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Multidisciplinary teams speed
up development PAGE 3
Plug & test
“Our experience with Lab­VIEW and TestStand for development and
testing purposes is extremely good. The tools help us deliver better
projects,” says Viviana Jeaneth Reimundo, development engineer in
Data Respons Norway. PAGE 6
Green Power from
Rugged i7-based SingleBoard Computer
panel PC
we know embedded solutions
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15 October 2010
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#3 2010 Newsletter From data respoNs
multidisciplinary teams speed
up development paGe 3
Plug & test
“Our experience with LabVIEW and TestStand for development and
testing purposes is extremely good. The tools help us deliver better
projects,” says Viviana Jeaneth Reimundo, development engineer in
Data Respons Norway. paGe 6
Green power from
rugged i7-based singleBoard Computer
panel pC
embedded News
we know embedded solutions
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Publisher: Data Respons ASA
Editor: Svend Thürmer
Text and design: Data Respons ASA
Photo: Bård Gudim,
Print: Erik Tanche Nilssen AS
shanghai: Data Respons is opening a new office
in one of Shanghai’s most thriving industrial areas.
Further Expansion in Asia
Data Respons is expanding further in Asia by opening its second Chinese
office in one of Shanghai’s most thriving industrial areas. Data Respons has
been represented in China through its office in Taiwan since 2007.
“Being close to both local innovation and
global production is important to us because our business model encompasses the
entire value chain. Innovation and development of technological solutions takes place
locally with the customer, and explains our
presence in important industrial regions.
At the same time development, industrialisation and delivery are being effected at
an ever-increasing tempo, which also demands our presence in the places where the
solutions are produced. Our new office in
Shanghai will enable us to help many of our
customers to leverage new opportunities,”
explains Data Respons ASA’s CEO, Kenneth
Data Respons Taiwan
Data Respons’ Taiwan (Taipei) office was
opened in 2007. The office’s main activities comprise logistics, project management, quality assurance and sourcing.
The office’s staff play an important role
in cooperation with the company’s gold
partners in Taiwan by reducing development time for OEM and ODM projects,
sourcing more new products categories
and securing high quality.
Reopening in
Data Respons’ office in Bergen has moved
to a new location, Edvard Griegs vei 3A at
“We are very happy with the number of
visitors to our official opening on 23 September. The guests could see a wide range of exciting presentations from customers, the R&D
community in Bergen and from Data Respons,”
says department manager Harald Kjøde.
new address: Data Respons Norge AS,
Edvard Griegs vei 3A, NO-5059 Bergen.
about data respons
Data Respons is a knowledge-based
technology company and a leading European player in the embedded solutions market. Embedded solutions, or
integrated solutions, can be described
as the computer brain of a machine, a
system or an industrial end product. The
Data Respons Group is listed on the Oslo
Stock Exchange (Ticker: DAT), with headquarters in Oslo, Norway. The company
has operations in Denmark, Finland,
Germany, Norway, Sweden and Taiwan.
official opening
in århus
Representatives from the electronics industry
and the press, as well as the Mayor of Århus,
attended the official opening of Data Respons’ new office in Århus in Denmark. The
theme was Innovation, and the event was
presented by three influential personalities
from the hi-tech industry and our own sales
director, Michael Schou Rasmussen.
multidisciplinary: Data Respons’ engineers specialise in either HW, SW or firmware/FPGA. They work in
teams, and potential challenges are quickly identified and solved.
Multidisciplinary teams speed up development
Data Respons’ developers work in multidisciplinary teams to quickly identify
and solve potential challenges.
Data Respons’ hardware engineers have experience and expertise in a wide range of
disciplines ranging from design, PCB layout,
prototyping and environmental testing.
Our hardware engineers boast an impressive track record, and participate in development projects in a wide range of industries
including offshore, maritime, medical, telecommunication, transportation and defence.
Our customers’ solutions are often subject to
strict government requirements and our test
facilities and test engineers perform pre-certification tests to ensure a smooth certification
process with the classification authorities. The
knowledge these test procedures generate
serves as an important guideline for our engineers in later development projects.
Multidisciplinary development
Data Respons’ engineers specialise in either
HW, SW or firmware/FPGA. They work in
teams, and project management is rotated.
This creates a unique learning environment,
in which potential challenges are quickly
identified and solved.
Complicated and larger projects can be
run using the Agile methodology SCRUM ,
which has been adjusted to fit Data Respons’
The development teams work
in a non-bureaucratic fashion in close co-operation with
customers, resulting in shorter
development times.
own development methods. The development teams work in a non-bureaucratic fashion in close co-operation with customers,
resulting in shorter development times.
