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Now in HD and SD
The Switcher Redefined
Slate is an entire Control Room
The Switcher Redefined
Broadcast Pix Slate
Slate is an entire Control Room
Slate 1000, Slate 2100
and Slate 3000
Production Switcher
Multi-View Monitoring
Character Generator
Clip Store
Slate 100
The Switcher Redefined
Broadcast Pix Slate 2
The Switcher Redefined
Slate is an Entire Control Room
Live video production used to mean assembling an expensive
control room and hiring a team to run it. Now Slate switchers from
Broadcast Pix have an entire control room built-in. Slate’s file
based architecture streamlines workflow.
Now one person can create compelling live television on a switcher
with a built-in character generator, clip store and full motion monitoring
of outputs and sources. Now clips and graphics can flow into your
switcher from your edit bays. Options can extend control to robotic
cameras and audio mixers. When you still want a team, it gracefully
Slate combines the human interface and on-air robustness of a
switcher with the power of a contemporary workstation. It’s so
complete that you just add cameras and a monitor.
News, sports and
events on major
networks worldwide
Sports, stadiums and
HD, SD, Analog or Hybrid
Slate is exceptionally multi-format. Choose an HD/SD model, or SD digital
only, or analog, or mixed formats. All processing is 10 bit for pristine
quality. HD inputs/output formats include 1080i, 720p, SD, DVI and VGA.
And all models can use 16:9 and 4:3 content interchangeably, without
distorting native aspect ratios.
Training, webcasts,
presentations and events
at leading corporations
Over 600 Installations in over 50 Countries
Broadcast Pix is based near Boston, Massachusetts, with regional
offices in California, Illinois, Texas, North Carolina and The Netherlands.
Join the over 600 broadcasters, webcasters, production houses,
stadiums, trucks, schools, churches and towns using Broadcast Pix
in over 50 countries. It’s the new way to switch.
From city council
meetings to military
Projection and cable in
all six continents
vehicles, flight packs
and staging.
From distance
learning to
events and
The Switcher Redefined
Broadcast Pix Slate 3
Slate Models
Slate switchers come in four models. Start with a Slate 100, add a panel to upgrade to a 1000. Add an iBoB or router to upgrade to a 2100 or
3000. Choose HD, SD, Analog, or all three. SD models are HD-ready, and can be upgraded to HD.
Slate 100
Slate 1000
Easy Live TV
Adds Control Panel
- Switcher with 4 to 8 inputs,
+1 to 2 clips & 5 graphics,
3 keyers/DVEs,
- AutoAspect
- Multi-View Monitoring
- Inscriber CG
- Clip Store
Adds Fast Action Panel:
- Classic switcher layout
- PixButtons with the
exact sources, keys
and file names on
the buttons.
Slate 2100
Slate 3000
Adds more SD I/O
and Redundancy
Adds more HD or SD
I/O and Redundancy
Adds SD iBoB (intelligent
Break-out-Box) for:
- 8 to 12 inputs (up to 4 HD)
- Fail-safe switching
Adds 2nd channel of clips,
plus tally, DSK, AES/EBU
Adds HD/SD or SD only
router and software for:
- 12 to 18 live inputs
- up to 28 aux outputs
- Fail-safe switching,
Adds 2nd channel of clips
Slate 100 HD
Slate 1000 HD
Slate 3016 HD
Slate 3032 HD
Slate 100 SD
Slate 1000 SD
Slate 2100 SD
Slate 3016 SD
Slate 3032 SD
HD ready
HD, SD, Analog, DVI,...
Slate switchers can be ordered with any combination of input format. Mix any formats. Output all formats simultaneously.
486i / 576i
The Switcher Redefined
486i / 576i
Broadcast Pix Slate 4
Slate 100 Switcher
In HD/SD, SD, Analog, or Hybrid
Easy Live TV
The Slate 100 is a complete
live video production studio
that is so affordable and
easy to use that anyone can
create great looking live
television. It includes a
switcher, CG, Multi-View
and clip store.
The switcher is controlled
from either the custom
keyboard or the multi-view.
