Channel Master 9537EU Operating instructions

Programmable Antenna Rotator Controller
with Infra-Red Remote Control
Owner’s Guide to Installation and Use
9521A Drive and Controller, 117 VAC
9521EU Drive and Controller, 230 VAC
9537A Controller Only, 117 VAC
9537EU Controller Only, 230 VAC
CAUTION: Read and adhere to all IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS listed elsewhere in this
booklet. Read and observe safety, installation and operating instructions supplied with
this unit and with your antenna BEFORE installation or operation. Retain this booklet and
all instructions for your safety and future reference.
Controller Compatibility - If purchased separately, the Model 9537 controller may be used with the
following rotator drive units:
Channel Master ® - Models 9500, 9510(A), 9512, 9513, 9515(A)
Radio Shack ® Model 15-1225
If you are upgrading an existing installation with Model 9537 controller, skip to “Model 9537
Programmable Controller” in this leaflet.
Drive Unit Installation
STEP 1 – Determine proper size number of rotator cable from chart. Three conductor cable is
suitable, but if four conductor cable is used, connect both conductors 3 and 4 to terminal 3 of the
terminal board.
No. of
Maximum Length
Feet Meters
*Attach 3 and 4 conductors to No. 3 terminals on control and drive.
STEP 2 – Install drive unit. On new drive units, arrow on mast support should be aligned with arrow shaped
mast stop on housing. Install drive unit with arrows pointing south. Using a short piece of mast (3 feet or
less), install the antenna to the drive unit aiming the antenna south. When desired channels are close to or
on opposite sides of the north end stops, the antenna may be installed pointing north. Note, however, that
the antenna will then be pointing in the opposite direction from that indicated on the control.
An alternative means of setting up is to perform a synchronization of the drive unit using the controller. Then
set up the antenna pointing north. Ensure power is disconnected from the controller when
making antenna adjustments.
Adjust rotator
for free turn
thru full circle
to allow
full turn
of antenna
to allow
full turn
of antenna
Antenna Mast
Drive Unit
Antenna Cable
3 or 4 wire
rotator cable
Support Mast
Use 1¹⁄₄" mast
for true rotation
Coaxial Cable
Standard Mast Mounting
* Mount antenna as close to rotor as
possible. Use no more than 3 feet
of mast in top of drive unit.
Electrical Tape
Tower Mounting
Do not mount citizens band base station antennas on top of a standard mast mount drive unit.
Mast support may become overloaded in high winds.
STEP 3 – Connect rotator cable to drive unit terminal board following the sketch at the right.
Caution: When using jacketed cable, be sure jacket of cable passes thru the grommet to avoid
moisture collecting in the cable.
Terminal Connections
Red Wire
to #3
Black Wire
to #2
Drive Unit
Green Wire to #1
Caution – Make sure bare connectors do not touch. It is suggested that the screws and bare
conductors be painted with nail polish after cable is connected. To avoid moisture collecting
in the cable be sure jacket of cable passes thru the grommet.
STEP 4 – Attach rotator cable and antenna cable securely to mast or tower, and pass through
building to TV or FM set.
Note: See Step 2 of the Important Safeguards section regarding grounding of the control cable and
lead-in cable for lightning protection.
Model 9537
Programmable Controller with Infra-Red Remote Control
Remote Control
• 69 Programmable Antenna Locations (01-69) - Allows location number to be same
as channel number.
• Digital Compass 000-360 degrees with direct access and up/down.
• Universal Remote Control - Use with supplied handheld unit or most universal
handheld controllers configured as a Pioneer ® Cable Box (HH1) or Pioneer ® CD
Player (HH2). Compatible with most DIRECTV® and Dish Network ® universal handheld remote controls. (Channel Master ® cannot guarantee universal handheld
remote control compatibility.)
• Automatic Synchronization
• Signal Peaking - with up and down controls.
• Digital Diagnostic Display - For setup and maintenance.
• Non-Volatile Memory - Stores locations and setups during a power failure.
Controller Installation and Setup
Important Note! Before disconnecting old control box, make note
of each wire color and the corresponding terminal connection.