„„ Analogue design
„„ Digital design and
„„ PCB design
„„ EMI/EMC shielding
„„ Low-noise and low­power design
„„ High-speed design
„„ RF
„„ Digital signal processing
„„ High-temperature design
(>150–200 °C)
for more information:
green power: The technology is scaleable for
different voltages and power levels, and can be
combined with dimmers in lighting applications.
Green power from Lundinova
The Data Respons company Lundinova has developed technology for a lossless
electricity supply that reduces standby consumption by 99 per cent.
A growing number of appliances, for example lighting applications, computer accessories, mobile-phone chargers, etc., use some
sort of power adapter to convert the mains
voltage to the required voltage. It is above
all in standby mode that appliances consume
unnecessary power. Power adapters heat up
simply by being plugged in.
Low additional costs
Lundinova’s technology reduces standby
consumption by around 99 per cent. The
extra cost of manufacturing an item such as
a mobile-phone charger using this technology is only around USD 1. The technology
is scaleable for different voltages and power
levels, and can be combined with dimmers in
lighting applications.
Example of energy savings
Assuming that a charger is left on standby for
around 20 hours a day, using one of our chargers would save 5.9 Wh per day, which is 2.1535
kWh per year. Based on an estimate of 10 million
chargers in Sweden, that equates to a saving of
20 GWh per year for the country as a whole.
Main features
„„ AC/DC power adapter with extremely low
standby power consumption: 99% less
than typical
„„ Smart solution to automatically detect if
load is present or not. No manual on/off
switch needed
„„ Unaffected efficiency in active mode
„„ Cost of added components about USD 1
„„ Possible to implement as an ASIC
„„ Generic for different output voltages and
power levels
„„ Dimmable if used for lamps
for more information:
Laser measures state of health
The Data Respons company Lundinova
has helped develop a device which calculates the amount of abdominal fat.
The solution has been developed in conjunction with inventor Dr Carl-Erik Flodmark, a
consultant at University Hospital, Malmö, in
Sweden, and the development company Innovator Skåne AS.
Abdominal height (sagittal diameter or
SAD) provides a better indication of the amount
of dangerous abdominal fat, and supplements
the more common waist measurement using a
tape measure to calculate the level of obesity.
The device measures the height of the abdomen compared with the height of the sternum to calculate the risk of abdominal obesity
by means of an “F-index”. Measurement can
be performed without touching the patient,
which according to Dr Flodmark is important
when examining children and adolescents.
“There has never been a good method for
measuring abdominal height; we have had
to rely on a spirit level and tape measure. I
thought there had to be a better way,” said Dr
Flodmark to the Swedish medical newspaper
Dagens Medicin.
The invention is called the “abdominal height
laser”, and a prototype has been tested at
University Hospital, Malmö. Dr Flodmark and
his team at the hospital have defined the Findex, which is built on the hypothesis that
the height of the abdomen should not exceed
the height of the sternum. The laser measures
the height of both the abdomen and sternum, and the ratio between them defines the
F-index. If the ratio is greater than 1, ie the
height of the abdomen exceeds the height
of the sternum, the patient may be suffering from dangerous abdominal obesity. The
F-index could prove to
be a better method for
calculating the degree
of obesity than BMI, for
example, which does
not take into account
such factors as whether the
person is heavily built or is
experiencing a growth spurt.
“Lundinova has developed hardware, software and
the mechanics for this project.
The system’s main components
are a data collection device, a
USB camera, a line laser, level indicator, manoeuvring buttons and
indicator lamps,” says Lundinova’s
Anders Alvin.
for more information:
Medical Device Directive
classification: All medico-technical products in Europe must meet
the requirements stipulated in the Medical Device Directive.
Medical Device Directive
Data Respons has helped guide a large number of medicotechnical companies safely through both CE labelling in Europe and FDA registration in the USA.
Data Respons has many years’ well-documented experience of developing and manufacturing medico-technical devices.
What is the difference between CE labelling and FDA registration?
“In principle there is not much difference. This is where classification comes
in, which is almost identical in Europe and the USA. The FDA uses the
term ‘Good Manufacturing Practices 21CFR Part 820’, while in Europe we
use ‘Medical Device Directive 93/42 EEC with amendment 2007/47/EC’,”
explains QA Manager Thomas Dam from Data Respons in Denmark.