If you display the multi-view
on a touch screen then you
can just touch the camera
you want to bring it to preview.
Touch the keys to add a
graphic. Then just touch
preview to bring composition
to air.
It’s so easy to learn that you
can quickly teach a novice to
create great looking live TV.
Integration of Switcher with…
(Whether you have a 100, 1000, 2100 or 3000)
Multi-View Monitoring
● View preview, program & camera sources in full
motion, plus thumbnails of keys & libraries
● View tally status, transition rates & key settings
Clip Store
● On transition to air, auto-start clips & animations
● Use PixPad to view clip content libraries
● See active clip in source & keyer PixButtons
Custom Keyboard
The Slate 100 includes a custom keyboard version of the 1000’s panel.
It provides the tactile feel and fast-action switching which many prefer in
live production. And it can instantly shift into normal keyboard mode for
use with the CG and other applications. It’s optional on larger Slate models.
Any Slate model can also open a SoftPanel,
a software version of the Slate 1000’s innovative
control panel. The same classic switcher
layout. The same device control. It even has
soft knobs and a 3 D joystick. It opens in a
web browser, so you can be anywhere.
The Switcher Redefined
● Use PixPad to view CG & select from libraries
● See active CG in source & keyer PixButtons
● On transition to air, auto-start roll & crawls
● Change crawl speed, even on-air
Still Store and Logo Store
● Use PixPad to view still & logo content libraries
● See active still & logo in source & keyer PixButtons
● Freeze an input, program or preview as a still
● Link chromakeys with stills for a virtual set
Camera Control
● Use joystick for tilt/pan/zoom, & PixPad for presets
● Use knobs for focus, iris & ccu settings
Broadcast Pix Slate 5
Slate 1000 Switcher
In HD/SD, SD, Analog, or Hybrid
Panel on Slate 1000, 2100 or 3000
The Slate 1000 adds an innovative control panel, shown above.
(see Slate 1000 picture on cover, with custom keyboard option)
Classic Switcher Layout
The grey portion of the panel has a classic layout, so traditional
switcher operators will feel at home. Preview is on the bottom
row, then program, then fill and destination. Program uses
PixButtons so you always know what is on every source, even
the exact name of specific clips or graphic, plus it’s shown on
the monitor wall. The panel has 9 buttons per row, and you can
shift for 18 total sources. A classic next transition section enables
3 keys to be in the transition, using a cut, mix or fade, and many
wipes, DVE moves and even animated alpha wipes with audio.
Pristine Keyers
All Slate switchers feature keyers that are easier to fill with
compelling graphics than any other switcher, thanks to tightly
integrated graphic and clip systems. Three keyers are standard,
each with a DVE for up to 3 picture in pictures. And 6 keyers
and DVEs are optional. The DVEs can be squeezed, flown in,
and have borders. The content of each keyer is shown on a
PixButton and on the monitor wall, so you always know what
is on each key. Enjoy the exceptional chromakey, for green and
blue wall sets. The single standard chromakeyer gives
The Switcher Redefined
you control over key softness and spill suppression. You can combine
multiple source based chromakeys (option 140) with built-in clip or still
stores for virtual sets. You can even add keys to an aux output with the
PowerAux option.
Device Controls
The black portion of the panel can be assigned to a CG store, clip
store, still store, camera control, a keyer, etc. Just press its device
control button and the entire bank of controls is assigned, including:
a PixPad with 12 PixButtons, 3 knobs, motion controls, a 3-axis
joystick and display. These enable you to instantly and intimately
control the selected device.
Unique PixButtons have computer displays built into the button. Each
has an icon on top showing the device that is currently assigned to it.
The number next to the icon tells you the channel
of clip or graphic, or which camera is being
controlled. The next two lines show the exact
name of the content, which is automatically put
on the button from their file names. PixButtons
dynamically change during the production. This
illustration shows a clip called River on clip
channel 1. No other switcher does this.