Caution – To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not remove cover. No user-serviceable parts
inside. Refer servicing to qualified service personnel.
1. Determine the AC supply voltage and frequency in your country. The US, Canada, Japan, Taiwan
and South America are generally 117 VAC 60 Hz. Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia (except above
mentioned) are generally 230 VAC 50 Hz. Your power company will advise. Ensure the supplied wall
plug power supply voltage has the same input voltage as your household supply (±10%). If not,
contact your dealer.
2. Plug the power supply into the controller and the household supply. Observe the digital diagnostic
display. It should display:
60H (or 50H in 50 Hz countries)
HH1 (to use with the supplied handheld remote control)
If the above are not correct refer to Appendix A to change.
3. Disconnect the wall plug supply at the wall outlet. Connect the cables between the controller and
drive unit.
Strip Ends 1/2"
Model 9537
1" Outer
The exclamation point indicates the presence of
important operating and maintenance (servicing)
instructions in the literature accompanying the
Terminals Connections
Green Wire #1 to #1
Black Wire #2 to #2
Red Wire #3 to #3
4. Reconnect the AC supply to the controller. After 5 seconds it will switch off. Switch back on by pressing
any key on the front panel or handheld remote control. Perform a synchronization by pressing the sync
button on the front panel. This takes slightly over one minute. The unit may now be operated from the
front panel using the up and down controls.
5. Digital Compass. This feature operates as follows:
The display is 000 to 360 degrees where
000 is North (fully CCW viewed by a bird)
090 is East
180 is South
270 is West
360 is North (fully CW viewed by a bird)
Operation From The Supplied Handheld Remote
1. Install 2 AAA batteries in the handheld remote.
2. Check operation by pressing the POWER button and observing the display. If it does not function,
check for HH1 in power up diagnostic display. If the display is HH2, refer to Appendix A to change.
3. The UP and DOWN controls will move the antenna position (the same as the front panel controls).
Alternatively, a location may be accessed directly using a 3 digit compass location. Example, press
090 for East, 225 for South-West, etc.
4. Programming Preset Locations
This is the most popular mode of operation. 69 preset locations (01 to 69) allow location numbers
to be the same as TV channel numbers if desired.
a. Find best signal using UP and DOWN controls.
b. Decide on a memory location, eg. 27.
c. Press 27 UP 27.
(Locations 01 to 09, eg. 05 may be programmed by either 05 UP 05 or 5 UP 5.)
d. Location is now memorized.
5. Accessing a Preset Location
As an example, to access location 27, press 27. Display will flash “c27”, then show compass
bearing while the antenna is moving. It will become steady “c27” when it arrives. (Locations 01 to
09, eg. 05 may be accessed as either 05 or 5).
6. Displaying Memory Locations/Status
From the handheld remote control, press 99 UP. Then observe the display. Each programmed
location is shown, followed by its digital compass location. Additionally settings of power frequency,
handheld, autosync and timeout are shown. A typical display might be:
60 Hz power
handheld 1
compass bearing for c05
compass bearing for c11
compass bearing for c17
compass bearing for c25
autosync on
35 moves before a resync
timeout on
end of diagnostics
7. Deleting Programmed Locations/Reset
Press 91 DOWN from the handheld remote control. CAUTION - Use this command with care as
ALL memory locations will be deleted. This will also set autosync off and timeout on.
8. Synchronization
Press the SYNC key on the front panel or 00 DOWN from the handheld. A counterclockwise movement is performed to synchronize the control unit with the drive unit for proper operation.
Synchronization takes slightly over one minute.
After severe storms, or an extended period of use, the rotator may appear to position the antenna
incorrectly. First try pressing the SYNC key to re-synchronize the system. If this fails, the antenna or
drive motor may be misaligned on the mast. You may either go to the antenna and re-orient it, or
reprogram the control unit to correspond to the new antenna orientation.
9. Auto Synchronization
The unit may be set to program a sync command automatically after 50 preprogrammed moves. This
feature is switched on (or reset to 50) by pressing 98 UP. It is switched off by pressing 98 DOWN.
Check to see if active by pressing 99 UP (Display Status) and observing “SYn on” or “SYn OFF”.