When a product is to be imported into the USA the manufacturer
sends a Premarket Notification 510 (K), a document containing several
hundred pages which largely corresponds to the requirements for CE
labelling. The difference is that the manufacturer has to gather together
the documentation and send it to the FDA. There follows a lengthy
dialogue back and forth until the manufacturer receives a K-number.
“It is enormously time consuming from a purely administrative point
of view. In Europe, companies whose
quality-assurance system is ISO 13485
certified are themselves permitted to put
a CE label on their products,” concludes
Thomas Dam.
medico-technical expert: Thomas Dam,
QA Manager, Data Respons Denmark.
for more information:
Classification in Europe
Classification determines which requirements and regulations
must be fulfilled before a product can be awarded a CE label.
Class 1: Products such as walking frames, wheelchairs, stethoscopes, which do not require a notified body. As a rule, manufacturers themselves are entitled to draw up and sign a conformance
declaration, with subsequent auditing by the government’s controlling body (in Denmark the Danish Medicines Agency).
Class 2A and 2B: Most electro-medical products, e.g. ECG
equipment and equipment used for the diagnosis, prevention,
monitoring, treatment or relief of medical conditions.
Class 3: High-risk products, e.g. those requiring examination,
replacement or change of the anatomy or a physiological process, as well as devices associated with an element of risk, eg
implants such as pacemakers. All medico-technical products in
Europe must meet the requirements stipulated in the Medical
Device Directive 93/42 EEC with amendment 2007/47EC.
Notified Body
A notified body is a body authorised by the Danish national
control authority to audit the companies. The national control
authority audits both companies marketing Class 1 products and
notified bodies. Notified bodies audit companies marketing Class
2 and 3 products. If the manufacturer has an ISO 13485 certified
quality-assurance system it is itself entitled to put a CE label on
products of any classification. A notified body audits the company once a year, with the exception of those companies which
sell only Class 1 products. Alternatively, manufacturers which do
not have a certified quality-assurance system may obtain a CE
label if a notified body audits each individual production run and
its associated documentation. Efforts are being made to establish
ISO 13485 as a common standard in the USA and Europe.
Plug and test
“Our experience with LabVIEW and TestStand for development and testing purposes is extremely good. The tools help us deliver better projects,” says Viviana Jeaneth
Reimundo, a development engineer with Data Respons Norge.
Data Respons has been using LabVIEW for
some time in a variety of areas, such as systems
testing, applications development and data
analysis. LabVIEW offers a great many benefits,
the most important of which are significant efficiency improvements, a high level of precision, simple reporting and analysis functions,
user friendliness and extensive usage.
LabVIEW and TestStand
Data Respons has noticed that demand for
services in LabVIEW is increasing, particu-
larly with regard to testing embedded solutions. Viviana Jeaneth Reimundo is a test
development specialist, and uses the TestStand test management software to develop
and perform tests on embedded solutions.
“TestStand is a tool for systematising,
validating and performing tests. We have developed LabVIEW modules to test individual
features such as USB, power, video, etc.
TestStand brings these modules together to
build a complete test that is tailored to meet
the customer’s requirements,” she explains.
“We have developed a wide-ranging test
procedure for embedded solutions using
TestStand. The graphic interface means it is
intuitive to set up. When the product is tested and delivered in volume it will result in
major time savings and high-quality product
testing. We perform environment tests,
function tests and production tests using
TestStand. The production test includes a
physical test, a function test and a stress test
using a variety of different parameters. The
results can be analysed and presented in a
NI LabVIEW is a graphical programming environment used by millions
of engineers and scientists to develop sophisticated measurement, test
and control systems using intuitive
graphical icons and wires that resemble a flowchart.
LabVIEW offers unrivalled integration with thousands of hardware
devices and provides hundreds of
built-in libraries for advanced analysis and data visualisation – all for
creating virtual instrumentation. The
LabVIEW platform is scalable across
multiple targets and OSs.
NI TestStand
NI TestStand is ready-to-run test
management software designed to
help you develop automated test and
validation systems faster. You can use
NI TestStand to develop, execute, and
deploy test system software. In addition, you can develop test sequences
that integrate code modules written
in any test programming language.
test expert: Viviana Jeaneth Reimundo uses
the TestStand test management software to develop and perform tests on embedded solutions.
number of standard reports and various formats.
Test robot
Viviana’s project includes long-term testing
over 24 hours.
“In other projects we have been dependent on a test operator monitoring the longterm test procedures and varying the external
factors, such as temperature, voltage sources
or video sources. TestStand acts as a test robot,
monitoring the test so that manual surveillance
and control is not necessary,” she says.
