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AR M 355
AR M 455
network office solutions
extraordinary power. multi-faceted performance. unparalleled versatility.
Awarded to
Awarded to
“IT Friendliness” Award
Awarded to
the newest Sharp enhancements
AR M 355N
AR M 355U
i Scan2 Technology increases productivity,
enhances reliability, and preserves
document integrity
i 50-sheet Duplex Single Pass Feeder
for incredible efficiency
i True multi-tasking engine controller
i Document filing system enables users
to easily archive documents (Standard
on N models)
i 40 GB Hard Drive offers heightened
speed and processing power
(standard on N models)
i TIFF and PDF Direct Printing
i Tandem Copy/Print capability
(Standard on N models)
i Permanent Font and Form storage
i Carbon Copy Print mode
i Auto Duplexing on stocks up to
97 lb. index
i IP/MAC Address Filtering with
security-enabled NIC card
i LDAP support with optional
Network Scanner Expansion Kit
i Unique File Naming using
the QWERTY keyboard
i PC Fax and Internet Fax capability
with optional Super G3 Facsimile
Expansion Kit
i Standard IEEE1284 and USB 2.0 ports
i New Card Shot feature conveniently
copies both sides of an ID card onto
a single sheet of paper
i Additional features include advanced
job build, x-y zoom, dual page copy,
cover pages, negative image, mixed
image, image stamp, department
control, and more.
AR M 455N
AR M 455U
setting the standard for
multi-tasking and productivity.
In today’s business, you need to stay one step ahead. With Sharp’s AR-M355/M455 Digital
IMAGERTM MFPs, it’s never been so easy. Best-in-class multifunction features allow you to get
more done—in considerably less time. With powerful copy, print, scan, and fax capabilities,
these multi-faceted performers will become the heart of your workgroup and the center of productivity. Versatile input and output features enable workgroups and busy departments to adopt
a truly digital workflow to share information more efficiently and cost effectively. Sophisticated
software helps you manage, edit and distribute digital files simply and securely. Available in
both N and U models, Sharp makes it easy to select the IMAGER that fits your needs today
while providing the flexibility you need as your business grows.
Create it. Scan it. Store it. Send it. Now you can do it all with
Sharp’s new multi-tasking AR-M355/M455 Digital IMAGERs.
uncompromised productivity
that gets the job done.
Do more than you
ever thought possible.
Designed for busy mid-volume environments,
Sharp’s AR-M355/M455 IMAGERs are
redefining productivity. With copy/print
speeds of 35/45 ppm and an available
online paper capacity for 3,100 sheets,
these powerful performers can do so much
more in considerably less time.
Impressive performance.
With a high-performance engine controller
and Scan-Once, Print-Many technology, the
AR-M355/M455 IMAGERs deliver crisp
600 dpi resolution for superior quality
output. But that’s just the beginning. The
50-sheet Duplex Single Pass Feeder and
Sharp’s innovative Scan2 Technology scans
both sides of a 2-sided document in one
pass—minimizing paper misfeeds and
improving reliability. Documents are scanned
with amazing speed—so even large projects
are completed in a snap.
Need versatility? The AR-M355/M455
IMAGERs offer enhanced paper handling,
enabling you to print on a wide variety of
paper stocks and sizes—so you can minimize
outsourcing and reduce production costs.
The AR-M355/M455 IMAGERs also offer
Network Tandem Printing—without the
hassle of special cables.* You can easily
“connect” two AR-M355/M455 IMAGERs
even if they are in different locations and
print simultaneously. Plus, each IMAGER
doesn’t have to be configured the same
way—enabling you to Tandem Print with just
a few keystrokes quickly and easily. Use
Tandem Printing to print documents concurrently
at different locations, or to maximize your
IMAGERs during busy periods.
Efficient, two-sided copying speeds up your workflow
with the 50-sheet Duplex Single Pass Feeder.
Scan Front Side
Scan Back Side
Scan2 Technology scans both sides of a document
simultaneously, minimizing paper misfeeds dramatically.
