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Introducing the perfect Island Car, the Mahindra e2o.
“Let’s be the generation that frees itself from the tyranny of oil.”
- Sen. Barack Obama, 2007
Imagine a car that not only makes fuel dependence a thing of the past,
but also helps protect the fragile ecology of islands.
Imagine never having to visit a gas station or paying for fuel. Harnessing solar energy is really
the solution to meeting the challenges of the future of mobility. The e2o takes you to that future
today. Just plug into the solar charging unit that you can get with the car and you’re ready to go.
Free energy for life.
Your Island has a very fragile ecology. With solar charging and zero emissions,
the e2o is the perfect mobility solution for you and tourists alike.
Whether for couples or families, the e2o is designed to ensure
you can have the perfect getaway.
Zero Emissions
Runs on Sun
Just the right size
Easy to drive, park
Affordable for all
Simple to maintain
All fun, no guilt
The Mahindra Reva manufacturing plant in Bangalore is the 2 nd Platinum* certified automotive manufacturing facility in the
World. It’s not just zero emission, it’s designed and manufactured with our green philosophy in mind. What’s more, every single
e2o is charged with solar generated energy before before it leaves the plant.
* Platinum certification from IGBC – Indian Green Building Council
Platinum is the highest certification and recognizes global leadership in green buildings
The e2o is more than just electric. It’s compact, spacious, comfortable and fun to drive, with a whole range of exciting features.
Comfortably seats 4 adults. • Wide opening doors making it easy to get in and out.
Upright seating position gives excellent visibility. • Seats have excellent lumbar and thigh support.
Automatic transmission makes it effortless to drive. • Designed for non-stop fun.
And probably your computer, too. The Intelligent Energy Management System and 10 onboard computers
provide real-time information about the car. The e2 o also self-diagnoses and sends mobile alerts in case of faults
or service issues. Its versatile infotainment system offers a host of media options, a complete navigation system
and even plans trips for you.
The complete infotainment suite
The unique Driver Information System
Powered by the new generation of long-life lithium ion batteries, the e2o gets the best from every watt of
electricity and maximizes energy efficiency. Thanks to its on-board computers and sophisticated electronic
controls that monitor real time parameters, the car utilizes energy in the most efficient way.
Not surprisingly, there are 15 global patents that recognize and protect this groundbreaking technology.
Lithium ion battery
Energy Management
Energy Management
Energy Flow
Satellite link
GSM Network
Energy Flow
Lithium ion battery
REVive on
in case of
low charge
Vehicle located
analyzed on central
computer. Reserved
charge activated
The e2o smartphone application is not just advanced, it’s irresistible. It keeps you connected to the car, allowing you to remotely
control a whole host of exciting features.
Lock-Unlock the car | Plan your trip| Check charging status | Switch on AC/Heater |
Switch on vacation mode | Locate charging points | Activate REVive for charge release
Available on most Android, Apple and Blackberry smartphones
There’s a whole bunch of reasons why the e2 o is hassle free and easy to maintain. It’s non-corrosive, color impregnated, dent-resistant
body panels take away the headache of repairing minor bumps and scratches, making it ideal for islands.
What’s more, the e2o has no engine, gearbox, clutch, or exhaust system and uses neither engine oil nor coolant.
Which again means huge savings in maintenance, and time. With the smartphone application it becomes easier than ever
to diagnose problems and immediately find fixes. And the best part is that every e2o is connected to a central computer.
So we can check the 'heart beat' of the car everyday and keep it in the pink of health!
The Mahindra e2 o has been designed keeping the ‘safety first’ principle in mind. It has a unique high strength steel space frame
that cocoons you and your family. This, along with several advanced safety features makes every drive a safe one.
3 Crumple Zones | Side Impact Dual Beams | Gear Shift & Charge Interlocks | Immobilizer
ISOFIX Child Seat Mounts with ALR Rear Seat Belts for added Child Safety | Adjustable Headrest on all seats
Born Green.