10. Timeout
The unit may be set to switch off after 8 minutes of no activity by pressing 97 UP. This feature is
deactivated by pressing 97 DOWN. Check to see if Timeout is active by pressing 99 UP (Display
Status) and observing “to on” or “to OFF”. The unit automatically switches off 5 seconds after it is
initially plugged in or after a power glitch.
Using the controller with a “Universal Remote Control”
Universal handheld remote controls are popular as they can typically control a TV, a VCR, a cable box
and audio components. They are also cheap and ideal replacements for lost and broken units. The
rotator controller will respond to commands from universal remote controls configured to control most
Pioneer ® brand cable converter boxes (HH1 mode) or most Pioneer ® brand CD players (HH2 mode).
See Appendix A. Refer to the instructions supplied with the universal remote control. Note: Channel
Master cannot guarantee universal handheld remote control compatibility.
Appendix A
Front Panel Setup Summary
▲+ ▼
▲ + ▼ + SY
▲ + SY
▼ + SY
Example: To set for 60 Hz power:
a. Disconnect the power connector at the rear of the unit.
b. Press and hold UP and DOWN in together.
c. Reconnect the power connector at the rear end of the unit.
d. Release UP and DOWN
Other functions are set in a similar manner using the following buttons at b and d:
Remote handheld 1 (supplied unit and most Pioneer ® cable boxes): UP and SYNC
Remote handheld 2 (most Pioneer ® CD players): DOWN and SYNC
Check settings are correct by removing power for a few seconds, then reconnect power.
Display will indicate:
60H (or 50H for 50 Hz)
HH1 (or HH2 for alternate remote)
Appendix B
Handheld Remote Control Command Summary
Appendix C
#▲# (# = 01-69)
Common Problems
Battery bad or set for wrong handheld type (Appendix A).
If supplied remote control is OK, try all available Pioneer ® cable box and Pioneer ® CD player
codes. Universal remote may not be fully compatible.
Check power frequency 50/60 Hz setting (Appendix A).
Perform SYNC function.
Check the wiring between the controller and the drive unit.
Appendix D
Using the rotator from any room in the house.
The following methods and products are suggested though not endorsed by Channel Master ®:
a. A UHF universal remote with a UHF to infra-red converter in the same room as Model 9537.
b. An infra-red to UHF converter in each room where operation is desired, plus a UHF to infra-red
converter in the same room as Model 9537.
Your antenna rotator unit, consisting of a control and a drive, has been engineered and manufactured
to assure your personal safety, but improper installation or abuse of this unit, or the antenna connected
to it, can result in potential electrical shock or fire hazards. In order not to defeat the safeguards
incorporated in this unit, observe the following basic rules for its installation, use and servicing.
1. An outside antenna system should not be located in the vicinity of overhead power lines or other
electric light or power circuits, or where it can fall into such power lines or circuits. When installing
an outside antenna system, extreme care should be taken to keep from touching such power lines
or circuits as contact with them might be fatal.
2. If the drive unit is installed on an outdoor antenna, be sure the antenna system is grounded so as
to provide some protection against voltage surges and built-up static charges. Section 810 of the
National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA70, or CSA C22.1 Sections 10, 16, and 54, of the Canadian
Electrical Code, provides information with respect to proper grounding of the mast and supporting
structure, grounding of the antenna lead-in wire and drive-unit to control-unit interconnecting cables
to an antenna discharge unit, size of grounding conductors, location of antenna-discharge unit,
connection to grounding electrodes, and requirements for the grounding electrode. See separate
enclosed grounding code on page 26.
3. Your control is provided with ventilation openings to allow heat generated during operation to be
released, If these openings are blocked, heat build-up can cause failure of the control and external
damage. Therefore:
block the ventilation slots by placing it on a bed, sofa, rug, etc.
place in a “built-in” enclosure unless proper ventilation is provided;
cover the openings with cloth or other material;
place near or over radiators, heat registers, amplifiers, or other heat sources.
