tapping on the arrow next to the WiFi Network name. When the connection setup
is complete, you will see an IP Address such as
4. Open a Command Prompt (Windows) or Terminal (Mac)
5. Do a “telnet 2000”. You should see data being displayed about once per second.
6. Type $$$, you will enter Command Mode. After entering each command below (without the
quotes), hit enter, you should see AOK.
7. Type “set wlan join 4”
8. Type “set wlan channel 1”
9. Type “set ip address”
10. Type “set ip netmask”
11. Type “set ip dhcp 0”
12. Type “set ip proto 3”
13. Type “set ip host”
14. Type “set ip remote 9744”
15. Type “set comm size 22”
16. Type “set uart b 57600”
17. Type “save”
18. Type “reboot ”
19. Quit the telnet session
a. If you do not, WingX Pro7 will not be able to receive data from the WiFi Adapter.
That should get it working.
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