*Standard on N Models, optional on U models
The user-friendly touch screen LCD display with icon-driven
graphics simplifies sophisticated features (N model shown)
Powerful network printing
with point-and-click simplicity.
For powerful print functionality, the Sharp
AR-M355/M455 N model IMAGERs offer
a powerful 300 MHz PCL6 Printing System,
enabling them to be the hub of productivity in
busy workgroups. With a 40 GB Hard Drive,
the Sharp AR-M355N/M455N IMAGERs offer
heightened speed and processing power to
jump-start your productivity. New standard
features include:
i Pull Printing for browse-to-file printing at
the IMAGER from an authorized FTP site
i Carbon Copy Print mode automatically
produces forms in triplicate, utilizing different
colored sheets of paper
i Duplex Printing on up to 97 lb. index from
available multi-purpose trays enables you
to produce a variety of documents in house
AR M 455
Professional finishing capabilities
deliver exceptional results.
With a choice of optional high-performance finishers,
producing professionally-finished output is as easy
as 1-2-3. Additionally, you can save time and
money by minimizing outsourcing. The capability
of on-demand, on-the-fly finishing enables everyone
in your workgroup to create proposals, handouts,
newsletters, and more—that easily rival the results
of professional quick-print establishments.
Select from either the Two-Tray Finisher or the
Saddle-Stitch Finisher, which deliver a wide
range of capabilities including 3-position stapling,
center folding, 50-sheet stapling capacity, and
more. For even more versatility, add the Mail Bin
Stacker which offers a 250-sheet face-down
delivery tray, as well as seven 100-sheet mail bins
to help you organize your output.
i TIFF and PDF Direct Printing enables you to
efficiently print PDF and TIFF files with drag
and drop simplicity (not available on all
operating systems)
i Permanent Font and Form Storage for
speedy printing
i Security-enabled NIC Card to restrict user
access with IP/MAC Address Filtering and
enhanced protocol security
Professional Finishing Options
Mail Bin
Saddle Stitch
Standard Tandem Printing
(on N model IMAGERs) can reduce
mail and outsourcing costs.
Two-Tray Finisher
AR M 355
protect your business with
Sharp’s advanced security.
The right security for your business.
To help secure your electronic documents and
restrict access, the AR-M355/M455 IMAGERs
offer several levels of network and data security
protection. A leader in office equipment security,
Sharp enables IT professionals to safely deploy
digital copying, printing, scanning and faxing—in
any business or government environment.
• To protect your printed documents from
unauthorized viewing, the AR-M355/M455
IMAGERs offer a Confidential Print feature,
which requires users to enter a PIN code
in order to print their queued document
(Standard on N models).
• To protect your network from unauthorized
e-mail communications, the AR-M355/M455
IMAGERs support User Authentication which
requires users to log in before performing any
network scanning operations (Requires optional
AR-NS3 Network Scanning Kit).
• To protect your data, you can add the
optional Data Security Kit, which encrypts
document data using 128 bit encryption
(Including document filing area on N models).
Additionally, the Data Security Kit sanitizes the
memory in your AR-M355/M455 IMAGERs
by overwriting the encrypted data, offering
an unprecedented level of assurance.
These scalable security offerings aim to protect
your intellectual property, preserve confidential
information and assist you in meeting regulatory
requirements, such as the Health Insurance
Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and
the Gramm Leach Bliley Act (GLB). For additional
information visit
• To restrict access to the AR-M355/M455
IMAGERs on your network, the IMAGER Home
Page offers IP/MAC Address Filtering and
protocol control (Standard on N models).
IP/MAC Address Filtering on the IMAGER Home
Page enables you to restrict access to the IMAGER.
User Authentication requires users to log in to the machine before performing any network
scanning operations, protecting it from unauthorized scanning and e-mail communications.
get the facts
How are networked MFPs vulnerable?
