Your ZAGGkeys™ MINI 7 comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty.
You must register it and keep your receipt of purchase to activate
the warranty. If you purchased it on ZAGG.com, ZAGG® has already
registered your ZAGGkeys MINI 7 and has your proof of purchase.
To insert the iPad® MINI, have keyboard closest to you
with iPad home button on the right and snap the iPad
into the grooves, making sure it is firmly set in place.
To remove the iPad, snap it gently out of the casing.
To power on your keyboard, press the power button. The
LED status light with illuminate red for 5 seconds, and
To position, pull out the kickstand and lean back.
The Bluetooth® keyboard should only need to pair to
your iPad once as follows:
1. On the iPad select: Settings > General > Bluetooth > On.
2. P r e s s t h e p a i r b u t t o n o n t h e k e y b o a r d . T h e L E D
status light will flash blue until the device is paired.
3. The iPad will display “ZAGGkeys MINI 7” as an available
device. Select this option to complete pairing.
Your keyboard comes with a charging cable that plugs into
the side of the device. You can plug the other end of the
charging cable into any USB outlet, including: a computer,
your iPad charger, A ZAGGsparq™, etc. A complete charge
takes 2 - 4 hours. LED status light will illuminate green while
Your keyboard has been designed with special
function keys to give you more control of your iPad.
Home Displays the iPad® home screen
Search Displays the iPad® search screen
Keyboard Hide/Show Hides or shows iPad® on-screen
Copy Copies selected text to clipboard
Paste Pastes clipboard content in selected field
Previous Track Skips to previous track on current playlist
Play/Pause Starts or stops current playlist
Next Track Skips to the next track on the current playlist
Mute Mutes iPad® audio
Volume Down Decreases iPad® volume
Volume Up Increases iPad® volume
Lock Activates and deactivates sleep mode on iPad®
Battery indicator: When FN + the battery indicator key is
pressed, the LED status light will blink to indicate the battery
level; green for 50-100%, yellow for 20-50%, red when less
than 20%. Once red you should have about two weeks of
normal use left. normal use left. The LED status light will
Power light: Light will illuminate red for 5 seconds, and
Pairing light: Remains solid blue when caps lock is active,
flashes blue when pairing.
Function key (FN): Used to access the blue symbols on the
keyboard. If two blue symbols are on one key, hold SHIFT
and FN simultaneously to access the top blue symbol.
The keyboard’s long-life battery lasts for several months
of normal use. The keyboard will go into sleep mode if
left on and not being used; press any key and wait 1 - 2
seconds to bring it out of sleep mode. The lithium-polymer
whenever you wish. When not in use for a prolonged
to lengthen battery life.
What to do if the iPad does not respond to the keyboard.
A few things can cause this problem:
-Dead battery
-Need to pair the keyboard to the iPad again
-Problem with the keyboard
Please follow the steps below to find out the problem
and appropriate solution.
1. R e s t a r t y o u r i P a d b y h o l d i n g d o w n t h e h o m e a n d
power button simultaneously until it resets. Let go
of the buttons when you see the Apple® logo.
s h o u l d s e e t h e L E D l i g h t s h i n e r e d b r i e fl y . I f n o t ,
charge your keyboard.
3. After charging, turn the keyboard on. If the LED light
does not illuminate for a few seconds and then go dim, you
may have a problem with it. Please contact customer
support at ZAGG.com to resolve this problem.
4. On the iPad, Select: Settings > General > Bluetooth > On.
5. If you see ZAGGkeys MINI 7 listed as an “available
device” on your iPad, click on the arrow to the right
and choose to have your iPad “forget the device.”
6. P u s h t h e p a i r b u t t o n o n t h e k e y b o a r d a n d w a t c h
for the LED light to flash blue.
7. If you see ZAGGkeys MINI 7 listed as an “available
device,” select it.
8. Your keyboard should now be paired.
9. I f y o u r i P a d g i v e s y o u a n e r r o r m e s s a g e , r e p e a t
process again.
10 . I f you s t i l l c an ’ t g e t y our keyb oard to pair , it is
possible your iPad needs to have its software updated
To update your iPad software, follow these steps:
A. P lug y o ur i P a d i n t o y our comput er
B. O pen i T unes
C. S el e c t your i Pad i n t h e left h and c olumn
D. Choose the button in the middle of the screen to
che c k for s o f t w a re u p date s
E. If an update is available, please install it. This will
tak e a few m inu t e s t o download f rom Appl e®.
F. After installation is complete, repeat troubleshooting
pro ces s .
*** If you receive the same error message during
pairing, you may have a problem with your keyboard.
Please contact customer support at ZAGG.com to
res o l v e t h e p r o b lem .
SECTION AT: www.ZAGG.com/faq
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