EuCon support
AVID bought Euphonix in April 2010 and added support for EuCon with Pro
Tools 9. Pro Tools 9 supports EuCon natively to allow EuCon commands to
directly connect to the application for full control integration.
The following information has been edited, summarized, and originally
sourced from Avid’s Euphonix websites at www.euphonix.com/pro/ and www
Euphonix offers a range of mixing consoles and DAW controllers, including the
System 5 and MC Pro, that are gaining wider acceptance in professional audio
recording and audio-for-video post-production studios. Euphonix also offers
its Artist Series controllers designed for desktop use in smaller project studios.
These DAW controllers use a communications protocol known as EuCon that
uses high-speed Ethernet to communicate with the DAWs and also supports
HUI and Mackie Control protocols to widen compatibility.
EuCon aware DAW applications, such as Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Soundtrack Pro,
Final Cut Pro, Digital Performer, Nuendo, and Pyramix, that directly support
the EuCon protocol have an extremely high level of integration, with highresolution, high-speed connectivity to almost all the DAWs functions. Control
is fast and highly responsive. In addition to fader, pan, aux sends, metering,
and routing, EuCon allows access to the track’s plug-ins from the eight knobs
on the System 5 channels strips as well as the MC Pro’s eight knobs.
Pro Tools 8 and earlier versions connect to Euphonix consoles and controllers
via the HUI protocol. Sending data via EuCon over Ethernet is much faster
and at a higher resolution than sending HUI or Mackie Control commands
over MIDI.
Figure A3.1
Artist Series
controllers: MC
Transport, MC Control
and up to four MC
Mix units can snap
together to build
larger mixing and
editing systems in any
Artist Series Controllers
Artist Series controllers are perfect for anyone who wants to record, edit and
mix ‘in the box’. Music I/O solutions from Apogee and Metric Halo also include
EuCon integration, enabling direct control over preamp settings, routing,
headphone mixes, output levels, and much more directly from the surface.
Euphonix offers its Artist Series products, including the MC Control V2 with
four faders and eight touch sensitive rotary encoders, and a jog/shuttle/zoom
wheel and transport controls for music, audio post, or video applications.
This series also includes the MC Mix that has eight faders, eight rotary controls,
and eight associated displays for surround metering, parameter, and track
names that can be used separately or linked with up to 3 additional units, one
of which could be an MC Control unit.
MC Transport provides you with an ultra-high resolution jog wheel and a
host of transport controls and soft keys, making one-handed navigation and
editing of your project a breeze. MC Transport can be used on its own or with
any combination of MC Control and MC Mix units.
MC Mix, with its eight faders and knobs, provides high quality level and plug-in
control with features previously only available in high-end consoles. The MC Mix
is a perfect starting point for any music setup, helping to speed up and enhance
creativity by providing professional hands-on mixing control of your favorite
audio applications. And if you need more faders, you can add multiple MC Mix
units and an MC Control for up to 36 faders.
Avid/Euphonix EuCon support
MC Control v2 helps speed up the process of accessing keystroke commands
and can be programmed to suit your particular way of working. With transport
keys and jog/shuttle wheel, four faders and the ability to work with any
application, MC Control competes very effectively with rival music controllers.
Figure A3.2
MC Transport, MC Mix,
MC Control v2.
Figure A3.3
MC Control v2 Key
Pro Series Controllers
The Euphonix MC Pro and System 5-MC controllers use EuCon to communicate
with DAWs and video editing applications. The Euphonix System 5 range of
digital audio mixing systems communicate with DAWs via the EuCon Hybrid
PC option.
EuCon allows the MC Pro and System 5-MC controllers to switch between
multiple workstations on the network at the touch of a button. Provided a
workstation has the EuCon Client application installed, it will be ‘seen’ by the
MC Pro and System 5-MC for control. System 5 console systems connect to
multiple workstations via the EuCon Hybrid Option PC allowing tracks from
multiple workstations to be brought onto the surface next to each other in any
order and saved as ‘Layouts’ for easy recall of track layouts.
A unique feature of the MC Pro is its ability to recognize the application in focus
and switch its control surface to match that application. EuCon facilitates this
process. It is even possible to have one application in focus controlled from
the MC Pro while certain controls, such as transport controls, are controlling
another application in the background.
MC Pro
The MC Pro is the professional version of the Euphonix Artist Series MC Control.
It provides precise and fast control over workstation functions via EuCon and
speeds up working with any application as the surface detects the latest active
application (the application that is in focus up front) and resets all controls to
Figure A3.4
MC Pro controlling
Digital Performer.
System 5-MC
The System 5-MC DAW controller combines the Euphonix System 5 control
surface’s banks of channel strips with an MC Pro controller.
Avid/Euphonix EuCon support
The control surface can include up to six banks of eight-channel System
5 channel strips and includes the MC Pro for master console functions and
network control of multiple DAWs.
The System 5-MC can work with any application that supports EuCon, HUI
or Mackie Control protocol, and can switch between multiple Mac and PC
It features Studio Monitor Pro for surround monitoring and has interfaces to
ASIO and Core Audio I/O hardware.
Figure A3.5
System 5-MC
controlling Pro Tools.
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