Whenever pages are printed, copied, scanned or
faxed, your Digital IMAGER MFP retains data in
the internal memory, which can be retrieved by
unauthorized personnel just like the data on any
PC’s hard disk. Additionally, internal users who have
unrestricted access to the IMAGER, or even sensitive
documents inadvertently left in the paper tray, can
lead to security breaches and information leaks.
Is your confidential information vulnerable?
Yes. Whether it’s personal or financial information,
health records, or protecting sensitive corporate
data, it’s critical to deploy a solution that provides
heightened security and minimizes risk. Plus, with
new federal regulations regarding privacy and
confidentiality, information and document security
have become a high priority for every business.
Get the security solutions you need along with the
outstanding reliability you expect—with Sharp’s
new AR-M355/M455 Digital IMAGERs.
More information about Sharp’s leading-edge security
features can be found on
scan it. save it. send it.
it really is that easy.
Powerful and flexible network scanning
Share documents across the network or across the
world with versatile scan functionality. With Sharp’s
ImageSEND feature, the AR-M355/M455
IMAGERs truly become the document distribution
hub of the workgroup—providing both input and
output capabilities. To scan, simply load your
document into the Duplex Single-Pass Feeder, and
then send your files directly from the IMAGER’s
control panel to six different destinations—Send to
Desktop, Send to E-mail, Send to FTP, Send to
Group, Send to Fax and Send to i-Fax. ImageSEND
allows for a truly digital workflow, providing incredible convenience, speed and increased efficiency.
Innovative document filing
Designed to be the center of the workgroup, the
new AR-M355/M455 N model IMAGERs offer
Standard Document Filing. A robust Hard Drive
with 16 GB of document filing space can store
frequently used files like forms and templates. With
up to 20,000 pages of storage capacity, everyone
on the network can share and access documents
in a snap. Plus, enhanced security features require
users to enter a PIN number to access secure
folders—protecting your sensitive data.
Convenient LDAP support
With innovative LDAP support (Lightweight Directory
Access Protocol), there’s no need to manually enter
a recipient’s address. Simply enter the first few
characters of the address and the AR-M355/M455
IMAGERs automatically search and display a list of
matching names. And to reduce the risk of unauthorized scanned documents being e-mailed, integrated
User Authentication requires users to log in before
searching for an address and sending an outbound
e-mail (Requires optional Network Scanning Kit).
Unique file naming
The new AR-M355/M455 IMAGERs also support
Unique File Naming, giving you the ability to enter
specific filenames with customized message and
subject fields (Requires optional Network
Scanning Kit).
Intelligent Application Integration
To help you manage your workflow, Sharp’s flexible
Application Integration Module allows you to add
information fields to your scanned documents, thereby automating tasks that once took several steps. This
information is passed along with your document to
an integrated application, enabling you to initiate
your workflow right from the the AR-M355/M455
IMAGERs touch-screen panel.
Standard built-in document filing makes it easy to share and
store your scanned files. Up to 20,000 letter-size pages can
be stored.
With LDAP, users only need to enter the first few characters of the
destination e-mail address—so sending a file is incredibly quick.
Unique File Naming makes it easy for the recipient to
recognize e-mailed documents.
Sharp’s PC-fax driver allows
users to fax directly from the
desktop—or an application—
quickly and easily.
Sharpdesk Desktop
Document Management
Software helps users
organize, annotate, edit
and combine files prior to
Sharp’s alliances with
leading developers
make it easy to
implement enterpriselevel solutions for
document archiving,
forms generation,
and more.
AR M 455
Versatile, built-in faxing
With lightening-fast speed,
the powerful Super G3 Fax
Expansion Kit provides incredible
performance and versatility for
high-volume environments.
The innovative PC-fax driver enables users to
fax documents directly from the desktop—saving
time. Other powerful features include internet fax
capability (optional Network Scanner Expansion
Kit required), single-pass duplex transmission
of documents, simultaneous fax transmission
and sequential broadcasting.
Managing digital files has never
been easier—and more seamless.
