MAGMA is pleased to introduce the newest
PCI expansion system the
1 Slot Portable PCI Expansion System,
the first generation of a truly portable
The new line of expansion systems promise to
provide the various audio, video, satellite communications and other industries, a non-linear
full-blown "on the road" workstation.
The 1 Slot is available in two models — Model
CB1F accommodates a full-length PCI card and
Model CB1H accommodates a half-length PCI
card. All this potential is packaged in a tiny
(5.45 W x 8.02 H x 1.70, Model CB1H) battery
powered aluminum chassis that weighs less
than 2.5 pounds, without customer card.
An external AC power supply (120V AC
adapter, included) provides the ability to run off
a wall plug. Because this system operates on
12-volt DC input power, users have the option
to run off a car lighter adapter or any other
12-volt DC source.
Model CB1H
Model CB1F
1 Slot Chassis (Half or Full Length Card)
with CardBus and Cable
OEM Options:
• MAGMA will sell current product and provide
custom front panel with customer logo.
• MAGMA will develop and manufacture a new
product to your specifications encompassing
CardBus to PCI Expansion technology.
• MAGMA will provide schematic drawings of our
expansion system and license
the technology to OEMs desiring
to “roll their own” system.
Engineering Drawing of Model #CB1H
Additional Options:
• 1 or 1.5-meter cable
For More Information:
Sales: 858.530.2511
Engineering Drawing of Model #CB1F