4. Your control may be equipped with a polarized AC line plug (one blade of the plug is wider than
the other). This safety feature allows the plug to fit into the power outlet only one way. Should you
be unable to insert the plug fully into the outlet, try reversing the plug. Should it still fail to fit,
contact your electrician to replace your obsolete outlet. Do not defeat the safety purpose of the
polarized plug.
5. Operate the control only from an A.C. power source as indicated on the bottom of the control.
Do not use D.C.
6. Overloaded AC outlets and extension cords are dangerous, and so are frayed power cords and
broken plugs. They may result in a shock or fire hazard. Unplug the control and call your service
technician for replacement.
7. Do not allow anything to rest on or roll over the power cord, and do not place the control where
power cord is subject to traffic or abuse. Pay particular attention to the cord at the plug and the point
where it exists from the control unit. This may result in a shock or fire hazard.
8. All individuals, especially children, should be cautioned about dropping or pushing objects into any
openings. Some internal parts carry hazardous voltages and contact can result in electrical shock.
Objects dropped into the control may also result in a fire hazard.
9. Never expose the control to rain or water. It the control becomes damp or wet, or if liquids are spilled
into it, unplug the control and have it inspected by a service technician before further use. Liquids,
rain or excessive moisture may cause electrical shorts which can result in fire or shock hazards.
Never operate the control near water; such as a swimming pool, etc. or near a bathtub, sink,
laundry tub or in a wet basement.
10. Unplug the control before cleaning. Use a slightly damp (not wet) cloth. Do not use an aerosol
directly on the control since it may over spray and cause electrical shock.
11. Whenever the unit exhibits distinct change on performance unplug the control and call your
dealer or service technician.
12. Any attempt to disassemble the control or drive portions of this unit may expose you to high
voltage or other hazards. Observe all cautionary labels, warnings and safeguards.
13. If the control has been dropped or the case has been damaged, fire, and shock hazard may exist.
Unplug the control and have it checked by a service technician before use.
14. When replacement parts are required, have the service technician verify that the replacements
used have the same safety characteristics as the original parts. Unauthorized substitutions may
result in a risk of fire or electric shock, or other risks.
15. Upon completion of any service or repairs to the unit, please ask the service technician to perform
routine safety checks to determine that the unit is in a safe operating condition.
16. For added protection of the control during a lightning storm or when control is to be left unattended for an extended period of time, unplug it from the wall outlet and disconnect the rotator cable.
This will prevent possible shock, fire hazard and damage to the control due to lightning storms or
power line surges.
17. Always use extreme caution when installing a rooftop antenna and rotator system to reduce the
risk of falls. Wear rubber-soled shoes and use a sturdy ladder. Do not install on a windy day or
when the roof is wet or is covered with ice or snow.
This device complies with part 15 of the FCC rules.
Operation is subject to the following two conditions:
(1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and
(2) this device must accept any interference received,
including interference that may cause undesired operation.
Limited Warranty – Labor not Included
Channel Master ® warrants to the original purchaser that this antenna rotator product is free from defective material and workmanship,
and agrees to remedy, within a reasonable time, usually within 90 days, any such defect, or to furnish a new part in exchange provided
in our judgement, it is thus defective. The unit must be delivered by the purchaser at his expense to the place from which it was
purchased, intact, for examination with all transportation charges paid, within 90 days from the date of sale to original purchaser.
Any unit or part of a unit approved for remedy or exchange hereunder will be remedied or exchanged by the authorized dealer or
wholesaler or by us, without charge to the owner except for expenses the owner incurs for disassembly or assembly services performed
while removing and replacing the unit on his installation. This warranty does not extend to any of our products which have been
subjected to misuse, neglect, accident, abnormal severe weather conditions, incorrect or damaged wiring not our own, improper
installations or to use in violation of instructions furnished by us, nor extend to units which have been repaired or altered outside of our
factory, nor to cases where the serial number thereof has been removed, defaced or changed, nor to accessories used therewith not
of our own manufacture, nor to units so located relative to buildings or other obstructions to the wind such as to subject the rotator
abnormal torque due to wind, nor to damage other objects resulting from the above.
This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied and no representative or person is authorized too assume for
us any other liability in connection with the sale of our products. If there are any questions regarding service charges or warranty
protection, contact the appropriate Channel Master Sales Department for clarification.