Powerful, flexible and intuitive, Sharpdesk™
Document Management Software enables you to
easily integrate scanned documents into your everyday workflow. Easy-to-use tools help you organize,
edit—even combine scanned files for maximum
productivity. The Full Text Search feature enables you
to retrieve archived documents with incredible ease.
For advanced document filing and archiving, Sharp’s
AR-M355/M455 IMAGERs are compatible with
Liberty IMS Doc2NET TM, an enterprise-level solution
that enables users to capture, organize, as well as
retrieve documents. With structured indexing and full
text search capabilities, Doc2NET delivers quick and
convenient access to shared documents for the entire
workgroup—not to mention increased efficiency.
AR M 355
manage your workflow
with advanced, easy-to-use software.
The Sharp Administration Utility Suite
To help you manage the AR-M355/M455 IMAGER’s
versatile features, Sharp designed the Administration
Utility Suite, a collection of easy-to-use software that can
simplify the installation, monitoring, and usage of your
Sharp IMAGERs.
i Network users can view printer conditions through the
Printer Status Monitor’s easy-to-use interface. Check
paper levels, toner, and more before you send your job.
i Printer Administration Utility helps IT Managers
speed up installation and configuration of printers
on the network—as well as monitor any networked
SNMP-compliant printers.
i IT Managers, Key Operators, and Authorized Sharp
Dealers can automatically receive e-mails regarding
the AR-M355/M455 IMAGERs with Sharp’s
Remote E-mail Diagnostics.
Printer Administration Utility
i Get advanced web-based management for both
user and administrator-level access with the IMAGER
Home Page. Users can easily create and manage
their own network scanning destinations and profiles.
Administrators can access device configuration, network
settings, IP filtering, and protocol control right from the
convenience of the desktop.
Printer Status Monitor
IMAGER Home Page
Remote E-Mail Diagnostics
Track and monitor printer activity
The AR-M355/M455 IMAGER’s versatile functionality will make
it the most widely-used printer in the workgroup. To monitor
printer usage, Sharp includes standard copy/print accounting
controls. The Print/Copy Auditor enables administrators and
IT Managers to track usage by ID number (up to 500 accounts)
as well as by PIN code authorization. For automated cost
accounting, SharpAccountant enables you to track and monitor
your IMAGER’s activity by account code, device, and function.
And for seamless expansion on an enterprise level, the
AR-M355/M455 IMAGERs support Equitrac’s® PrintLog
Accounting Server, which provides extensive reporting and
security controls.
Keep your workflow moving when it matters most—crunch time.
Manage all the printers on your network and control document
output right from your desktop with CallistoTM Software. Powerful
print queue management capabilities and detailed usage
reports enable IT Managers to monitor printer activity, even redirect
jobs to maintain the workflow—all from one application.
For automated forms management and distribution, Sharp’s
AR-M355/M455 IMAGERs integrate fluently with Reform
Enterprise by FabSoftTM . With the ability to automatically route
documents to a fax or e-mail address, MFP, printer, or FTP site—
Reform speeds up your workflow and saves valuable time.
Plus you can customize forms, invoices, and other transactional
documents, enabling you to automate processing while
maintaining a professional image.
Advanced LAN/Enterprise Management
The AR-M355/M455 IMAGERs offer extended compatibility
for the enterprise. Sharp’s alliances with providers of industryleading EMS software insure that your IMAGERs will work
seamlessly with your existing network.
My Sharp
And to make managing your new AR-M355/M455 IMAGERs
simple and easy, ask your Authorized Sharp dealer about
My Sharp. This dedicated customer-training website is
customized to your IMAGER, and allows you to locate
resources and find information specific to
your configuration.
Sharp offers several software enhancements to
extend the functionality of your IMAGER, and
leverage your investment.