Intelligent Energy
Low running cost.
Zero Emission.
Interactive Driver
Hill Hold.
Low maintenance.
Solar Charged.
REVive Activation.
GPS navigation.
Low repair cost.
Sun2car - Direct Solar Charging
Sun2car - Solar and Grid Charging
Ideal if your electric car is at home for some part of day
Ideal for island charging stations
Sun2car - Solar and Grid Charging (with optional battery backup)
Ideal if your electric car is at home only at night
Charging also available from standard 15 Ampere electric plug point.
Bird’s eye view of Mahindra Reva manufacturing facility in Bengaluru, India.
Seating Capacity
Steering Mechanism
Suspension: Front
Suspension: Rear
Brake: Front
Brake: Rear
Tyre (Front & Rear)
Length x Width x Height
Ground Clearance
Turning Radius
Kerb Weight
Two door hatchback
Four adults
3 Phase Induction Motor
19 kW @ 3750 rpm
53 Nm @ (0-3400 rpm)
48V maintenance-free Lithium-ion
Electric Power Steering Rack & Pinion Type
Fully Automatic
MacPherson strut - Gas filled
Gas filled shock absorber with coil springs
Disc: 215 mm
Drum: 180mm
155 / 70 R 13, Tubeless Low Resistance
3280 mm x 1514 mm x 1560 mm
1958 mm
180 mm
3.9 m
830 kg
Top Speed
Charging time
Panels & Bumpers
81 kmph
100 km in one full charge under test conditions
10 hours to full charge; 2 Hours for 20 km range
from a standard 110V 15 A socket
Arctic Silver
Coral Blue
Spanish Red
Color Impregnated and Dent resistant body panels
Welded Tubular structure & 3-crumple zones
complying to European safety norms
Eco Green
Oceanic White
Sunfire Yellow
Established in 1945, Mahindra & Mahindra is a US $16.7 billion multinational group based in Mumbai, India, employing over 180,000 people in more
than 100 countries around the globe. But we’re not just another global corporate giant. We’re many companies united by one common purpose – to
enable people to Rise. We have a growing presence in a variety of industries across the globe. Our core automotive and farm equipment businesses
have grown into market leaders that drive the industry forward, and we’re also involved in sectors like IT, vacation ownership, logistics and much more.
In the automotive sector, our portfolio comprises a wide spectrum of vehicles from two wheelers to heavy trucks to SUVs and tractors. We are
acutely aware of environmental challenges and are focused in creating mobility solutions for the future. In keeping with our vision of sustainability we
acquired Reva Electric Car Company in 2010.
Every year, the prestigious Fast Company Magazine presents an annual guide on the state of innovation in the economy, featuring companies
that have the greatest impact across industries in our culture. Mahindra Reva and Tesla Motors both placed at No. 22 in the list “for catering
electric cars to new audiences.” Mahindra Reva has been a pioneer is this sector, with a truly global presence spanning 24 countries, and a
range of electric vehicles which have been used to travel over 200 million kilometers worldwide. But Mahindra Reva is not just about
innovation in electric cars. It is also about intelligent manufacturing. Using renewable energy across the entire manufacturing value chain,
Mahindra Reva believes in cutting down the carbon footprint of its products. Couple this with Sun2Car technology that allows the Mahindra
e2o to Run on Sun, and you have a truly green car. Mahindra Reva's focus on innovative solutions to enable people across the world to
own an electric car has led to scores of global patents that protect the enviable technology used in the Mahindra e2o. The beautiful and
eco-friendly manufacturing facility on the outskirts of Bangalore houses a large R&D team led by globally renowned, award-winning
electric vehicle pioneer, Chetan Maini. It works constantly to create products that meet the needs of the future.
Because it's a future where we're all going to live.
For more information visit
Address: 61 St. John’s Road, Pembroke. Telephone: 295-5000