Full control
TestStand’s reporting capability is particularly good, and all the information presented
in the reports is fully traceable. Data can be
analysed and reports printed in XML, HTML,
ATML, and ASCII formats.
“With LabVIEW and TestStand I have
much better control of all the test results,
and have excellent tools for analysis and reporting,” she concludes.
Sequences also specify execution
flow, reporting, database logging, and
connectivity to other enterprise systems. Finally, you can deploy test systems to production with easy-to-use
operator interfaces.
The experience and expertise of the engineers who work
on this testing mean that we can offer experienced LabVIEW and test-system developers to all our customers.
Jørn E. Toppe, managing director, Data Respons Norge AS
Strategic commitment
“We have made a strategic commitment to
enhancing our testing expertise and introducing automated testing for products and
solutions. Testing is an important part of our
total value chain, and the expertise of Viviana
and her colleagues at our various branch offices is key to our business concept,” comments Jørn Toppe, managing director of Data
Respons Norway.
“Data Respons’ solution model is based
on the development, production and delivery of complex embedded units to custom-
ers right across Norway. We are investing in
specialised testing stations at our subcontractors and partners, as well as in testing
capacity and equipment at our operations
centre in Skullerud. The experience and expertise of the engineers who work on this
testing mean that we can offer experienced
LabVIEW and test-system developers to all
our customers,” remarks Toppe.
for more information:
Test and certification
Climate: In the event that customers’ systems do not pass the test, Data Respons can provide rapid
assistance in identifying and resolving the problem.
EMC: Field immunity and emission
Vibration: LDS V780 LPT-600 shaker
with slip table for testing in three axes.
Test and certification
Data Respons has its own test centre for embedded solutions in Oslo, where
we carry out advance testing prior to certification for customers in all countries. The centre has all the necessary equipment for testing against EMC,
heat, humidity and vibration requirements.
Data Respons’ centre for testing embedded
solutions has calibrated equipment and highly
expert personnel at its disposal.
“If the systems pass our tests here, it’s a
good indication that they will cope with the
tests for final certification,” says Ingvild Johannesen, OEM Solution department manager.
In the event that customers’ systems do
not pass the tests, Data Respons can provide
rapid assistance in identifying the problems as
well as access to resources to resolve them.
Electromagnetic compatibility
„„ EMC – Field immunity testing and field
emission: Jyske EMC TEM Cell 222
„„ Conducted emission: EMCO 3810/2 LISN
„„ LDS V780 LPT-600 shaker with slip table
for testing in three axes
The test centre offers:
„„ Vötsch VC-4060 climate chamber with
temperature and humidity control
„„ Vötsch VCS-4100-5 temperature chamber
For more information, use the link below or
call us on +47 22 74 87 17.
price request and availability:
Rugged i7-based CPCI Single-Board Computer
The CR12 rugged single-board computer (SBC) from GE Intelligent Platforms features the high-performance,
highly integrated Core™ i7 processor
platform from Intel.
Core i7 offers an integrated graphics and memory controller, plus dual-core processing up to
2.53 GHz, all in one device. Coupled with the
Mobile Intel QM57 Express chipset, this provides an unmatched level of I/O bandwidth for
both on-board and off-board functions.
„„ Intel Core i7 or Core i5 processors
- Dual-core, up to 2.53 GHz
- Integrated memory interface, 1066 MHz
„„ Single-slot 6U CPCI form factor
„„ Up to 16 GB NAND Flash (soldered)
„„ Up to 8 GB DDR3 SDRAM (dual-channel) with ECC in main memory (soldered
„„ Optional on-board SATA HDD
„„ Optional one or two PMC or XMC sites
In addition to a comprehensive range of onboard I/O features, the CR12 also offers two
on-board mezzanine expansion sites for enhanced system flexibility, both of which offer
PMC and XMC capability. Memory resources
include up to 8 GB DDR3 SDRAM, 16 GB
NAND Flash, optional SATA hard drive, BIOS
rugged: The CR12 is designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications, from industrial
through to fully rugged defence and aerospace programmes.
Flash and BIOS backup Flash. The CR12 is designed to meet the requirements of a wide
range of applications, from industrial through
to fully rugged defence and aerospace programmes. It offers extended temperature
capability and a range of air- and conduction-cooled build levels.
price request and data sheet:
Versatile Atom N450 based COMX module
The COMX-ATOM-420 from Emerson Network Power is a 95 mm x 125 mm Type 2 COM Express module based on the
Intel Atom processor N450 for low power consumption and improved performance.