AR M 355
AR M 455
Main Specifications
Base Models:
AR-M355N/M455N: includes multi-tasking controller,
40 GB Hard Drive, and PCL6 Network Printing System
AR-M355U/M455U: includes multi-tasking controller
Console, modular digital document system
Copy, print, network print, network scan, and fax1
Copy System:
Dry electrostatic transfer system
Exposure Source:
Xenon lamp
Developer Type:
Dual component / magnetic brush development
Fusing System:
Heat roller
Sheets, bound documents
Original Size (Max):
11” x 17”
Copy Size:
Min. 5 1/2” x 8 1/2”, Max. 11” x 17”
Copy Speed:
35/45 copies per minute (8 1/2” x 11: Standard resolution)
Continuous Copy:
Max. 999 copies
First Copy Out Time:
4.9/4.4 Seconds (document glass); 6.0/5.3 Seconds (DSPF)
(Based on letter size original with polygon motor running)
Warm-Up Time:
80 seconds or less
Magnification Range: 25% to 400% in 1% increments (with DSPF 25%-200%)
Fixed Magnification:
25%, 50%, 64%, 77%, 100%, 121%, 129%, 200, 400%
Original Feed System: 50-sheet duplex single pass feeder (DSPF) with original size detection
(30 sheets for ledger/legal size)
Scan Speed:
Up to 45 OPM (letter size/standard resolution/1 side)
Original Sizes:
5 1/2” x 8 1/2”, 8 1/2” x 11”, 8 1/2” x 11” R, 8 1/2” x 14”,
11” x 17” (15-34 lbs.)
Paper Feed System:
Standard: (1) 500-sheet 8 1/2” x 11” paper cassette
Optional: (1) 2,500-sheet Multi-purpose desk (500-sheet MP
drawer + 2,000 sheet letter size drawer, or (1) 1,500-sheet
paper drawer (1 MP + 2 letter/legal/ledger drawers), or
(1) 500-sheet MP drawer + optional cabinet.
Paper Type:
Standard and optional letter size paper drawers: 16-28 lb. plain bond
paper. Other paper types include recycled, pre-printed,
pre-punched, color, and letterhead.
Multi-purpose Drawers: Plain paper (16-34 lbs.), letter/legal/ledger/ statement size paper,
index paper (97 lbs.), cover paper (54-55 lbs.), transparency film
(20 sheets), letterhead, envelopes, and labels.
Optional duplex module AR-DU3, non-stacking duplexing unit or
AR-DU4, non-stacking duplexing unit with 100-sheet manual
bypass tray). Bypass paper types: plain paper (16-34 lbs.),
tracing paper 14-15 lbs (single feed), index paper (97 lbs.), cover
paper (54-55 lbs.), transparency film (20 sheets),
letterhead, envelopes, and labels
IEEE1284 parallel port, USB-2.0, RJ-45 (N models)
Controller Type:
300 MHz Multi-tasking
Memory (total):
128 MB shared, expandable to 384 MB with 256 MB DIMM
Hard Disk Drive:
40 GB; 16 GB for document filing/24 GB for enhanced copy, print,
and scan operations (standard on N models)
Copy Resolution:
Scan: 600 dpi; Copy output: 1200 dpi (equivalent)
Exposure Modes:
Text, text/photo, photo; auto; 9 step manual
256 gradations/2 levels
Copy Features:
Scan-Once Print-Many, electronic sorting, Auto Paper Sensing
(APS), Auto Magnification Sensing (AMS), auto tray switching, X-Y
zoom, reserve copy, tandem copy (N models), book copy, margin
shift, job build, edge erase, center erase, dual page copy, cover
pages, insert pages, transparency insert, card shot, multi-shot,
reverse image, mirror image, cover page, document filing (N models), department control, job programs, date stamp, character stamp,
and page stamp.