(patent pending)
Broadcast Pix Slate 6
Slate 3000 Switchers
HD/SD or SD Only
Maximum I/O and Fail-Safe
The Slate 3000 starts with a Slate 1000 and adds an
integrated router for more I/O and redundancy, as well as a
second channel of clip store. The routers are manufactured
by Harris for Broadcast Pix. We add software to provide
integrated fail-safe switching and display all sources on
the multi-view.
16x16 router
on a Slate 3016
Slate 3016 is available in HD/SD or SD only and includes a
16x16 router. It provides 12 live inputs, 2 channels of clips
and 5 graphic, and has 8 auxiliary outputs for program,
preview, clips or any live input.
Two Switchers can Share a Central Router
Slate 3032 is HD/SD or SD only, and adds the ability to select up
to 18 of its inputs, and has 24 outputs.
Two switchers can share a central router by adding a Slate
1000 or Slate 100 to a Slate 3000 switcher. For larger
facilities, this greatly simplifies wiring, and lowers cost.
• 2nd SDI I/O card for enhanced multi-view (& DVI in HD)
• Analog I/O card for 4 analog inputs and 1 output
• Remote aux control panel(s) 16x1
• Tally box for all live inputs
Slate 1000
Slate 3032
Slate 2100 Switcher
SD with Analog and Fail-Safe
The Slate 2100 starts with a Slate 1000 and adds
an iBoB (intelligent break-out-box) for more I/O and
redundancy. It also includes a second channel of clip
The iBoB has 8 SD-SDI live inputs, four of which
have built-in converters from analog composite, Y/C
and component. Program and preview outputs are
also in both SDI and analog. The iBoB also adds a
downstream keyer for an external source, like a
legacy CG. And it includes tally outputs. For the clip
store it add AES/EBU to the 1000’s analog audio.
Add a Slate option card for 4 more inputs in HD,
digital or analog.
IBoB on a Slate 2100
Fail-Safe On Air
Broadcast Pix switchers have unprecedented redundancies
built in for 100% on-air performance.
Ride through a Panel Failure
If someone spills a drink on your panel and kills it in the
middle of a show, you can still control everything on the included SoftPanel, or from the keyboard shortcuts. No other
switcher provides this level of redundancy.
The Switcher Redefined
Ride Through a Workstation Stopping
On the Slate 3000 and 2100 you can still switch your cameras if the workstations should ever stop, thanks to a redundant serial connection from the panel
to the router or iBoB. On the Slate 100 and 1000 your most important camera
will automatically stay on air.
Ride Through a Power Supply Failure
The Slate 3000 and 2100 have redundant power supplies for the panel and
router or iBoB, which are optional on other models. Redundant power for the
slate workstation is optional on all models.
Broadcast Pix Slate 7
Included on all models
Custom Layout on Wall Monitor
Full Motion Monitoring
Every Slate includes on-screen monitoring of preview, program, keys and sources. Live
inputs and clips have motion, and other sources use thumbnails. They tally red on air,
and orange on preview. Video monitors are not needed but can be added if still desired.
PixPad Thumbnail Libraries
You can find content easily on the PixPad which shows the library of thumbnails for any
selected source, which correspond to the panel’s PixPad buttons.
Use Any Size Monitor
Slate supports a wide variety of VGA monitors. A personal monitor is recommended for
the switcher operator with a factory layout of 1280x1024 or 1680x1050. You can also
plug in a wall monitor: 1920x1080, 1440x900, 1366x768 or 1680x1050. You can even
customize your layout with any monitor layout, clocks, clips counter, PixPads, etc.
Dual or Quad Monitors for More Operators
All Slate switchers support dual monitors, so when you want a separate graphic station
just add a monitor for the CG, and open a SoftPanel, a PixPad library, and even full
motion source monitors. The quad-monitor option enables you to connect four monitors,
as shown below.
