Quick Start Up Guide for GateGuard Kit

Quick Start Up Guide for GateGuard Kit
Quick Start Up Guide for GateGuard Kit
Congratulations on your purchase of Ritron’s “RGG1” GateGuard Kit. This short
quick start guide will help simplify your installation.
Ritron’s GateGuard Kit enables you to wirelessly and remotely activate any gate,
door, or any other piece of equipment that has a motorized operator.
Kit Contents:
Make sure your package includes all of these items:
RQX-XT Callbox
RPS-EXPO Power Supply for the Callbox
JBS Base Station Radio
JBS-MMK Base Station Mounting Bracket
JMX Handheld Radio
BCJS-AD Drop-In Charger for the Handheld Radio
RQX Callbox
JBS Base Station
JMX Handheld
Steps to Ensure Ease of Installation:
Unpack all of the items.
Charge the Handheld Radio using your drop-in charger for 16 hours to
ensure full charge of the battery.
Unscrew the fasteners of the Callbox faceplate and open the internal box
to install NI-Cad rechargeable D-Cell batteries or standard alkaline D-Cell
If rechargeable batteries are being used, be sure to change the charge
jump switch to the “ON” position. See Page 16 in the Callbox Manual.
Drill hole in the bottom or the back of the callbox to run the power and
switch closure wires into the callbox.
Installing Your System:
Installing your Base Station
1) Plug your Base Station’s power supply (RPS-1A) transformer into a
standard 120VAC outlet and plug the male end of the power supply
into the back of your Base Station.
2) Turn your Base Station on and turn to Channel 1 to communicate to
your callbox and handheld radio.
3) If you choose to mount the Base Station to a wall, you should first
install the mounting bracket (JBS-MMK) on the wall and then connect it
to the Base Station using the existing screws on the side of the Base
Installing your Callbox
1) Mount your callbox to a wall, gooseneck, or post using either the
included mounting flanges or optional Callbox mounting plate (RQXXTMK, contact Ritron for details)
2) Connect the Red and Black wires from the callbox to your power
supply, (RPS-EXPO). This is included with your GateGuard Kit
3) Connect the Blue and Green wires from the callbox to your Gate
Operator’s switch output wires.
4) After wiring your callbox to your existing Gate Operator, be sure to seal
the hole to ensure it’s weather resistance, this is usually done with
Using your New GateGuard System:
To communicate from one radio to another simply press the push-to-talk
button on the Handheld, Base Station, or Callbox radio. Release the PTT
to listen.
To activate the gate from Handheld Radio press and hold the channel
button until the activation tone is complete. To use the Base Station to
activate the gate simply press and release the Z-Button. (See button
location below)
To turn of the handheld radio and base station radio, push and hold the
“OFF” button.
Call Ritron with any questions at 800-872-1872.
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