Department Control:
Job Build:
10,000 sheets (N models); based on memory (U models)
Output Tray Capacity: Main output tray (top) up to 400 sheets (face down)
Flash ROM with local and remote update Management
Power Requirement:
AC 100-127 VAC, 60 HZ, 12 Amps
Power Consumption:
AR-M355: Max 1440 W, pre-heat 139.75 W, sleep mode 15 W
AR-M455: Max 1440 W, pre-heat 178.25 W, sleep mode 20 W
Approx. 128.9 lbs.2
37 29/32” (w) x 26 11/64” (d) x 44 23/64” (h) 2
PCL6 Network Printing System (standard on N models)
PCL6 (XL), PCL5e, optional PS3
1200 dpi (equivalent), 600 dpi, 300 dpi
Print Speed:
35/45 pages per minute (8 1/2” x 11”)
Print Drivers:
Windows 95/98/ME, NT4.0, 2000, XP, MAC PPD (optional)
Print drivers, Printer Status Monitor, Printer Administration Utility
Yes (rip once print many)
Duplex printing, booklet print, binding edge, N-up printing, different cover page/last page, transparency inserts, carbon copy print
mode, continuous printing, fit to page, watermarks, PIN printing,
print hold, proof print, print auditor, print smoothing, font/form
downloads, and PDF/TIFF direct print function.3 (Note: some
features not available on certain print drivers).
Resident Fonts:
80 outline fonts standard, barcode fonts (optional)
Network Interface:
RJ-45 Ethernet connection; 10/100 BaseT
Windows 95/98/ME/XP Professional/NT4.0/2000/2003
Operating Systems:
Server. Unix, Novell Netware 3.x/4.x/5.x, MAC OS 8.6, 9.2.2,
10.1.5, 10.2, 10.2.3 - 10.2.8, 10.3-10.3.3
Network Protocols:
TCP/IP for Windows and Unix environments, NetBEUI, IPX/SPX for
Novell environments, and AppleTalk
Printing Protocols:
LPR, IPP, PAP, Raw TCP (port 9100), FTP,
Novell NDS/ PServer/Rprinter
Network Security:
IP/MAC address filtering, protocol enable/disable
Design and specifications subject to change without notice.
Sharp is a registered trademark of Sharp Corporation.
All other trademarks and registered trademarks are property
of their respective holders.
Network Scanning Kit (option)4
Max. Original Size:
11” x 17”
Optical Resolution:
600 dpi
Output Mode:
200 dpi, 300 dpi, 400 dpi, 600 dpi
Image Formats:
Image Compression:
Uncompressed, G3 (MH), G4 (MH/MMR)
Scan Destinations:
E-mail, Desktop, FTP, Print, URL, Internet fax/G3 fax 5
Up to 999 destinations (N models); Up to 500 (U models) 6
Group Destinations:
Up to 500 (N models); Up to 300 (U models)
Number of Senders:
Up to 999 (N models); Up to 500 (U models)
Operating System:
Windows 95/98/ME, NT4, 2000, XP
Network Protocols:
Scan Security:
E-mail server user authentication, scan restriction
Configuration Method:
Web-based with user/administrator level login security
Sharpdesk Document Management Software (10 user license)
Two-Tray Finisher (option)
Desktop finisher with dual exit trays (mounts on right side)
Output Trays:
Upper tray: Exit / Lower tray: Offset stack tray (face down)
Output Capacity:
Upper tray: 500 sheets (letter), also supports legal, ledger,
statement size; Lower tray: 750 sheets (letter)
Stapling Media:
Plain paper, letter size
Stapling Positions:
1 front, 1 rear, or both
Max.Pages for Stapling: 30 sheets (letter size)
18 7/64” (w) x 20 55/64” (d) x 20” (h)
Saddle-Stitch Finisher (option)
Console finisher with dual exit trays (mounts on left side)
Output Trays:
Upper tray: Offset stack tray / Lower tray: Book tray for saddle stitch
Output Capacity:
Upper/lower tray: 1000 sheets (letter)/500 sheets (legal/ledger),
also supports statement size
Staple/Sort Capacity: Up to 50 sets (up to output capacity above)
Output Delivery:
Face down
Stapling Media:
Plain paper, letter/legal/ledger size or mixed letter/ledger
Stapling Positions:
1 front, 1 rear, or both
Saddle-Stitch Function: Center stitch/center folding (2 staples) letter/ledger paper sizes
Saddle-Stitch Sets:
Up to 10 sets (6-10 sheets)/up to 20 sets (1-5 sheets)
Max.Pages for Stapling: 50 sheets (letter size)/25 sheets (legal/ledger size)
Hole Punching:
Optional hole punch unit AR-PN1B (2 holes/3 holes)
24 29/64” (w) x 23 47/64” (d) x 39 23/64” (h)
Some features require optional equipment.