The Switcher Redefined
Wall Monitors
Integration of Multi-View with…
● Push-buttons for every source & key shown
● PixPad dynamically linked to thumbnail libraries
● Switch on the Multi-View itself with mouse or
touchscreen to select keys, sources, take,…
Clip Store
● View clips in full motion on monitor
● View clip libraries & tally status
● View clip time code, countdown & attributes
● View CG titles in keys & libraries
● View tally status of CG titles
● Right-click a CG thumbnail to edit “on the fly”
Still Store and Logo Store
● View loaded graphics, libraries & tally status
● Right-click a still or logo thumbnail
to edit “on the fly”
Broadcast Pix Slate 8
Clip Store
Included on all models
Built-in Clip Stores
All Broadcast Pix switchers have a built-in clip store,
which add QuickTime clips, animations of
uncompressed digital clips, or (optionally) MPEG2 clips.
The Slate 100 and 1000 include one channel, and the
second is optional. Two clip stores are standard on the
2100 and 3000. Clips can have a key channel, that can
be used in keyed transitions and animations.
Easy to Use
The PixPad on the switcher panel shows the names of
the clips on the PixButtons, as shown at the right. The
monitor wall can show the corresponding thumbnails,
and provides full motion monitoring of the active clips
in both channels. Selecting a clip is as easy as pushing
its PixButton, or clicking on its thumbnail. Use the
motion buttons to play.
Thumbnails PixPad
PixButtons on PixPad
The clip stores are tightly coupled to the switcher so
it’s easy for a single operator to add lead-ins, bumpers,
or any clips. Any clip or animation can be set to
automatically start playing at the instant it is taken to
air. No more careful cueing. No need for a second
operator to insure your clips start when they are
supposed to. Just press the controls button on the clip
PixPad and the clip modifiers appears. Then select
Auto-Start. Also, set it to auto-stop when it comes
off air, auto rewind, mark-in, mark-out, loop, or adjust
aspect ratio.
Play, pause, rewind, scrub and timecode
Clip modifiers
QuickTime or Uncompressed
Load up to 60 hours of QuickTime DV clips onto the clip
store over the 1 gigabit network, or from DVD or USB.
This streamlines workflow. 15 hrs is standard per
channel, 60 with option 318 or record up to fifteen
hours of uncompressed clips from any live input. Play
MPEG2 clips as well with option 320.
All clips can have audio, with 6 XLR connectors for
analog stereo audio: one pair for recording onto the
clip store, and two pairs for playing out two channels
to send to your mixer. All clip stores also accept and
playout audio embedded in the SDI stream. The 2100
also adds digital audio AES/EBU.
The clip store can instantly access and play spectacular
animated titles and logos that were created on the builtin Inscriber CG. Or play animated backgrounds, either
full screen or squeezed into a DVE box, such as behind
a title. Import animations from all popular systems
including Adobe Aftereffects, Artbeats, Apple, Digital
Juice, Avid, Motion,... Other switchers either have no
support for animations, or limit them in size and loading
The Switcher Redefined
Clip counter on Mult-View
Integration of Clip Store with…
● On transition to air, auto-start clips & animations
● Use PixPad to view clip content libraries
● See active clip in source & keyer PixButtons
Multi-View Monitoring
● View clips in full motion on monitor
● View clip libraries & tally status
● View clip timecode, countdown & attributes
● Create animated titles in CG, then play on the Clip Store
● Use Clip Store to add an animated background to a title
Still Store and Logo Store
● Take logo into CG, animate it, & play out on clip store
Broadcast Pix
Pix Slate
Slate 9
Inscriber Character Generator
Included on all models
Broadcast Quality
Create broadcast quality graphics with the
Inscriber TitleMotion character generator
(CG) that is included in every Broadcast
Pix switcher. Inscriber from Harris is used
worldwide to create stunning graphics in
the most demanding broadcast applications. Enjoy superb anti aliased resolution
of less than 16nS, sub pixel scrolling, fine
transparency, soft edge, shadows and
glows, and animated titles.
Easy to Use
It has never been so easy to add great
graphics to your productions. The CG
includes templates that make novices look
like pros. Just select one from the drop
down menu, type in your text and save. Or
create your own templates with Inscriber’s
powerful composition tools, or import one
from Photoshop or another system.
On Air Updates
While a production is on-air you can rightclick an existing graphic to edit it on the
fly, or add new ones. Great for a surprise
guest title, sports or a game show.
Create Logos, Stills & Animations
TitleMotion is a complete graphics system.