It is designed for use in a variety of applications, such as industrial control, kiosks,
clinical display systems, panel PCs, diagnostic and test equipment and other applications that require easy-to-use embedded PC
COM Express modules are designed to
be used as the central processing engine on
custom carrier boards, which makes them
highly versatile. The COMX-ATOM-420 is
based on the most common format COM
Express module – Type 2. This makes it suitable for both existing applications that are
looking to use a new processing module
from a trusted vendor as well as new applications that need to incorporate off-the-shelf
PC controller functionality onto custom I/O
baseboards. The latest-generation Unified
Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) BIOS
from AMI manages the interaction between
the low-level hardware and OS-level interfaces in a clean and efficient way for superior reliability.
The COMX-ATOM-420 has a wide range
of built-in devices to connect to standard PC
interfaces. This includes either LCD or CRT
displays, both SATA and legacy PATA disks,
PCI Express and PCI peripherals, USB devices
and gigabit Ethernet networks.
Some of the target applications
are in locations not well suited
to physical disk support, so in
addition to Solid State SATA disk
support, it also has the capability
to use and boot from an optional
USB flash disk.
„„ Intel Atom processor N450 at
1.66 GHz
„„ Up to 2 GB DDR2 memory,
optional eUSB flash
„„ Gigabit Ethernet, SATA and PCI
„„ LVDS graphics for flat-panel
„„ 8 x USB 2.0 interfaces
price request and data sheet:
versatile: COM Express modules are designed to be used
as the central processing engine on custom carrier boards.
New i7/i5-based fanless PCs
NEXCOM is extending its fanless product family with the launch of the NISE
3500 and NISE 3500M fanless PCs, two new platforms based on the highperformance Mobile Intel QM57 (platform controller hub) and Intel 32 nm
dual-core Core i7/i5 socket processors.
NISE 3500 Features
„„ On-board Intel Core i7 (2.66 GHz, 4 MB
cache) and i5 (2.4 GHz, 3 MB cache)
„„ Mobile Intel QM57 platform controller
„„ Dual Intel gigabit Ethernet ports
„„ Up to 4 GB DDR3 800/1066 MHz
„„ Dual display via VGA and DVI-D interfaces
„„ 6 x USB, 8 x GPIO, and 2 x eSATA
„„ Digital I/O: 4 x digital input, 4 x digital
„„ 2.5” HDD driver bay, optional external
CF socket module
„„ Compact enclosure: 195 mm x 268 mm
x 80 mm (W x D x H)
„„ One PCI and one PCIe x1
„„ 3 x RS-232 and 1 x RS-232/422/485
with Auto Flow Control
„„ On-board DC to DC power design to
support 9 V to 30 V DC power input
„„ Supports ATX power mode and
The NISE 3500 fanless PC series is designed for
applications with high-performance graphicsprocessing requirements, including medical
price request and data sheet:
True high-end
congatec’s conga-CS45 features
the Intel GS45 small form factor
chipset, which enables significant
performance increases despite a
smaller footprint and lower power
The module is particularly suitable for mobile applications requiring high graphics
performance, such as portable ultrasound
devices. The module offers true high-end
graphics performance, and even hardwareimplemented decompression for HDTV
videos is integrated in the chipset.
price request and data sheet:
diagnostic equipment, medical imaging, data
storage, industrial automation, public infotainment, and surveillance security applications.
New railway-certified panel PC
Winmate has launched new products in the 15” G-WIN Rugged series that
meet the requirements of the Railway EN50155 standards.
The EN50155 regulation is the European
standard for railway applications for electronic devices used on rolling stock. It
provides for an extended operating-temperature range of -25 to +60 °C and resistance to humidity, shocks, vibrations and
radiation in vehicle installations.
The robust 15” G-WIN Panel PC combines a rugged but lightweight aluminium–magnesium alloy metal housing with
anti-corrosion treatments, allowing it to
withstand rain and dust and sealing and protecting the electronics to IP65 standards.
To fulfil the EN50155 standard, it also
has a built-in isolated power board with
wide-range power input from 9 to 36
V DC, which protects against electronic
noise or spikes of up to 1.5 kV. The products have an auto-dimming function that
allows the PPC/LCD to dim its brightness
automatically according to the ambient
light, such as at night or when driving
through tunnels.
price request and data sheet:
FLEXIBLE System for multimedia
AAEON has launched a brand-new
product line – the Flexible Embedded
System (FES).
