Guzzler Explains Climate Change
Guzzler Explains
Climate Change
What is energy?
We use energy everyday…
To watch tv
To light our schools and homes
To boil the kettle
To play playstation
To make toast
To wash our clothes
To listen to the radio
This energy, in the form of electricity, is made by
burning fossil fuels. Examples of fossil fuels are:
coal, oil, gas and peat.
When we burn fossil fuels to
produce electricity we release
carbon dioxide (CO2) into the
atmosphere. Carbon dioxide
is the main greenhouse gas.
Greenhouse gases in the
atmosphere are like a
greenhouse – they let the heat
of the sun in, but not out. So, this
greenhouse effect is causing our
climate to change and that’s why
we call it Climate Change.
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How will climate change effect different
parts of the world?
Climate change is causing
glaciers to melt in every part
of the world. This is leading
to a rise in sea level and
therefore, an increased
risk of flooding.
Another effect of climate change is droughts in
hot countries, this could lead
to a shortage of water
and food.
What about us?
Climate change is already starting to
effect Ireland and by 2050, scientists
predict that Ireland will have more
rain, drier summers, more storms
and droughts. And lots of new
creepy crawlies!
drier summers
more rain
more storms
Guzzler tells you what
you can do to help
You can help by saving energy at home and at school.
Switch off lights when you don’t need them
Turn off your tv, don’t leave it on standby
Close the curtains in the evening to keep the heat in
Walk or cycle to school when it’s safe to do so
When the kettle is being boiled, only use the
amount of water you need
Dry your clothes on the clothes line instead of using
the tumble drier
Use energy efficient light bulbs
Put a lagging jacket on your hot water cylinder
Recycle your bottles and cans
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