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Reliable, secure, scalable communications
ELPRO’s 915U-2 combines multi I/O and/or gateway functionality with the
reliability of secure, scalable, mesh distance communications.
Featuring ELPRO WIBMesh™ technology, the 915U-2 IP based
addressing provides mesh/self healing of network communications, multihop repeating and remote over the air re-configuration and diagnostics.
The 915U-2 is further complemented by its ease of commissioning and
integration into existing plant infrastructure.
Industrial Wireless Technology
Product Features
t 902-928MHz*, FHSS, IP based, wireless mesh technology to 115kbps.
Application Examples
t Self-healing, repeatable, secure communications to 128bit AES
Monitoring, control and reporting for:
t User friendly operation with self discovery of radio path and expansion I/O.
t Pharmaceutical production
t Remote over the air re-configuration, firmware upgrade and fault analysis.
t Oil/Gas field production/distribution
t Mining production and refining
t Scalable, simple to complex, point to multipoint network design.
t Water/Waste water infrastructure
t Gather-Scatter™/Block mapping technology for ease of system integration.
t Utilities distribution & custody transfer
t Cost effective I/O and/or gateway functionality via feature key upgrade.
t Aquaculture/agriculture production
t System wide view, localized I/O referencing, printing/exporting of configuration.
* Country specific sub-bands option availability.
t Pulp and paper mill manufacture
t Road/rail network management
915U-2 Meshed Multi I/O & Gateway
Reliable, secure, 900MHz, FHSS, wireless
mesh communications.
Combining the best of wireless technologies.
The 915U-2 combines all the benefits of 900MHz, frequency
hopping and IP based meshed communications.
The throughput and reliability of distance wireless
communications is determined by factors including
(1) radio frequency (RF) power, (2) receiver sensitivity,
(3) modulation technique, (4) ability to self heal/repeatability
and (5) frequency waveform properties relative to the terrain.
RF Power
Fresnel Zone
The most common mesh architectures are coordinator,
gateway or independent coordination and feature high or low
RF power. Both coordinator and gateway networks typically
feature low RF power and rely on redundant coordinators/
gateways in managing network communications. Over
obstructions and/or distance, low RF power will require the
insertion of additional network nodes. Coupled with the
addition of redundant coordinators/gateways, this adds to
the cost of network infrastructure. Independent coordination
networks however can be much different.
Coordinator Mesh
Gateway Mesh
(Coordinator Point of Failure) (Gateway Coordinator Point of Failure)
Independent Mesh
(No Master - no single point of failure)
Relative to higher frequencies, lower frequencies tend to perform better in
distant, non line of sight communications. Lower frequencies have less (often
single) and smaller channels. Higher frequencies have wider channels and
bigger frequency bands allowing greater modulation and data throughput.
The 915U-2 combines high RF power, excellent receiver
sensitivity with 900MHz communications providing reliability
in non line of sight, distance applications. This is due to the
greater diffraction (bending), reflection (bouncing) and less
susceptibility to multipath fading of lower frequency waveforms
(relative to higher frequencies with the same path).
Modulation techniques/schemes also impact on the reliability
of wireless communications. The 915U-2 utilizes Frequency
Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) modulation: scanning and
hopping through the available channels when communicating
and/or experiencing interference.
Router/End Device
End Device
Coordinator Master
Router/End Device
End Device
Gateway Master
Router/End Device
End Device
Gateway to External Network
Coordinator and gateway based mesh networks are low powered and require
redundant coordinators or gateways to direct/control communications.
ELPRO’s innovative WIBMesh™ is independent and automatically detects
nodal failure: re-routing communications/maintaining network uptime.
The ELPRO 915U-2 WIBMeshTM advantage.
Derived from the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
RFC3561 standard, ELPRO’s WIBMeshTM technology
provides peer-to-peer (ie no master coordination/control)
point to point/multipoint re-routing of communications. This
is complemented by high RF power and excellent receiver
sensitivity to reduce the need for extra network nodes and
reduce overall project costs.
Channel Interference
Available Channel
RF Amplitude
Ch f
Ch n
Frequency band
FHSS devices scan the channels (within the band), hopping channels in
communicating and/or when experiencing interference.
ELPRO’s innovative WIBMesh™ technology
combines the reliability of 900MHz, FHSS
modulation with mesh architecture that
automatically routes around nodal failure.
With high RF power/good receiver sensitivity,
FHSS, mesh repeatability, the 915U-2 provides
reliable, self healed, encrypted distance
communications to 115kbps.
Normal route for communications
Automatic self-heal/fall over of communications
Other potential routes of communications.
Understanding mesh technology.
Meshed networks can be classified according to the
coordination mechanism and the function/power of each node
in the network (eg end node, combined end device/ router of
communications and gateway: low or high power etc).
User friendly, cost effective operation.
Feature rich, the 915U-2 allows end users to have combined
I/O and/or gateway functionality: users simply purchase a
license key for features as they are required in the application.
915U-2 Meshed Multi I/O & Gateway
User friendly configuration: cost effective
commissioning and integration.
Configuring and commissioning time/effort on the 915U2 has been designed for ease of customer use and cost
savings during commissioning. The WIBMeshTM configuration
utility allows for simple nomination of I/O points origin and
destination with WIBMeshTM automatically detecting and
routing the most efficient path to the destination node. This
is complemented by periodic interrogation for optimal path
verification, quick recovery of network communications
and automatic detection of expansion I/O (ELPRO’s 115S).
WIBMeshTM also incorporates efficient ‘change of state’ radio
communications and user configurable I/O or register periodic
reporting of link status (ie update time). All combine to ensure
the user is in charge of network communications.