The FES series is a cost-effective and fanless solution that targets multimedia applications. The
FES-6110 and FES-5120 offer high performance with low power consumption, making the
series ideal for factory automation, multimedia,
transportation and marine applications, to name
just a few. It is a cost-effective system for versatile applications in the embedded market.
The first two models to be launched in the
FES series are the FES-6110 and FES-5120.
The two models differ in the optional Ethernet interfaces provided and the number of
COM ports. Both of the two models support
on-board Intel Atom N270 1.6 GHz processors
and are equipped with the Intel 945GSE and
ICH7M chipset. In addition, both feature a 200pin DDR II 400/533 SODIMM socket, taking up
to 2 GB memory. The FES-6110 and FES-5120
offer flexible I/O and storage, such as six USB
2.0 ports, one RS-232/422/485 port, one 2.5”
SATA II hard disk drive bay, and one CompactFlash slot for versatile expansion possibilities.
The FES-6110 has an optional IEEE
802.11b/g Mini-PCIe module for wireless
LAN, and also supports high-quality, high-performance display with a dual-view (VGA and
DVI-D) function. The FES-5120 fulfils basic requirements, providing three extra RS-232 ports
and VGA single-view display only.
price request and data sheet:
FES series: Cost-effective and fanless solution targeting multimedia applications.
rugged, low-power systems
The highly integrated CoreModule 740 provides the next migration step for
rugged low-power embedded systems and stackable platforms.
ADLINK Technology has released a new
small-form-factor rugged Single-Board Computer, the Ampro by ADLINK CoreModule
740. This is a PC/104-Plus module that continues ADLINK’s commitment to the PC/104
The CoreModule 740 is based on the Intel
Atom processor N450, running at 1.66 GHz.
The CoreModule 740 takes advantage of the
Atom’s two-chip solution architecture with
integrated memory and graphics controllers, balancing excellent performance with
very low power requirements, thus making
conduction cooling easy to implement for
small sealed enclosures.
price request and data sheet:
ten times the processing performance
GE Intelligent Platforms’ PPC9B single
board computer is the ideal upgrade for
low-power, thermally constrained applications that require more processing capabilities.
The PowerXtreme PPC9B rugged 6U VMEbus
single-Board Computer is based on Freescale’s QorIQ P2020 dual-core processor and
comes with 2 GB of DDR3 ECC memory. It is
designed to provide a upgrade path for PowerXtreme users by maintaining the power
envelope of previous family members such
as the PPC4A and PPC7A while delivering
around ten times the processing performance (depending on the application). The
performance/watt profile of the PPC9B will
be equally attractive to new customers, to
whom it can deliver an advantage in environments such as unmanned vehicle control
The PPC9B’s power dissipation of only
20–25 watts makes it ideal for rugged, deployed applications where minimal heat
dispersion is essential, such as sensor fusion and processing, tracking and targeting,
weapons guidance and electronic support
„„ Freescale QorIQ P2020 processor up to
1.2 GHz
„„ Two e500 cores
„„ Shared 512 kB L2 Cache with ECC
„„ Integrated DDR3 memory controller with ECC
„„ Up to 2 GB soldered DDR3 SDRAM with ECC
„„ Up to 1 GB Flash
„„ 2 x 128 kB of NVRAM
„„ Two on-board expansion sites:
one XMC/PMC and one PMC only
price request and data sheet:
One supplier - one bill
... and the project delivered on time
Outsourcing to Data Respons takes the edge
off your complex development projects.
With Data Respons as your development and production partner you can reduce your
overall development time and costs. Let us assist you with your embedded challenges!
one partner
You only need to deal with one partner, no matter how many subcontractors or suppliers
are participating. This means that you will have fewer relationships to manage and can save
both time and money by getting a dedicated team with insight into your technological
demands and development needs. You will get one supplier and one bill, and your R&D
engineers can focus on your core activities: innovation and applications.
Data Respons offers drop-ship stores, a dedicated support team and guaranteed response times.
We have stringent quality-control procedures to handle faults and can offer online RMA handling,
including consequence analysis and corrective measures. You don’t need to concern yourself with
end-of-life issues, because we will warn you when any changes will have to be made. Please
contact Data Respons to discuss the outsourcing of your development projects.
Letting Data Respons handle parts
of your system gives you greater
assurance that the chosen technology is future-oriented, provides increased functionality, and improves
your long-term profitability.
we will handle:
Hardware development
Software development
Assembly and testing
End-of-life issues
Next generations
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