News 1 Testing Labs Density Determination

News 1 Testing Labs Density Determination
Testing Labs
Weighing and Analysis in the Laboratory
Density Determination
Easier and More Productive
SGS is an independent testing firm with laboratories in more than 140
countries worldwide. Mr. Francois-Régis le Petit, Laboratory Manager of
SGS's Oil, Gas and Chemicals Division in Harfleur, France, tells us about
his latest acquisition: an automatic sampler with a heating option for
measuring the density of petroleum products.
Quality assurance of petroleum
The main activity of SGS France's OGC
Division (Oil, Gas and Chemicals) is the
qualitative and quantitative control of imported and exported petroleum products
usually transported by ship. A secondary
activity is the quality control of products
on behalf of refiners or general distributors. On average, they deal with 1300 test
certificates every month with each certificate representing five analyses. Controlling imports and exports means the laboratory has to remain open 24 hours a day,
seven days a week, as a ship can dock in
the quay at 2 a.m. on the first of January.
The majority of the equipment therefore
has to stay in operation continuously and
is not allowed to break down!
Automatic cleaning saves time
Mr. le Petit is very enthusiastic whilst talking about their laboratory equipment: “Every day, we measure the density of products
stemming from the distillation of crude
oil: moderately fluid oils, paraffin, fuel oil
and crude oil. The SC30 automatic sampler with heating option lowers the viscosity of products by heating them to 80°C for
easier sampling. Everything is automated,
including cleaning of the measurement
circuit with two different solvents (toluene
followed by heptane). As ships on standby
at the quay cost a lot of money, we have to
meet strict delivery times. The DE40 density meter with the SC30 heated automatic
sampler helps us to meet our obligations
and improve our productivity every day. We
are very satisfied with it!”
LabX Software
Efficient Air Pollution Monitoring
With LabX Software
After the introduction of stricter exhaust gas standards for diesel vehicles in Germany in 2005, the demand for measuring emission particles
in the air has increased. TÜV Süd, one of Germany’s largest independent
testing laboratories, and METTLER TOLEDO have jointly developed an
efficient and cost-effective solution for this task.
Since the exhaust gas standards for diesel
vehicles were tightened in 2005, diesel particle filters for automobiles have become a
hot topic. All German Federal States and
communities are required to comply with
lower emission limits for particles up to 10
µm. In addition to other pollutants, the
Federal Government has monitored the
concentration of these particles for many
years through a nationwide network of air
measuring stations. In Saxony, TÜV SÜD
is in charge of carrying out pollutants
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Testing Labs News 1
The challenge for TÜV SÜD
Particle concentration is mainly determined by a gravimetric method. For this
sensitive weighing process, initial and
back-weighing of particle filters must be
performed under identical ambient conditions. To measure dust concentrations
as low as 5 - 50 mg requires a balance
with maximum accuracy and repeatability. The impending penalties for violating
the EU limit values are a key reason for
these stringent requirements.
The measuring method
Samples are collected using special filter
cartridges. These are prepared by conditioning for 72 hours. The dust-free filters
are then given a six-digit number for subsequent identification, and weighed. Next
they leave TÜV and are sent to the Federal Environment Association where they
are employed in air measuring stations.
Sampling is performed for 24 hours with
an average flow rate of 720 m³. Back at
TÜV, the samples are again conditioned
for 72 hours at constant temperature and
relative humidity, and weighed. The dust
mass is calculated on the basis of the
weight differential.
Highest quality requirements
Special attention is paid to the weighing
chamber. Air supply must be absolutely
draught-free. The temperature requirement is 20°C at a relative humidity of
50%. These values are controlled and
recorded permanently. The standard DIN
EN ISO/IEC 17025 prescribes a daily routine check with calibrated weights. Furthermore, the zero point must be checked
after every measurement.
A tailored solution
For weighing, TÜV SÜD uses a METTLER
TOLEDO high-end analytical balance
with a capacity of 220g and an accuracy
of 0.01mg. Thanks to the motorized draft
shield doors featuring touchless operation, the filters can easily be placed on the
balance for fast and accurate measurements.
The new LabX light balance software perfectly supports this task. It performs the
complete data and equipment monitoring, supports the work procedure and ensures full measurement reliability. Internal calibration automatically occurs as
a daily routine, and should the deviation
from the prescribed value be too high,
the balance is automatically blocked to
prevent systematic measurement errors.
All external inspections are documented
and reflect the balance’s extraordinary
The balance is activated via the connected PC. For back-weighing, the recorded
weighing data are assigned according to
the six-digit filter identification number,
which has been entered before, the weight
differential is calculated and all values
The filters are given identification
numbers and are inserted in
dedicated cartridges.
are saved. With approximately 600 filter
samples tested per month, the data management system simplifies work considerably and ensures excellent data reliability.
Through the network, all data are available to all computers connected. The results are submitted to the customer, i. e.
the Saxonian Office for Environment and
Geology by email.
The filters are employed in air
measuring stations where samples
are taken during 24 hours.
LabX balance software assigns
the measured data, calculates the
weight differential and provides all
data in the network.