Quicker, more cost effective commissioning.
Radio network efficiency and commissioning of the
915U-2 into legacy process control/automation networks is
aided with Gather-ScatterTM and block messaging technology.
Gather-ScatterTM technology allows end-users to gather
related, non-contiguous data points/registers, into a single
radio message structure and scatter these points at receiving
devices for ease of integration (eg PLC logic, SCADA tags).
Gather ScatterTM Technology
1 Message
Gather ScatterTM enables non-contiguous data to be transferred between
network devices reducing re-programming time and associated costs.
Configuration is user friendly by nominating and labelling origin and
destination points and WIBMeshTM finds the most efficient route.
Remote/local configuration, upgrade and analysis.
ELPRO’s WIBMeshTM IP based addressing further aids in cost
reduction providing remote analysis and/or upgrade. A user
may perform remote or local over the air re-configuration and
interrogation of nodes for diagnostics and firmware upgrade.
User nominated localized referencing of I/O and system wide
network viewing aids in fault analysis and exporting/printing of
node configuration is supported.
Gather-ScatterTM is complemented by block messaging
technology allowing end users to select continuous, related,
I/O and registers for forwarding to receiving devices in a
single message. Both Gather-ScatterTM and block messaging
combine with highly efficient ‘change of state’, dense capacity
radio messaging capabilities in providing scalable system
design for ever growing application needs.
Block Messaging Technology
2nd Block Message
1st Block Message
Process network
Block messaging communicates continuous blocks of data improving
the efficiency of radio band use and even more scalable network design.
Remote LAN
Cost effective, distance IP based mesh networks.
The 915U-2 combines distance, 900MHz, IP mesh
communications with ease of configuration, local/remote over
the air re-configurability, firmware upgrade and diagnoses of
nodes in the network.
Wireless PC 1
Wireless PC 1
Local LAN
Automatic detection of
expansion I/O
Local/remote over the air re-configuration, firmware upgrade and fault
analysis with automatic detection of expansion I/O to reduce overheads.
Featuring ELPRO’s WIBMeshTM technology with its innovations
in network communications efficiency, the 915U-2 provides for
scalable network design for process control and automation
base applications.
ELPRO Technologies is an ISO 9001:2008
Quality Assured Company.
Meshed Multi I/O Gateway
Wireless Specifications
Security and Configuration
Frequency band
902-928MHz (sub bands available: country regulation dependent).
Data encryption
ELPRO 64bit; 128bit AES
Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) : Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum
https accessibility
Radio Data Rate
19,200bps baud: 28,800, 57,600, 115200 kbps (pending)
User Configuration
Web page; software configuration
Channels/Hop Sets
50 x 250kHz; 2 frequency channels .
Power Supply
Receiver sensitivity
-109dBm; FER = 12%
Nominal supply
Transmit Power
Line of sight range
USA: 20 miles: AUS/NZ: 32km
Antenna connector
SMA female
15 to 30VDC; over / reverse voltage protection
Quiescent current draw
220mA (Idle)
Transmit current draw
RS485 Power
1 A, 13.8 VDC (for external powering of expansion I/O)
Ethernet Port
Industrial Protocols
10/ 100 BaseT; RJ45 - IEEE 802.3
Discrete and Pulse I/O
Ethernet LED Indication
Ethernet Link and 100Mbit indication.
Digital I/O
Pulse I/O
Serial Port
Protocols supported
WIBMeshTM, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP
8 x D I/O (configurable as inputs/outputs)
D I/O 1 - 4 configurable as PI or PO
Digital Inputs:
Digital Outputs:
On-state Voltage
DO Max voltage
Wetting Current
DO Max current
Max I/P Pulse Rate
DI 1,2: 50kHz
DI 3,4: 1kHz
PO Max rate
10 kHz
Min I/P Pulse Width
DI1,2 10 μS
PI 3,4 0.2 mS
Analog I/O Digital Outputs:
4 AI (2 differential: 2 single ended)
2 AO (sourcing)
Analog Inputs:
Analog Outputs:
EIA-562 (RJ45 connector)
2 pin terminal block
Data rate configurable
110 – 230400 baud (bps)
General/Compliance Specifications
EN 300 683; FCC Part 15; AS 3548; 89/336/EEC
FCC Part 15.427; AS 4268.2; RFS29 NZ
Hazardous area
CSA Class I Div 2 (pending); ATEX; IECex (pending)
5.91”x 7.09” x 1.38” (180 x 150 x 35 mm)
IP 40, High Density Thermoplastic
Current Range
Current Range
0 -24mA
DIN rail
Current Resolution
Current Resolution
Terminal blocks
Removable Terminals to 12 AWG (2.5mm 2) conductors
Accuracy (Current)
-40 to +140 °F, -40 to +60°C
Voltage Input Range
AI 1,2: 0-25V
AI 3,4: 0-5V
0 – 99% RH non-condensing
500g (1.1 lb); 600g (1.3lb) boxed
Voltage Resolution
Accuracy (Voltage)
Order Code
RF Power
Option Upgrades
Wireless Mesh I/O
902-928MHz FSK
Industrial Protocols
Modbus TCP/RTU Gateway
TCP Adaptor (Type T thermocouple)
Modbus TCP/RTU
Reported Diagnostics
LED indicators
Power, RF, RS232, RS485, D I/O (P I/O), A I/O.
Note: Specifications subject to change; country regulation dependent.
RF power and frequency may vary depending on country of application.
Please Note: Technical specifications are subject to change without notice and are correct at time of publishing. Contact your local representative for enquiries.
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