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Social Alarm ManDown Sensor
The ManDown Sensor has a built-in tilt device, which
can detect if the person holding it is in a horizontal position, such as lying on the floor. The sensor will automatically send an alarm when its position corresponds
to horizontality after a certain time. Pressing its central red button will activate a help call at any time.
The ManDown Sensor can be held, for example, as a
necklace by an elderly person or as a safety device by
a lone worker in a hazardous environment.
The ManDown Sensor will be part of a social alarm
system. It can be associated with a Carephone receiver and linked to a social alarm call center through the
telephone line.
The different types of ManDown Sensors should always be associated with a corresponding social alarm
system, according to the following table.
ManDown 869 MHz,
Bosch RF protocol
Carephones 3050, 3100, 50,
52, 52+
ManDown 869 MHz,
TeleAlarm protocol
Carephones 10, 12
Easy to use and to trigger
Automatic trigger via position sensor
Mercury-free components
Battery monitoring
Acoustical pre-alarm
Detection by the ManDown Sensor can be decomposed into two periods of time.
1) Tilt Detection
When the sensor detects a tilt of more than 60 degrees, it will start its internal chronometer for approximately ten seconds. If the sensor comes back to a vertical position within these ten seconds, the chronometer is reset.
2) Pre-Alarm
If the sensor does not come back to a vertical position
within ten seconds, a pre-alarm starts, accompanied
by a beeping sound. This period of time is factory-set
and lasts approximately thirty seconds. The pre-alarm
is cancelled if the sensor comes back to a vertical position or if the help call button is pressed.
Help call button
Pressing the central red button of the ManDown Sensor will activate a help call at any time. During all help
calls made by pressing the button, the sensor will always issue a beeping sound.
Optical indication by a LED indicator
The ManDown Sensor can be delivered with an operational frequency of 869 MHz. It is equipped with a LED
indicator that will flash every ten seconds to show that
2 | Social Alarm ManDown Sensor
the sensor is active. This LED indicator will flash green
if the battery is ok or red if the battery is low. Pushing
the central red button will send a help call to the social alarm system, followed by a short beeping sound.
Tilt sensor
Mercury-free type with activating
at a 60° angle with vertical
10 seconds of detection, followed by 30 seconds of signal before automatic activation.
Type of plastic
ABS Cycolac GPM5500S white
25020 with fire classification UL
94 HB
Power supply
3V lithium battery CR1/2AA
Stand-by mode: < 13 µA
When deactivated : < 5 µA
Battery lifetime
from six months to two years, depending on operation and the
number of detections performed
Battery alarm
at approx. 20 % remaining
Automatic battery test
daily check and at every alarm
R&TTE 1999/5/EC
Permissible temperature
5 °C to 35 °C
LVD 2006/95/EC
< ± 2.5 kHz
EMC 89/336/EEC
Integrated loop
Radiated power
2 mW
Transmission time
Bosch protocol: 1 x 700 ms
TeleAlarm protocol: 3 x 700 ms
Pauses between transmissions
TeleAlarm protocol: 800 ms
Short term storage (less than two
Deactivate the sensor.
Long term storage (more than two
Remove the battery and store the
ManDown Sensor protected from
direct sunlight, moisture and
Pre-alarm and help call button deactivation
You can delete the pre-alarm or deactivate the central
red button as help call button. In this case, during the
automatic tilt alarm, the sensor remains silent.
Deactivation of the ManDown Sensor
You can turn off the sensor, even when the help call
button is deactivated. In this case, a help call will be
sent only after pressing the help call button for less
than five seconds and releasing it.
Certifications and Approvals
EN 50130-4 A2
EN 300220-2
EN 301489-3 V1.4.1
EN 60950-1
Declaration of Conformity for the ManDown Sensor
Installation/Configuration Notes
To program a ManDown Sensor with a Carephone (e.g.
Carephones 10, 12, 3050, 3100, 50, 52, 52+), follow
the procedure described for the system you are using.
As the ManDown Sensor can be considered as a standard transmitter, the system will recognize it during the
programming step. Please refer to the manual of the
corresponding social alarm unit.
ManDown Sensor
Parts Included
Order number CRS-MADO-869B
ManDown Sensor
Ordering Information
With TeleAlarm protocol
Order number CRS-RM-435FM
ManDown Sensor
With Bosch protocol
ManDown Sensor
With TeleAlarm protocol
Order number CRS-CP-MD-TA
Technical Specifications
Dimensions (H x W x D)
75mm x 40mm x 23mm
43 g
869.2125 MHz
3 | Social Alarm ManDown Sensor
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