Import digital photos and a wide variety
of graphic formats, including .tga, .bmp,
.gif, .jpg, .tif, and .png. In minutes you can
grab a logo off a web site, add a shadow
and animate it for a beautiful spinning logo.
Create backgrounds and over the shoulder
graphics for the still store..
Integration of CG with…
● Use PixPad to view CG content libraries
● See active CG title in source & keyer PixButtons
● On transition to air, auto-start rolls and crawls
● Change crawl speed on-air with a knob
● Reposition any keyed graphic with a DVE
Multi-View Monitoring
● View CG titles in keys & libraries, with tally status
● Right-click on a CG thumbnail to edit “on the fly”
Clip Store
● Create animated titles & play as a clip
Still Store and Logo Store
● CG creates a still or logo
External Database
● CG Connect option couples an
external database to the on-air CG,
such as athletes’ statistics & pictures.
CG Connect
Optional on all models, option 120
CG Connect links a CG template to a
database. Just create the template you
want, and tie its elements to an xml database
on the Slate system, or to another
computer on the network. Then select the
data you want and it will automatically and
instantly fill the CG page, even on when on-air.
Now when you have a database of names
and titles, you do not have to re-key them.
It’s also great in all live sports applications,
to keep score, or select a player and get all
their stats and related graphics. You can
even insert a clock into a CG page, and it will
update on-air automatically.
The Switcher Redefined
Automatically fill a CG template from a database.
Just click on the name, and both the name and
title will fill, even on air.
CG Connect is great for
all sports, and can do
scores, and graphics.
Broadcast Pix Slate 10
Included on all models
Whether you are creating a widescreen 16:9 show,
or a traditional 4:3 show, AutoAspect solves the
many challenges of mixing 4:3 and 16:9 content in
the same production.
Now 16:9 and 4:3 inputs, clips and graphics can
be used interchangeably and mixed together in the
same live production, while maintaining the native
aspect ratio of each element. Conventional switchers
can only stretch video when crossing aspect ratios,
causing people to look too wide or too thin. Slate
enables each input to be set to one of 4 aspect
treatments: box, crop, 14:9 or none (anamorphic).
And each clip and graphic in the libraries can be
separately treated in these four ways.
While aspect treatment of inputs is standard, you
can also simultaneously output 16:9 and 4:3 versions
of the same show with the DualAspect Output option
(option 129).
AutoAspect lets you
correct 4:3 to 16:9, or
16:9 to 4:3
(Too Wide)
Alpha Wipes
Included on all models
Switchers are known for great transitions. Unlike conventional
switchers, every Slate switcher can do fades, wipes, DVE moves
AND the latest alpha wipes, even with audio. Alpha wipes
provide the contemporary look that formerly required a separate
box. Alpha wipes are standard, and you can easily customize
them, with your own logo, using any popular animation package.
Your production will look just as polished as the richest network
production. Play them from the built-in clip store using the alpha
wipe script memories, so they fire off flawlessly every time. They
can be silent, or can even add audio for a swoosh, or other
sound effect. Your transitions no longer have to look “so 1990’s”.
Keyed alpha wipe transitions
show the next video through
the animation
Customize with your own logo
Still Stores and Logos
Included on all models
Select stills or logos to assign the device
controls to it. And like clips and CGs, the
names of the stills and logos show on the
PixButtons and their thumbnails show on
the monitor wall. Use five channels of stills
and logos. Import a wide variety of formats:
.tga, .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .tif, and .png. You can
import pictures from a digital camera,
download them from the Internet, or bring
them in from the built-in Inscriber CG, or
form other graphics packages like Photoshop.
The Switcher Redefined
Integration of Still Stores
& Logos with...
● Use PixPad to see still &
logo content libraries &
select from them
● Active graphics in source
& keyer PixButtons
● Couple stills &
chromakeys for a
virtual set
PixPad of Stills
Multi-View Monitoring
● View loaded graphics, libraries & tally
● Right-click on a thumbnail to edit a still or
logo “on the fly”
● Create stills & logos in CG, including
importing a wide variety of graphic formats
Clip Store
● Animate a logo in the CG, & play it out
on the clip store
Broadcast Pix Slate 11
Camera Control
Optional on all models
Sony Camera Control
Add camera control for the ultimate “one man band”,
and further reduce staffing requirements.