Tangible customer value
For Dr. Harald Bittner, head of the TÜV
SÜD laboratory, the system offers tangible value: high measuring accuracy
and traceability combined with efficient
data management featuring integrated
quality assurance. He is particularly
enthusiastic about the close cooperation with METTLER TOLEDO. The high
product quality has long been appreciated by the Dresden laboratory. But
when it came to jointly developing a data
management solution tailored exactly to
TUV’s work procedure, the commitment
of METTLER TOLEDO and the final result
were, in his opinion, extraordinary.
LabX value for customers
n More reliable data
n Efficient data management
n Full traceability
Testing Labs News 1
Thermal Analysis Solutions
Thermal Analysis Solutions
for Petroleum Testing Laboratories
Outsourcing analytical testing activities to specialized, independent
laboratories is common practice in the petrochemical industry. Typically, testing laboratories focus on providing an extensive range of
testing capabilities covering numerous analytical techniques, including
thermal analysis – a field in which METTLER TOLEDO is regarded as the
supplier of choice.
Fast results, full compliance
By outsourcing analytical tests, manufacturers in the petrochemical industry
can benefit from fast and accurate test
results fully compliant with regulations,
saving them time and money. These services are provided by independent testing
laboratories offering specialist resources
and skills required by this industry. In the
petrochemical industry, thermal analysis
is a widely used technique to study and
optimize the properties of petroleum
Material characterization techniques for petrochemical testing
Differential Scanning Calorimetry – DSC
l Glass transition temperatures
l Phase change
l Crystallinity
l Melting
l Thermal stability
l Formulation stability
l Oxidation stability
Thermogravimetric Analysis – TGA
l Compositional analysis
l Decomposition
l Rate of degradation
l Product lifetimes
l Flammability
l Thermal stability
l Identification analysis
l Moisture content
l Volatiles content
l Evolved gas analysis
l Effects of different atmospheres
l Residue and ash content
l Noack method
Thermal Value Systems – FP
FP81C Cloud point FP82 Hot stage FP83 Dropping point
l Cloud points
l Softening points
l Dropping points
Testing Labs News 1
l Methods based on many international standards including ASTM
and DIN
For these kinds of applications, METTLER
TOLEDO offers solutions in the following
n Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC)
n Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA)
n Thermal value systems (FP)
The table highlights some of the tests that
can be performed with your instruments.
They are used for the study of various petrochemical properties including volatility, stability, identification and dropping
As the samples analyzed are often sticky
and aggressive, METTLER TOLEDO instruments are designed to be particularly
rugged, easy to clean and reliable under
all conditions.
Values-adding services
In support of the techniques and standard
tests performed, additional value and is
gained from automation possibilities for
24/7 operation, STARe Software for
efficient data management, local services
including full on-site training, scheduled
preventive maintenance and calibration.
These services not only maximize uptime but ensure that test results are of the
highest quality.
Calibrated Weights
Calibrated Weights Ensure
Consistently Accurate Weighing Results
ISO9001 requires that measurement equipment like balances shall be
calibrated or verified at specified intervals, or prior to use, against measurement standards traceable to international or national standards to
trust display and measurement results and to guarantee the security of
the processes. METTLER TOLEDO’s ISO 17025 accredited weight service
supplies such highly accurate and high-quality weights to support you
in this matter.
Why are Calibrated Weights for
Balances so important?
In regulated environments, accurate
weighing results constantly need to be
guaranteed and proven. This requires
regular balance testing using calibration
weights. A calibrated weight is the only
accepted measuring device for this task as
it can be traced back to an approved reference, ensuring traceability of your testing
results. This because measurement equipment is sensible to working environment
conditions and can drift with time.
Traceable Balance Verification
with OIML weights
If analytical test results must be traceable, so must the weighing results in order
to guarantee a reliable manufacturing
process or quality control. Therefore balances need to be calibrated or verified.
Verification means the confirmation
that the user requirement specification is fulfilled. But furthermore, legal
guidelines specify that all tests must be
fully traceable and therefore only certified calibration weights can be used to be
fully compliant. Calibration weights and
relevant certification have to conform
with OIML (International Organization
of Legal Metrology) which includes clear
documentation of material, density and
nominal weight, ensuring traceability
back to the original Kilogram Prototype
stored in Paris. METTLER TOLEDO balance software also supports this process
by memorizing up to 10 weights, including information on nominal weight, certification number and complete calibration test documentation.
Regular Calibration and
Calibration and verification of measurement equipment needs to be realized at
regular intervals to guarantee the reliability of measurement at any time. The
specific calibration time interval is determined by evaluating the risk of the process
and the frequency of use of the measurement equipment. Furthermore it depends
on the user requirement specifications as
for example the process tolerance.
Regular tests of balances with calibrated
weights are required to guarantee the reliability of the processes and to ensure the
trust in the weighing results at any time.
METTLER TOLEDO accredited weight services not only offer high quality calibration weights but also provide recalibration
services. Your local METTLER TOLEDO
representative will be pleased to recommend the necessary calibration weights
and services for your balances.
