Installation: Extractor Valve Bodies

Installation: Extractor Valve Bodies
Installation Instructions
Extractor Valve Bodies
Models 310, 311, 330, 331 & 340
Extractor valve bodies are designed to thread into a female bung on a tank. This
thread joint is tapered pipe. It is very important that the installer select a suitable pipe
thread sealant for the application.
Prior to installing, inspect the valve body and tank bung threads for
contamination, thread damage or rust. Remove all contamination & rust, dress
any damaged threads.
Apply the pipe sealant to the valve body male threads and install to tank.
Torque threads to a minimum of 60 ft. lbs. then align body to piping arrangement by
continuing to thread body in. Use this procedure to connect threaded connections
brought to the valve body.
Air test all threaded connections for leaks. Leak testing can be accomplished by
installing pipe caps or plugs at the ends of all piping runs.
Use test plug, part #391-201-01, if piping pressure tests exceeds the storage tank
maximum allowable test pressure.
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