Press the Camera Control button on the panel and all
of the device controls are instantly assigned to camera
control. Use the PixPad to select the camera you wish
to control and then to select preset camera positions.
Or manually control a camera with the 3-axis joystick
for tilt, pan and zoom. Push it a little to move slowly, or
harder to move faster. Knobs control focus and iris.
CCU (Camera Control Unit) functions, like white
balance, can be accessed from the PixPad and knobs.
Hitachi Camera Control
Sony Camera Control Option
Controls the Sony VISCA protocol including the Sony
EVI HD1, BRC 300 and BRCH700 cameras illustrated
at the right. Control up to 9 Sony cameras with 6
preset positions per camera.
Presets and CCU
controls on the PixPad
Option 800 includes Broadcast Pix software and a
cable to connect the workstation’s serial output to the
VISCA connector on the first camera for a 232 daisy
chain. Option 811 (requires 800) adds a serial to 422
converter to increase camera runs from 60 feet (18
meters) to 4,000 feet (1,200 meters). Option 814 and
818 (both require 800) provide 4 or 8 serial ports to
simplify wiring in a star configuration, rather than a
daisy chain.
Integration of Camera Control with…
● Use joystick to control tilt, pan & zoom
● Use knobs for focus, iris & CCU settings
● Use PixPad for preset positions & CCU settings
Multi-View Monitoring
Hitachi Camera Control Option
Control up to 9 Hitachi cameras using their Eagle
pan/tilt heads. Control up to 31 preset positions on
each camera. Includes Broadcast Pix software and a
serial to 485 converter (Option 801).
● View cameras in full motion
CG with Script Memory
● Use a script memory to automatically recall a
preset position & fade on its title with one button
Audio Follow - Audio Mixer Control
Optional on all models
Extend the “one-man-band” to audio. AudioFollow-Video software enables an audio
mixer to automatically follow all action on the
Slate video switcher. Unlike conventional
switchers that utilize antiquated ESAM protocols for Audio Follow, Broadcast Pix uses
MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface),
The Switcher Redefined
so it works with many audio mixers, and is
much more affordable and yet more
powerful. As each video source goes to air
it triggers commands on the mixer, or even
an entire mixer scene memory including
volume, fade, pan an effects like echo and
reverb. Includes USB cable and USB to MIDI
Integration of
Audio Control with…
● Tie each video source
to one or more audio
sources, or an entire
audio scene.
Broadcast Pix Slate 12
Included on all models
Slate is exceptional for solo use, but gracefully expands to team use.
Some productions, like live sports, have so much spontaneous graphic
action that a separate graphics operator is needed. All Slate systems
support two monitors. On Slate 1000, 2100, and 3000 models, the
switcher operator can use one monitor for the multi-view with panel,
and the graphics operator can use the other with keyboard and mouse.
Have more team members by adding the quad monitor option, and more
SoftPanels. The physical and SoftPanels can be locked together, or
be independent so one person can be on a clip store, while another
is on a still store, another on a CG, etc. Operators can be anywhere
on the network – in the studio, in the back room, even thousands of
miles away, since the softpanel opens in a web browser (patent pending).
On the Slate 100, team members can use a SoftPanel on another
computer on the network.
Switcher Operator
Graphics Operator
Included on all models
Slate switchers include a powerful pre-production tool
called PixMaster, which enables a show to be rapidly
prepared. PixMaster saves a tremendous amount of
time compared to conventional studios where each
device must be prepared independently. Assign the
sources on the switcher. Open the content library for
each source, select the graphics and clips for the
show, and arrange their order. Import graphics, and
resize and smooth if necessary. Manage Memories.
Add devices to the show. Print out a listing of all show
Assign sources
Select the content for a show from
the master library and arrange it.