Includes scanner, scanner rack, and multi-purpose desk.
Supports PCL/ Text, TIFF, PDF, and PS3 files; requires AR-NS3 and AR-PK6.
U models require AR-P20 or AR-P21 option.
Requires optional AR-FX12 Super G3 facsimile expansion kit.
A combined total of 200 send-to-FTP and send-to-Desktop destinations on
N Models can be stored (100 on U models).
Sharp Plaza, Mahwah, NJ 07430-2135
1-800-BE-SHARP •
© 2006 Sharp Electronics Corporation
Mail Bin Stacker (option)
Desktop mail bin stacker with 8 tray exit (mounts on right side)
Output Trays:
Upper tray: Exit; Lower tray: 7 mail bins (face down)
Output Capacity:
Upper tray: Up to 250 sheets (letter), also supports
legal/ledger/statement; Lower tray: Up to 100 sheets per bin (letter), also supports legal/ledger
18 15/16” (w) x 20 55/64” (d) x 20” (h)
Super G3 FAX Kit (option)
Transmission Mode:
Super G3, G3
Modem Speed:
33.6 KBPS 7
Scanning Method:
Sheet fed simplex or duplex or book
Max. Resolution:
400 DPI (ultra-fine)
Transmission Speed:
Approximately 2 Seconds with JBIG 7
Auto-Dial Destinations: Up to 999 (N models); Up to 500 (U models) 6
Group Destinations:
Up to 500 (N models); Up to 300 (U models)
Long Length Originals: Up to 31.5” (for transmission)
8 profiles
2 MB standard/10 MB max. (8 MB option)
256 levels
Timer functions:
Up to 50 jobs
Optional Equipment
Scanner module 8
Scanner rack 8
1,500-sheet paper drawer (1 MP + 2 letter/legal/ledger) 8
2,500-sheet paper desk (2,000-letter + 500-sheet multi-purpose) 8
500-sheet multi purpose drawer (requires AR-45ABD cabinet) 8
Cabinet 8
Standard duplexing unit (required for AR-FN7)
Duplexing unit with 100-sheet bypass tray
Exit tray (left exit)
Upper exit tray (right exit)
Right side cabinet/exit tray
Two-tray finisher (right side mount)
Saddle-stitch finisher (left side mount)
Hole-punch unit (for AR-FN7)
Mail bin stacker (right side mount)
PCL6 Network Printing System
PCL6 Network Printing System and 40 GB Hard Drive with
Document Filing (standard on N models) 9
Bar code font kit 4
Macro font flash ROM (option for U models)
Postscript level 3 kit 4
Network scanning kit 4
Common Criteria DSK (for N models)
Commercial DSK (for N models)
Common Criteria DSK (for U models)
Commercial DSK (for U models)
Application Integration Module 10
Sharp OSA Application Communication Module 10, 11
Sharp OSA External Accounting Module 10, 11
Super G3 fax kit
8 MB fax upgrade memory
Toner Cartridge
Drum cartridge
7 Based on ITU Test chart #1 in standard resolution, actual transmission speed
and time will vary based on line conditions.
8 Available with package. See your local Authorized Sharp Dealer.
9 Upgrades U model to N model functionality.
10 N models require AR-NS3 network scanning Kit; U models require AR-P20 or
AR-P21 network printing system and AR-NS3 network scanning kit.
11 MX-AMX2 and MX-AMX3 options cannot be used in conjuction with Data
Security Kit (DSK) options.
As an ENERGY STAR® Partner, Sharp has
determined that this product meets the
ENERGY STAR® guidelines for energy efficiency.
08/06 • CPD-3758
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