Testing Labs News 1
Accuracy and Uptime Guaranteed
With ServiceXXL
METTLER TOLEDO provides cost-effective service solutions that ensure
accurate, traceable results and unprecedented equipment uptime. With
over 1800 dedicated service professionals worldwide, our aim is to optimally support you during all phases of the equipment lifecycle – from
equipment selection to installation and qualification through to many
years of trouble-free routine operation.
A matter of throughput
Testing Laboratories are high-throughput environments. Typically, tests are
performed 365 days a year, 24 hours a
day, with thousands of samples being
analyzed under various conditions. Success depends heavily on accurate results
and quick response time from a variety of
instruments. Equipment uptime is essential for increasing productivity and profitability whilst at the same time reducing
costs. With little time to spend waiting for
a balance or analytical instrument to be
repaired or a broken part to be delivered,
equipment used in testing labs needs
to be robust, reliable and - above all accurate. Buying equipment and services
from METTLER TOLEDO, you can be sure
these needs are fulfilled.
Initial qualification
METTLER TOLEDO provides the peace of
mind that your measurement instruments
fulfill all relevant quality requirements
and that your investment is well protected.
Our Service XXL approach offers you tailored services that cover the entire life cycle
of your equipment:
n Equipment selection
n Installation and qualification
n Routine operation
Our IPac (Initial Qualification Package)
ensures that balances, titrators and moisture analysers are properly installed and
configured to your needs right from the
start – the prerequisite for accurate results
compliant with your Quality Management
System. To document the entire qualification process we offer the EQPac (Equipment Qualification).
The IPac (Initial Qualification Package)
ensures that your equipment is properly
installed and configured to your needs right
from the start – the prerequisite for accurate
results compliant with your QM-System.
Testing Labs News 1
Maintenance and calibration
With preventive maintenance and regular calibrations according to ISO 9001,
ISO 17025 or other industry standards
performed by METTLER TOLEDO-certified
technicians, you can be assured of smooth
routine operation and dependable measurement accuracy from your equipment.
For certain products measurement uncertainty calculations (e.g. minimum sample
weight according to USP) are also available. The frequency of calibrations and
preventive maintenance visits vary based
on customer requirements and equipment
criticality. Typically, a service agreement
including an annual visit reduces the risk
of emergency repair and downtime, protecting your financial investment whilst
ensuring that your range of analytical
and weighing instruments remain clean,
optimized, and effective. The bottom line:
reliable results and maximum equipment
uptime at low cost.
METTLER TOLEDO's Excellence Plus balances feature
“MinWeigh”, a function that can be activated by the
service technician. It warns the user with red figures in
the display when the sample weight is below the defined
minimum weight.
The Minimum Sample Weight according to
USP 41 is the smallest sample quantity that
can be weighed with a maximum relative
measurement error not exceeding 0.1%. It
depends on the balance’s measurement
performance as well as the ambient conditions at the point of use and is performed on
site by a METTLER TOLEDO-certified service
technician. The Minimum Weight Certificate,
which is based on a measurement uncertainty calculation, documents full compliance
with FDA’s USP 41 requirements.
Process Step
• Support in defining
customer requirements
• Selection guides help
choosing the right product
& Qualification
• Initial Qualification Pacs for
installation and initial calibration
• Equipment Qualification Pacs for
documenting the entire qualification process
• Maintenance services
• Calibration services
(ISO 17025)
• User seminars
and training
• Application and
technical support
Customer Value
traceable results compliant
with regulations (e.g. ISO 17025)
n Optimized equipment uptime
n Protection of your investment
n Low total cost of ownership
n Accurate,
Testing Labs News 1
Amazing Solutions
For Improved Productivity
METTLER TOLEDO delivers powerful solutions that simplify work in laboratories around the world. Combining our state-of-the-art technologies
with our applicative competence, we have a strong value proposition to
make: accurate results and productivity second to none.
The density and refractive indices of samples can now be determined
simultaneously – for the most accurate analyses at high speed.
One-Click Titration
Excellence titrators combine high applicative power with
most efficient operation and unprecedented data security –
for maximum testing sample throughput.
Analytical Instruments
Weighing Solutions
Thermal Analysis
As the technology leader in high performance Thermal Analysis
instrumentation you can count on us for your material characterization
needs. From thermal value systems to the innovative product range
including DSC, TGA, TMA and DMA, a powerful software platform and
worldwide customer support and services - our solutions assure
accurate and precise test results with the highest reliability.
XP56 Microbalance
Thanks to its world-leading measurement performance,
the XP56 saves cost by maximizing the yield of precious
substances and increases productivity in high-throughput
testing laboratory environments.
Moisture Determination
HR83 Moisture Analyzer
With a readability of 0.1mg, password protection and
traceable sample identification, the HR83 offers secure and
documented results. And the automatic method development
feature helps save time – for faster test results.
LabX Software
Image controlling all your balances and titrators via
a network, managing your data securely and easily
accessible in a central database and looking at test
results directly from your PC in the office: with LabX
this becomes reality.
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