Included on all models
Like any professional switcher, Slate has an extensive memory system; but unlike
conventional switchers these memories can recall switcher parameters AND the exact
content of graphics and clips and their attributes. For example, a single memory can
recall a dual box, as shown here, including the key settings for each DVE box, and an
animated background from the clip store and a crawl from the CG. The recall also can
remember if the animation and crawl are set to auto-start when taken to air, and
the speed of the crawl. Powerful script memories recall a sequence of moves. For
example, with one press you can select a camera on preview, change its preset
position, bring it to air, fade on its specific title from the CG store, and fade off the title.
Dual Box Memory
PixButton on the
Mem PixPad
Optional on all models
Channel Branding
TV & Internet
Projector & Cable TV
Create the most powerful Aux output on any switcher, to essentially
give you two different program outputs. On conventional switchers,
the auxiliary outputs show only a simple background image.
PowerAux enables Slate switchers to produce an advanced
auxiliary output with up to six keyers applied. This is ideal for
producing two simultaneous shows from the same switcher, for two
different audiences, without the high cost and complexity of a two
M/E switcher.
The Switcher Redefined
Broadcast Pix Slate 13
Slate Specifications
• HD I/O: 720p/59.94, 720p/50, 1080i/59.94, 1080i/50
• SD I/O: SMPTE 259M
• DVI I/O formats by adding a DVI cable: HD analog
component (input only), 1080p (output only via hdmi)
• Processing: component 10-bit 576p/486p
• Analog I/O has10-bit conversion
• NTSC or PAL switchable
• 4:3 or 16:9 switchable
• Requires analog reference
Low Delay
Milliseconds NTSC / PAL
• SD delay through system with genlocked
cameras, even inside a DVE box and
with AutoAspect on (1 SD frame)
• Delay added by an asynchronous source • HD 720p for IMAG delay through system
and projector with genlocked cameras
• HD with 1080i and 720p for studio delay
through system with genlocked cameras
33 ms / 40 ms
+ 33 ms / 40ms
67 ms / 80 ms
100 ms / 120ms
Clip Audio
• Anti aliased resolution <16nS
• Import formats: .psd, .tga,
.bmp, .gif, .jpg, .tif, and .png
• All models: embedded in
the SDI stream SMPTE 272M,
and analog stereo audio I/O
• 2100 adds: AES/EBU digital I/O
• Software: Broadcast Pix, Inscriber
TitleMotion CG, Windows XP
• Hardware: Slate boards, dual disks,
r/w DVD/CD, keyboard, mouse
• Requires Monitor: 1680x1050 or
• Support second monitor: 1920x1080,
1680x1050, 1280x1024 or 1366x768
• Lbs
• Kg
100 1000 2100 3000
Power Watts
Workstation (on all models)
• rack units
• inches
• centimeters
Panel (on 1000, 2100, 3000)
• inches
• centimeters
iBoB (on 2100)
• rack units
• inches • centimeters
Routers (on 3000)
• 16x16 Router (on 3106) 1 RU
• 32x32 Router (on 3132) 2 RU
Slate Video I/O
Sources can be synchronous and /or asynchronous, to support a
wide range of inputs from broadcast cameras to DVD players.
Slate 100 and Slate 1000
Live inputs from cameras and other external sources attach to
the back of the workstation. Inside, they are combined with clips,
animations and graphics playing on the system’s disk drives.
The switcher board on the right, does the processing and
contains 2 SDI video outputs, 1 analog video output and an analog
reference input. There are also 2 slots for I/O boards for any
combination of HD/SD SDI, SD SDI or analog boards, each of
which adds 4 inputs and 1 output. The HD/SD board also adds a
DVI and VGA converter to convert 1 of its inputs and/or the HD
output, if desired. SDI connections are BNCs, while analog
connections accept S and use breakouts to BNCs for composite
and component.
An optional second I/O board can be installed in any format, to
increase capacity to 8 live inputs and 5 outputs. For example, the
illustration shows a system with both an HD/SD SDI board and an
analog board.
An optional second SDI I/O board can be installed to increase
performance of the multi-view, or on the HD/SD board to get better
performance when using DVI inputs. Or install the analog board to
add 4 analog inputs and 1 more analog output for a hybrid system.
