LTC 0455 Series Dinion Color Cameras

Video | LTC 0455 Series Dinion Color Cameras
LTC 0455 Series Dinion Color Cameras
The LTC 0455 Series are compact rugged, 1/3-inch
image format digital color CCD cameras. Their
superior sensitivity, 540 TVL resolution and picture
quality provide optimal performance in virtually all
situations. Easy Installation, digital signal processing,
on screen displays, superior picture quality and
reliability, brings the video performance of high
resolution color cameras to a level never reached
before and makes the LTC 0455 Series the best choice
for first time and professional users.
This fully automatic camera is ready to work for you,
and is easy to install in even the most demanding
applications. On-screen Displays (OSD) provide quick
and easy access to all camera features.
The LTC 0455 cameras also comes with a lens wizard
that automatically detects the type of lens installed
and provides an OSD guide that allows the installer to
easily adjust the lens level and focus without special
tools or filters.
The automatic black level feature, now introduced in
color cameras, enhances contrast by removing veiling
glare from the picture. NightSense is used to further
1/3-inch format CCD imager
High sensitivity
Advanced digital signal processing
540 TVL resolution with outstanding picture quality
Extended sensitivity with NightSense
extend the excellent sensitivity by a factor 3 in
monochrome operation. This mode can be
automatically activated under low light situations.
Automatic sensing for tracking white balance, provides
true to life color images in indoor and outdoor
The ability to operate on AC or DC provides added
flexibility to system designs and reduces the amount
of training and support items to keep on-hand.
Bilinx Technology
The LTC 0455 series cameras incorporate Bilinx. Bilinx
is a bidirectional communication capability embedded
in the video signal of all Bosch Dinion cameras. With
Bilinx, technicians can check status, change camera
settings and even update firmware from virtually
anywhere along the video cable. Bilinx reduces service
and installation time, provides for more accurate setup and adjustment, and improves overall performance.
In addition, Bilinx uses the standard video cable to
transmit alarm and status messages, providing
superior performance without additional installation
2 | LTC 0455 Series Dinion Color Cameras
Certifications and approvals
Sensitivity (3200K, F1.2 lens, 89% scene reflectance)
(30 IRE)
(50 IRE)
Full Video
Scene Illumination
(color mode)
0.30 lux
(0.03 fc)
0.65 lux
(0.07 fc)
2.6 lux
(0.26 fc)
Imager Illumination
(color mode)
0.045 lux
(0.005 fc)
0.10 lux
(0.010 fc)
0.40 lux
(0.040 fc)
Scene Illumination
(night mode)
0.12 lux
(0.012 fc)
0.26 lux
(0.026 fc)
1.04 lux
(0.104 fc)
Imager Illumination
(night mode)
0.018 lux
(0.002 fc)
0.040 lux
(0.004 fc)
0.16 lux
(0.016 fc)
Electromagnetic Compatibility
EMC Immunity
According EN50130-4
EMC Emission
According EN505022 class B,
According FCC class B part 15
LTC 0455/11 and LTC 0455/51: EN60065
LTC 0455/21 and LTC 0455/61: UL6500
Declaration of Conformity
Horizontal Resolution
540 TVL
Declaration of Conformity
Signal-to-Noise Ratio
50 dB
21 dB, (max)
Electronic Shutter
Automatic, 1/50 to 1/125000 sec.
(CCIR), 1/60 to 1/150000 sec. (EIA)
Parts included
LTC 0455 Series Color Camera
Aperture Correction
Horizontal and vertical, symmetrical
Spare male 4-pin lens connector
Backlight Compensation
Center window weighting
Lens not included
White Balance
Automatic sensing (2500–9000 K)
Technical specifications
Video Output
Composite video 1.0 Vpp, 75 Ohm
Model No.
LTC 0455/11
12 VDC
10.8-39 VDC
24 VAC
50 Hz
12-28 VAC
45‑65 Hz
12 VDC
10.8-39 VDC
24 VAC
60 Hz
12-28 VAC
45‑65 Hz
LTC 0455/51
230 VAC
50 Hz
85-265 VAC
45‑65 Hz
LTC 0455/61
120 VAC
60 Hz
85-265 VAC
45‑65 Hz
LTC 0455/21
Line-Lock (when powered by
AC only)
Synchronizes the camera to the power
line zero crossing for roll-free vertical
interval switching. Vertical phase
delay can be adjusted (0-358
degrees) to allow vertical
synchronization in multi-phase power
Free Running (when DCsupply or L/L off)
Internal crystal reference is standard
on all models.
Video level
Shutter: AES / Off / Flickerless
AGC: On / Off
BLC: On / Off
Power Consumption
4 W, excluding lens
Auto Black: On / Off
Interline transfer CCD, 1/3-inch
image format
NightSense On / Auto / Forced
Active Pixels
ATW: On / Hold
R-offset, B-offset
PAL Models
752 H x 582 V
NTSC Models
768 H x 494 V
Vphase Adjustment: 0 – 358 degrees
3 | LTC 0455 Series Dinion Color Cameras
S1374 Adapter
Video Output: BNC
Video/DC-iris connector: 4-pin EIA-J
LTC 0455/11 and
LTC 0455/21
Push type connectors, polarity
independent, isolated from video output
LTC 0455/51
2-wire power cord with Euro plug
LTC 0455/61
2-wire power cord with polarized plug
Camera Mounting
Top and Bottom, 1/4-inch 20 UNC
Lens Mounting
CS (maximum lens protrusion 5 mm,
0.2 in), C-mount compatible (with optional
adapter ring)
Dimensions (H x W x D)
58 x 66 x 122 mm (2.28 x 2.6 x 4.8 in.)
including connectors
0.45 kg (0.99 lb)
Operating Temperature
-20°C to 50°C (-4°F to 122°F)
Storage Temperature
-25°C to 70°C (-13°F to 158°F)
Operating Humidity
5% to 93% non-condensing
Ordering information
LTC 0455/11 Dinion Color Camera
1/3-inch, 540 TVL, PAL, DSP, 12 VDC/24 VAC, 50 Hz
Order number LTC0455/11
LTC 0455/21 Dinion Color Camera
1/3-inch, 540 TVL, NTSC, DSP, 12 VDC/24 VAC, 60 Hz
Order number LTC0455/21
LTC 0455/51 Dinion Color Camera
1/3-inch, 540 TVL, PAL, DSP, 230 VAC, 50 Hz
Order number LTC0455/51
LTC 0455/61 Dinion Color Camera
1/3-inch, 540 TVL, NTSC, DSP, 120 VAC, 60 Hz
Order number LTC0455/61
TC120PS Power Supply Unit
Order number TC120PS
TC220PS Power Supply Unit
Order number TC220PS
TC220PSX‑24 Power Supply Unit
Order number TC220PSX-24
TC1334 Power Supply Unit
Order number TC1334
converts C mount lens to CS mount camera
Order number S1374
4 | LTC 0455 Series Dinion Color Cameras
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