1008 Phono Preamplifier
A superb phono preamplifier from Boulder
Boulder’s 1008 phono preamplifier brings superb
playback performance for vinyl records of all kinds—
including records made before 1955. Inspired by
Boulder’s renowned 2008 phono preamplifier, the
1008 has two inputs for connecting multiple tonearms,
customizable “personality cards” which can be
tailored to specific phono cartridges, and selectable
equalization settings for vintage as well as modern
RIAA records, all in a single chassis.
Inputs and outputs utilize high quality fullybalanced connectors. Audio circuitry is dual mono for
total isolation of left and right channels, and the gain
stage is a proprietary discrete design that achieves
incredibly low noise levels.
Other features include a
switchable low cut filter, selectable
true mono mode for monaural
recordings played with a stereo
cartridge, and extensive magnetic
shielding of the main power
transformer to eliminate noise in
the audio stages.
The 1008 chassis has been styled
to match other models of Boulder’s
1000 series. Chassis panels are
machined out of heavy aluminum stock to create a solid
physical platform with a minimum of vibrational or
acoustic resonance. All switches, buttons, connectors
and other components are of the highest quality.
Circuit boards are surface-mount designs which we
produce in-house in our own state-of-the-art factory.
Special attention has been made in circuit
board layout to eliminate noise and hum.
Sealed relays handle all switching tasks in the
audio path, eliminating all exposed mechanical
contacts, and relays are driven by logic circuits
activated by the front panel pushbuttons. As with
the rest of Boulder ’s 1000 series, pushbuttons
are stainless steel polished to a mirror finish for
a timeless look of quality and style.
All of this attention to detail is not always
easy to see or to appreciate. But it is exactly this
unseen perfectionism that makes all Boulder
products acclaimed by reviewers and treasured
by true music connoisseurs and
hi-fi aficionados all over the
As with Boulder ’s 2008
phono preamplifier, listening to
records with the Boulder 1008
reveals clarity and dynamics
and spaciousness that are hard
to express in words. It is the
ultimate in what can be achieved
with analog recordings—but
without any trace of artificiality
or synthetic enhancements. It is not uncommon
to hear new nuances of detail even in old,
familiar recordings.
If you are a devotee of analog recordings, you
owe it to your vinyl—and your ears—to take the
Boulder 1008 for a spin. It’s all about the music.
• Inputs for two turntables or cartridges by 3-pin balanced connectors.
• Two personality cards for each input (one left and one right). Any
termination (resistive and/or capacitive) can be installed. A switch is
provided for choosing MC or MM.
• Mono switch combines left and right for true mono reproduction.
• Three alternate equalization curves EMI, Columbia, and FFRR for
recordings before 1955 are available from the front panel.
• Convenient Mute switch.
• Standby switch turns off all audio circuits, but leaves on control logic.
PHONO INPUTS 3 Balanced, Converts to Unbalanced
INPUT Z MC: 1000, MM: 47K Ohms max
1KHZ GAIN MC: 70, MM: 44 dB
FREQ RESPONSE RIAA: ±0.10 dB, 20 Hz to 20 kHz
NOISE (EIN) MC: 98 nanovolts, 20-20k Hz
CROSSTALK >100 dB, 20-20k Hz
OUTPUTS 2 Balanced, use as Main or Record
SIZE 18.00 wide, 5.00 high, 15.85 deep (in.)
WEIGHT 32, Shipping: 41 Pounds
POWER 50-60 Hz, 30W, Voltage by country
Boulder Amplifiers, Inc.
3235 Prairie Ave. • Boulder, CO 80301
303-449-8220 • www.boulderamp.com
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