The Switcher Redefined
(with 3 outputs)
2 I/O Slots
Slate 3000 and Slate 2100
As described on page 7, the Slate 3000 and Slate 2100 models
add an external I/O matrix (either a router or iBoB) to provide more
I/O and fail-safe switching. These models include a Slate switcher
board and one SDI input board, and the various SDI inputs and
outputs on these two boards are connected to the external matrix.
3 I/O Boards
Flexible I/O
Use any Combination of
two I/O boards, including
two of the same kind.
Each has:
- 4 inputs
- 1 output
Broadcast Pix Slate 14
● - included
2100 3000 Part #
○ - optional
1 - one included, more optional
Keys 4,5 & 6
DualAspect Outputs
Tally box 8
Tally Box 32
8 Chromakeys
Custom Keyboard
Control Panel
Tower workstation
3 SoftPanels/Scripts
Remote Aux Panel
Enables 3 keys (6 keys with option 126) to be added to Aux outputs
Adds 3 more keyers (key 4, 5 & 6), each with a DVE
Output 16:9 and 4:3 simultaneously (Uses & includes 120,126)
Tally output for 8 live sources
Tally output for all live sources, for Slate 3000
Increases standard 1 chromakey to 8, for creating a virtual set
Upgrade standard keyboard to one lettered with shortcuts
Broadcast Pix physical control panel
Change rack-mounted workstation to tower
License for simultaneous control by a team member
Licenses for simultaneous control by team members, quantity 3
Remote Aux Panel, 16x1, for Slate 3000
More Video I/O
Note: can add only one of 47, 48 or 49
More Analog I/O
More Digital I/O
More HD SD I/O
YUV break-out
1080 HDMI Output Cable
HD Component Cable
4 analog inputs & 1 output (composite, S, YUV) – break-outs included
4 SD SDI inputs and 1 SD SDI output
4 HD SD SDI inputs and 1 output (720p, 1080i, SD)
1 YUV break-out-cables to BNCs, for more component I/O
DVI to 1080p HDMI output cable, requires HD I/O
HD analog component (YPrPb) to DVI input cable, requires HD I/O
CG, Clip Store, Multi-View
Another Inscriber CG
CG Connect
Clip channel 2
More Clip Storage
MPEG2 Clip Play
Quad Monitors
Additional Inscriber TitleMotion Pro to create graphics on another PC
Connects on-air CG to an external database
Adds 2nd channel of clips, plus another 15 hours of storage
Up to 60 hours with larger disk drives - Req 301
Enables the clipe store to play MPEG2 clips
Upgrade dual monitor support to quad monitors
External Device Control
Audio Follow Video
Sony Cam Control
422 converter for Sony
422 star for Sony – 4
422 star for Sony – 8
Hitachi Cam Control
360/Harris DDR Control
Control most audio mixers via MIDI, so audio follows video action
Control up to 9 Sony cameras, with VISCA protocol: daisy chain
Serial to RS422 converter for Sony Camera control – Requires 800
USB to RS422 box with 4 serial ports for Sony star - Requires 800
USB to RS422 box with 8 serial ports for Sony star - Requires 800
Control up to 9 Hitachi cameras: software and serial to RS485
Control a 360 Systems or Harris server (VDCP)
Redundant Power
for Control Panel
for Workstation
Adds a second external redundant power supply
Adds a second internal, hot swappable, redundant power supply
The Switcher Redefined
On site Training 1
On site Training
Extended Warranty
Extended Software
Owner’s Manual
First Day. Includes expenses, with 4 weeks notice
Each additional day, to extend the training session in Option 601
Additional year of parts and labor
Additional year of free software upgrade
Additional Hard-copy of owners manual, 1 is included with system
Broadcast Pix Slate 15
Streamline Workflow
Slate streamlines live video production workflow so you save time, save money, and make better television.
This illustration shows a Slate 100 or Slate 1000. Slate 2100 and Slate 3000 models add an external switching
matrix for more I/O and redundancy.
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