Garantie limitée – Main-d’oeuvre non comprise
La Division Channel Master ® Rotator garantit ce rotateur d’antenne, à l’acheteur original, contre tout vice de matériau et de fabrication
et s’engage à le corriger, d’habitude dans les 90 jours, ou à fournir une piéce neuve pour remplacer toute pièce qu’à l’examen nous
trouverions défectueuse, à condition que le matériel soit livré intact par l’acheteur à l’endroit où l’achat a été effectué, tous frais de
transport payés, dans les 90 jours suivant la date de vente à l’acheteur original.
Tout équipement ou pièce d’équipement accepté pour réparation ou échange en vertu de la présente sera réparé ou échangé par le
concessionnaire ou le grossiste agréé ou par nous sans frais pour le propriétaire, à l’exception des frais encourus par le propriétaire
à l’occasion du démontage et de la réinstallation de l’unité. Cette garantie ne s’applique à aucun de nos produits ayant subi des usage
abusif, négligence, accident, conditions d’environnement excessivement sévéres, câblage défectueux effectué par des tiers, installation
défectueuse, emploi en conjonction avec des antennes dépassant la grandeur recommandée, ou usage contraire aux instructions
fournies par nous, ni à des équipements réparés ou modifiés hors de notre usine, ni dans les cas où le numéro de série a été enlevé,
oblitéré ou changé, ni à des accessoires non fabriqués par nous utilisés en conjonction avec notre équipement, ni á des équipements
dont l’installation par rapport aux båtiments ou autres obstacles au passage du vent expose le rotateur à une torsion excessive causée
par le vent, ni aux dégåts occasionnés å d’autres objets et résultant des conditions ci-dessus.
Cette garantie est en lieu et place de toutes autres garanties exprimées ou tacites, et nul représentant ou personne n’est autorisé
à assumer de notre part d’autre responsabilité en ce qui concerne la vente de nos fabrications. Pour obtenir de plus amples
renseignements au sujet de frais de réparation ou de la protection assurée par la présente garantie, s’adresser au Service des Ventes
Channel Master intéressé.
Garantia Limitada – Labor no es Incluido
Channel Master ® le garantiza al comprador original que este producto de rotador de antena es libre de material defectivo y obra de
trabajo, y concuerda remediarlos dentro de un tiempo razonable, generalmente dentro de 90 dias, cualquíera tal defecto o para
propocionar una parte nueva en el cambio en nuestro juicio, si es defectuoso. La unidad debe de ser llevado por el comprador a su
gasto al lugar donde se compro, intacto para examinación con todos los transportes pagados, dentro de 90 dias de la de la venta al
comprador original.
Cualquiera unidad o la parte de la unidad aprobada para arreglo o cambio bajo esta continuacion seran cambiadas por el comerciante
o majoreo autorizados o por nosotros, o cargada al dueño con execpcion de los gastos que el dueño contrae para servicios de
desmontaje o ensamble realizado al quitar y reeplazar la unidad en su instalación. Esta garantia no es extendida a cualquiera de
nuestros productos que han sido maltratados, descuidado, accidentes o condiciones severas anormales de tiempo inexacto o
dañados alambres que no son de nosotros, instalaciones impropias o uso en violacion de instrucciones amuebladas por nosotros, ni
extendidas a unididas que se han reparado o han sido alterado afuera de nuestra fabrica, ni a casos donde el numero de serie del
mismo se ha quitado, ha sido mutilado o ha sido cambiado ni a accessorios usados con eso no de nuestro fabrica, ni a unidades localizados relativamente cerca de edificios u otras obtrucciones como el viento tal como sujetar el rotador el momento de torsion anormal
debido al viento, ni para danar otros arriba.
Esta garantia esta en vez de todas otras garantias expresadas o implicadas y ningún representante o persona es autorizado a assumir
para nosotros cualquier otra responsabilidad con respecto a la ventas de nuestros productos. Si hay cualquiera pregunta con relación
a precios de servicios o protección de garantia aga contacto apropiado con Channel Master Departamento de Ventas para clarificación.
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